My Retirement Post.

Ello, ACP

I honestly have no idea where to start with this post and well, I personally dislike doing posts and my english isn’t something you’ll see well in this post especially because it’s late BUt anywho, I want to try and be myself and not try hard to seem all heroic so here goes I guess….

So, one day after getting honestly tired of club penguin I took my puffle to the Puffle park and this pink penguin came up to me and told me to look up something clover, seeing as I was bored as hell I decided I’d do it and what a damn surprise I had when I got there.. If i remember correctly an event was happening and I kept yelling “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” I named myself Elsa and added Crunchy in my name also because goddammit I loved my rabbit and wanted to add him in my name!!1 I also remember that Bam the gay guy and Jacknat were the first people I added as friends. At like midnight I remember being on chat with only Edwin and I asked what afk meant, oHH THE MEMORIESSS. If you knew me when I first joined you will know me for never turning my caps lock off and raging constantly for no reason and just being a crazy annoying noob, which, I will gladly admit and I’m sorry to the people who I unfairly irritated.

I want to say the things that I mostly adored about ACP and that made me stay throughout the bullying that I’m sure we’ve all experienced in CPA. I loved hyping events, it made me feel a spark inside of me and loved it when people joined in, it just gave me such a nice feeling when we all used caps and spammed the place until people started moaning about lag haha, and just being insane because I felt I was too sane in actual life so ACP chat was the place to get rid of my weirdness. And of course the people that liked to talk to me about personal issues like bullying, sexual identity, family issues, suicidal thoughts and simple rejection from people in real life and online. Believe it or not for about a year a lot of people, strangers and people in ACP, talked to me about this stuff and it made me feel honoured, special, fulfilled, loved, it made me feel like I really did matter to people and woah that was such a damn great feeling to think I slightly made actual people feel better about themselves..

And of course, I had my issues too, I got depressed like all humans do, I cannot recall all the people who helped me with it but thank you so much and you probably are reading this and have no idea that you actually helped me through tough times. There are so many people to thank and I know I cannot think of them all in this time and I don’t want to say names and miss someone out but, I hope the people who helped me know they did it and give themselves a pat on the back.

I have so many memories of this place and yet I’ve only been in ACP for 2 years, when it feels like 4, ha. I don’t think I have much else to say but I’m gonna show some pictures I want you guys to see.


Just a fun time at AR


We were talking about the 2nd ACP. I know I’m hilarious..


I like these chains okay?


It just seemed funny with how innocent bug was haha.


I pretended I gave Zuke nudes to piss Ehroyal off and just for the lolz.


Ahmed I will always adore you for your typos ❤

Friday‎, ‎18‎ ‎March‎ ‎2016 ‎21;‎‎49 F


Friday‎, ‎18‎ ‎March‎ ‎2016 ‎21‎‎;50 F


Saturday‎, ‎26‎ ‎December‎ ‎2015 ‎23;‎‎32 F

favourite chain without a doubt

Thursday, 2 June 2016 18;38 F


Thursday, 30 June 2016 22;38 F

I was lagging ok? 😦

Tuesday‎, ‎29‎ ‎March‎ ‎2016 ‎12;‎‎15 F


Tuesday‎, ‎5‎ ‎January‎ ‎2016 ‎15;‎‎13 F

There I go…



Tuesday, 14 June 2016 20;41 F

Edwin brought the bots to my house 😦



Sunday‎, ‎17‎ ‎April‎ ‎2016 ‎20‎‎;31 F

Edwin why are you so grumpy and gay 😦



I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing these pictures because I really did, it’s nice to go down a bit of memory lane. Well then, I’m heading to bed because it’s fricking 5:30AM and I’ve been up all night chatting on ACP and stuff but, it was worth it! I’LL NEVER FORGET THIS PLACE, I LOVE YOU ACPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!11!!11

A huge thank you to the troops in ACP who were loyal and loving! <333333


18 Responses

  1. I salute you. Good job today, you took the leader position while being 3ic. Overall ACP was happy to have you as well as every other owner. Glad you had a great ACP experience. -Bigmail

  2. Goodbye Elsa, I will miss you!
    Best of luck in real life friend 🙂

  3. Oh Elsa, I still remember your noobish days in acp and you always rage at me for shipping with…. nvm lol(you get it XD). I also when we despise each other and in the end we were friends 😀 (ps: sorry for the times we argue over things, hope you understand). You are an awesome friend, not just in ACP but in the internet as well. With that said, I’m saddened to see you retire. Thank you for that and good luck!


  4. If I had a pound for everytime you say I was gay I’d be able to buy a country just for gays I guess? You’ve been a great hard working owner and I wish you the best unless you don’t tell me who you’re on FB then I hope you’ve a mediocre life I suppose.

  5. Elsa I’ll miss you you were an awesome troop. Can’t route for longer I gtf

  6. Ah Elsa!!! Best of Luck for your future!! 🙂 I will miss you a lot!!!!!!!!!!! :3

  7. bye elsa, thanks for being a good soldier and a good friend, i’mma miss u and everyone else

  8. Elsa! I first off want to say that you are absolutely awesome! I remember all the times you were a member on chat yet so loyal and hard-working that I rooted for you in the future. Boy, was I glad to one day log on and see you reached ownership ranks! There was always a different drive in you that pushed you forward despite the obstacles of bullying and any other form of hate. I do want to say that I am a christian and let no one claiming the title, yet they express hate, influence you because that is not what it is about!

    You are such a great soldier and friend, Elsa! Getting to see you rise up in leadership and putting effort where people lost hope is a unique characteristic. The hype will always be real, haha. I know your future in life will be amazing and unfold so much joy to you! For now,

    ~ACP Bob

  9. stay gay elsa :)<3

  10. thanks for being in the ACP lol

  11. Woah I am back from a two day trip and I see all these heartwarming comments! <3.

    Edwin I uhh I-I lied.. Bobcathatboyten thank you! I had no idea you noticed me that well lol.

    I want to point out that Froogz and Capn Ryan recruited me btw More detail on what happened thanks to Ryan's memory. ❤ Picture of Ghost Clovers event which I forgot to put in.

    forever and always Pandi ho..

  12. Elsa I will miss you but dont call me GAYmer again

  13. Love you Elsa, I’m glad you pushed ACP as far as you did – You would have been an incredible leader.

  14. Thanks for being there for the ACP when the army was in a state of despair. You have no idea how much your presence meant for the ACP.

    You’re a very kind person, and I hope you cherish that quality because it’s what makes you so lovable and approachable.

    Good luck with your future endeavors, whatever it may be. I’m sure that you’ll succeed with your diligence.

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