Sonic is forced to retire, but I’m happy about it.

Well, it’s here.Joined on August 30, 2011. Met some awesome people here. Joined too many armies.

I end here on March 28. The last day of Club Penguin.

Here from the leadership’s of “Flen” to Edwin and Mondo, I now announce my retirement from the Army of Club Penguin.


I never got 3ic, 2ic, or leader(but I did in my heart.)

7 Responses

  1. Short sweet and to the point.

  2. Goodbye. We haven’t gotten along very well but I’ll still miss you and wish the very best of luck in life

  3. Goodbye Sonic, it’s been great being in ACP with ya all these years. I wish you luck in the future bro!

  4. What a way to go out Sonic! Take care in life! Thanks for being the incredible person and soldier that you are! I like the “you were a leader in your heart part,” haha! That’s what counts to you the most!

    ~ACP Bob

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