My Farewell to the ACP

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Well friends, allies, and enemies, this is the end.

This has been a long time coming and god knows I have put it off quite a bit. To have the privilege to post on the ACP site is something that amazes me to begin with. Honestly I am not sure where to start, because there are so many things I should and want to talk about. I guess my history in the army will be good, then go down to make my personal goodbyes and thanks, and finally some pictures for old times sake. I am a terrible writer so expect to see a lot of typos, repeated words, and problems that make me look illiterate. With that out of the way let’s get started! Also I highly suggest you listen to the music while reading this

From humble beginnings (2010-2012)

I ran into the ACP by complete luck. One day I was just wandering around a 5 bar known as Mammoth and a saw a huge green army (ACP) fight a huge black army (SWAT). I flip flopped between these for a bit but eventually I stuck with the ACP. This was a simpler time, when I would come on after school on Mammoth and throw snowballs at the vileness which is SWAT. It was a wildly addictive.

Eventually I discovered the ACP site and Xat. I thought the ACP site was the best thing ever but Xat scared my 9 year old self. Looking back it surprises me I never found out about CPAC once in those 3 years but oh well. Bobcatboy was leader at the time, and for some reason at the time I thought he was this all powerful demigod whom could smite my penguin with a flick of his wrist so naturally I avoided him. Soon Mchappy became leader temporarily and I was less scared of him because he seemed flamboyant (CALLED IT!) and fun loving. He is still one of those things and it isn’t fun loving.

Anyway my time in the army continued to be quite enjoyable but the event that really got me involved was World War 5. The army of Club Penguin faced down the Night Warriors in an epic show down on Fog, the NW capitol. With Mchappy’s expert leadership we maxed a outstanding 100+. It was an amazing day for CPA, one that I would never forget.

The rest of 2011-12 ACP was in a Golden age, an age where we would max 60+ constantly and we dominated the top ten. I attribute this to ACP leaders Kenneth and Flipper who kept our moral high and led us for 14 months straight. This is where I left the CPA scene for a while. In July 2012 I was growing up some and had enough of Club Penguin, and when Ken and Flip left I went with them.

A Return to a Fractured Army (2015-2017)

In November 2015 I had recently started high school and was not a happy camper. I began looking for means of escape, and as fate would have it I was at the same time starting to check on the ACP again. What finally got into rejoining was a post called Operation Phoenix where I saw that my old army need some help getting on it’s feet. I thought, “How bad could it be? They must still get like 35 on at least!” Oh how wrong I was.

I never fathomed how much CPA and Club Penguin in general had declined. It hit me like a brick. I attribute much of this decline to Disney failing to attract and entertain new players, but we are not scot free. We got our lines banned from our use of autotyping and bot recruiting, this is our fault not Disney’s. Anyway I had returned to my fractured army to serve the new leader Bam.

For months things looked up. We were getting more and more troops. We achived 1st on the CPAC top ten for first time in over a year at that point, we had a good war with the Nachos, and Bam gave me an evil twin named Chainpro. Unfortunately things were not as rosy as they seemed. A rift was forming between the ownership and leadership.

Before long Bam and his roommate made their leave, and Edwin and Mondo took his place. Throughout the following summer we had some great times and were all happy, expect Edwin, and Mondo. Infact Edwin was so unhappy that he made me 3rd in command. Being able to post on the site that you have dreamed of posting on since you were 9 is a big thing. I never felt so important; thanks Edwin.

Summer faded and so did the good times. Constant raids from RPF, and frequently disappearing owners caused my interest in this game to fade, this was exacerbated when Club Penguin was going to shut down. For about a month I was just gone, but when Flipmoo asked me to return, and when the army had not much longer I came back.

And here we are…

Now for Some Personal Goodbyes…


God knows we didn’t always get along, I still have a few problems with you, but if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have done all that I have today. You inspired me and allowed me to do some things that I only dreamed of. For that I thank you Edwin.


Same for you Sai. Neither of us are perfect, and I definitely made some mistakes but you were always a good friend.


You did some stupid things but you still should have had a chance at leader.




You were a very funny guy and I always liked you, I’ll miss ya Bam!


You weren’t the best leader but you still tried damn hard and for that I will always thank you.


Thanks for keeping us alive, and getting me inspired to rejoin.


My first true leader, I’ll miss you and thanks for encouraging me over the years.

Kenneth and Flipper:

You guys are my favourite leaders of all time, and always inspired me. During my time in armies you were my role models and whom I think all soldiers should inspire to be like.

There are more but I am tired of writing so let’s wrap this up with some pictures!


10th august uk 6


US event 5th september 4

US event 5th september 5

US event 5th september 6

Anyway that is all folks. If any of you want to contact me you can do so on KiK, and I am not opposed to Facebook either (depends on person).


For the last time, thank you for your time -Chuck Falay (Retired ACP 3ic)

26 Responses

  1. Thanks for being a good soldier, chuck!

  2. I salute you. Thank you for your services in ACP.

  3. I read it all and I’m glad I did. Chuck, you were a good owner and I will really miss you ❤

    I'm sorry I don't have something really lengthy and sweet to say but I'm bad at that stuff okay. 😦

    • Awe Elsa it is fine dear. I am going to miss you too. You can talk to me on kik any time you want.

  4. Farewell. It was nice leading with you and being a friend as well. I hope we can still get in touch.

    With love,
    Rockstar1819 🙂

  5. Goodluck in real life friend 🙂

  6. I don’t know you that well but I know that you were an excellent and loyal troop! You will be missed.

  7. Aw man Chuck, it’s a shame to see everyone leave. You were a fantastic troop, always stood out to me out of the others. Your loyalty to ACP will never be forgotten, thank you so much for all the great times!

  8. Hahaha, I’m still laughing at what I seemed like to you Chuck when you first joined! I apologize for seeming scary in anyway, I tried to reach out to all troops as best as I could. What is awesome to see though is how far you have made it through this army! Wow! The dedication you have is awesome, and your leadership that you carry is pretty great too! =P

    Thanks for everything Chuck and I have always known great things about you when I checked up often on the ACP site/chat. A great owner and a great friend! Your future is so bright you need some super sunglasses and always continue to bring that friendliness and kindness wherever you go! For now,

    ~ACP Bob

    • Thanks Bobcat. You were an excellent leader, and believe me you weren’t scary, that was just my 9 year old brain.

  9. You were one of the best US owners of 2016. Thanks for everything!

  10. You’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in cpa and acp. Im glad to have met you on this crazy, wonderful journey. Hope life treats you well, Chuck.

  11. I understand that being an USA owner put a lot of pressure on you at times, but thanks for sticking with the ACP despite those harsh conditions. Your efforts were well appreciated, and I’m sure that the same determination will take you far in life.
    Good luck and take care.

  12. I miss you too man

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