Djkb1’s Conclusion of QOTD & Thanks

Hello, ACP.
Those of you may know me as Bjkb1 or as Djkb1 or even Captain Levi, but there’s one thing that’s (barely) remained consistent, and that’s the Question of the Day series. I started it in April 2015 and it’s continued very infrequently until now. I feel that today, close to when CP closes down, is a good time to finally end the series and finish off with a quick note.
The first question I had created was “Whats Your Biggest Fear”, on a post made on the 20th of April, 2015. The post had 16 comments, which at the time, was successful for an ACP post. The best answer by far was Maxy777’s, which genuinely made me laugh at the time.

Later, on QOTD 8, the question was to “Describe Club Penguin In 6 Words”, the post received 20 comments. This again showed how my series was successful in garnering activity to the ACP site at a time where getting more than 6+ comments on a post was considered abnormal. The best answer was by fluffyboy3.

Although, another answer that didn’t quite make the cut but had me laughing was Skipper233’s comment on the same post:

To end the first season of QOTD, I asked “Who is your man-crush?” I received a plethora of comments, but the best was by rockie, which was:

After that post, the series went on hiatus simply because I wasn’t in ACP. But when I rejoined ACP, I realized how the original series attracted hype to the ACP site. I noticed how people outside of ACP were commenting, which boosted the views we got on the site. So I decided to restart the series again for a second season, if you will. My first question was to “Describe the internet in 10 words or under” The best answer was from retiree and long-time friend, Purpleslime4, who commented:

Another post that garnered alot of comments was the QOTD where I asked people what they would’ve wanted in their dreams. It recieved 13 comments, which at the time, April 2016 was outstanding for an ACP post. The best one was by Luis, who said:

Time went on, and I became increasingly busy with school and I was bound to leave ACP soon, so I created one last Question of the Day post. So a fitting way to end the series would be to put up all the answers to my final question which was “Who would you like to spend prison time with?”. The answers were:

Before I end this post, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s kept ACP alive for so long. Being a former owner 3 times, I can say happily that this was the best army in the community, hands down. The owners, mods and members made my 4+ years in the army more enjoyable than it should’ve. Honestly, it’s hard to say whether or not I was even a competent owner or whether I was useless, but the time in ACP talking and meeting friends makes up for any negatives in my time.
I’d like to thank the following people for being real friends throughout my stint in the community:
Super Edwin
Overall, I’d like to thank anyone who’s supported me in the past, I sincerely thank you.
Djkb1/Bjkb1, former ACP 2ic.

4 Responses

  1. So thats how I know you.

  2. Aww dj thanks for mentioning me beautiful comment! It’s so sad that we shall depart, I’ll miss all the good times.. back to when you were called Bjkb1. I really remember your days as an early troop years ago, it was amazing to see ya rise up the ranks and be where you are now. I will also always remember the times when you linked TheTonyTheThe songs on ACP chat (btw he reposted the song again on youtube and I found his instagram, he’s so different wtf).GUDBYE DEAR FRIEND!

  3. Bye Dj

  4. dj you’re seriously one cool dude. Im gonna miss you and your dank memes ;(

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