Clovertastic send off!

Greetings, ACP! I wasn’t really sure what would be a suitable title for ACP‘s last event result post so I’ve just made it into a clover pun; today’s event was a perfect send off for ACP not necessarily in the terms of how many people did we get online but the spirit and pride of people at today’s event reminded me of why ACP can be such a formidable force but also why so many people enjoyed ACP. It was a fitting tribute to ACP’s 10 year life as it included modern day tactics to snowball warfare (well snowballing bots and Shab).  Carry on reading for a detailed report of what occurred during the event including photos.

Before the event we started off with a highly energetic chat that was ready to start the event and this resulted in a lot of ACP forever chants and clover chains on chat.

Our chat size which was at 34 at 3:50 pm EST increase to 64 by 5:30 pm est due to the arrival of vets.

To start with, we logged on to Breeze, Dojo due to the historic meaning of the room, Dojo, for ACP however after doing a few tactics in the Dojo we established we might have to move due to our size on our CP and even more people coming on.

It was at that very moment special guests arrived,


Due to the bots, we moved to Ice Berg however we still got a number of lockouts (including me) and Breeze, normally a one bar server, went up to a two bar server.

Lockouts went to the pool whilst the rest of ACP scattered across the Berg throwing snowballs at the bots before resuming to do emote ans word tactics. I don’t have a photo of what happened at Berg so you’ll have to use your imagination or hope someone comes along with a photo. Or just wait for Mondo’s video of the event.

Lockouts at the pool.

After 15 minutes of fighting the bot with snowballs and a mixture of emotes and word tactics, we moved in to the Boiler Room where Shab quickly took control directing ACP to circle the room with the bots in the middle of the room.

When Shab called Elsa ACP leader

We then moved to the Stadium/Ice Rink due to it’s big size to reduce the amount of lockouts we were having. Despite this we still had some lockouts in Forts due to bots in the Ice Rink however a lot of people managed to get in to the room.


After that, we went in to the Snow Forts for five minutes where we performed our last tactic before playing games on CP such as find four and sled racing.

ACP’s last tactic.

Some random pictures:

Comment if you attended and thank you if you attended for making this an amazing send over event. Not only that but thank you all for contributing to the past 10 years of this army.

29th September 2006 – 28th March 2017




20 Responses

  1. I was there. Goodbye old friend. I love you ACP, forever and always.

  2. I was there. Thank you again ACP, the greatest army ever.

  3. Today’s battle was better than I could have imagined, the amount of people on chat and xat hasn’t been seen in a long time. It reminded me of the older days when I was active in ACP. There were even vets I haven’t talked to in a long long time!

    It was a worthy sendoff for ACP, especially with people like Edwin and Elsa leading.

    Thank you for bringing back old memories and making this day one of best days I’ve experienced in cp armies in years.


  4. It was truly an incredible final event. We went down fighting. Striving to defend freedom and preserve justice, through which we have created many enemies, we built something together that had a very magnificent conclusion on this day. We could have lingered in the shadows, cowering. But we did the opposite, which was exemplified today.

    concluded the incredible legacy of the Army of Club Penguin after a violent battle with bots, which in the end did not manage to foil our plans. It is true we have come very far and achieved a great deal together, but our aspirations for advocating for world peace and tolerance does not have to conclude, and likely will not. Our functionality as an active Club Penguin Army has concluded, but our friendships and values have not.

    Nothing made me and countless other people that hold so much in this community happier than what happened today(and what will likely continue to happen for days to come); almost 70 on chat and a huge amount on Club Penguin. Everyone talking, laughing, and genuinely having a fun time and enjoying themselves is something that we will remember as a hallmark of this community and what it stands for.

  5. Being in ACP was the best choice I’ve made. Being here since 2009, I’ve met the best people here and I thank everyone that I met for being in my childhood. This event is historic in that it is the last event that ACP will have and was the best event I attended. Thank you ACP, thank you leaders, and thanks to everyone I met. -Bigmail

  6. I CAME! IM CRYING! Edwin great job on post but now you’ve made me cry 😦


  7. Beautiful

  8. Camezies with pride! This event is an incredibly significant one for all of us. The grand finale, the big goodbye- all together as an army, and as a team, for the very last time. It was amazing to reunite with those again from the past, doing what we’ve done for the past 10+ years. It was a brilliant ending, and I wish you all goodbye! SHAMROCK ‘ROUND THE CLOCK!

  9. Thank you guys for the wonderful years we’ve had, and hopefully there will be many more in the future

  10. I’m honored to have spent time in my life serving in this organization. I have so many fond memories working with people on chat and on CP furthering the goals of this army, from 2009 and 2013-15

    ACP has been at the apex of armies since its inception, and despite the bumps in the road for the last few years no one could make an argument that there was a more influential army in CP Army history.

    We always will take with us the memories we made here and will have this site to serve as a living reminder of what we were able to accomplish.

    My biggest regret is not being able to attend this event, but congratulations on finishing strong and claiming our homeland once and for all. It’s poetic that we ride into the sunset on the same server that this army was forged in the fires of war more than a decade ago.

    ACPRF Director and ACP soldier

  11. Thank you for making cpa so memorable. its safe to say 7ic Panda wouldnt have stuck around if it werent for you, and look where that took me. Hope life treats you well, James

  12. also, hope u learn TO STOP SEENZONING PEOPLE.

  13. I left ACP a number of years ago, and that event made me wish that I hadn’t. I just wanna let y’all now that I’m so glad to have had the privilege of meeting every single one of you, whatever rank you are in this army (or should I say, for many of us, family). Although Club Penguin is dead, ACP still lives on in our memories and hearts. I’d like to thank all of you for playing a role in my life, whoever you are, and although it’s a bitter sweet end, I hope you all leave with your heads held high to know that you have made a difference in other people’s lives – whether you made someone laugh, or even were a shoulder to cry on. Yes, ACP has been deemed the great army of all time, and that is because of you – the troops. You made this army the greatest, and that was because all of you are great people. I’m sure many of you will go far, and I hope to see you some time soon.

    “ACP FOREVER!” ~ Lord Allen, Former ACP 4ic

  14. I was there! ACP’s final event was incredible, much better than I expected, and it made me proud! Best army ever, lets be honest! This will be and always be one of the best moments in my years here in CP armies.

    Thanks for everything!



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