A Final MOH

Hello everyone,

I was shocked to find out today that one of the highest respected and one of the most valuable individuals in this army didn’t have a medal of honor, the highest award an individual can obtain in ACP. And, you know, that struck me as kind of funny. This individual worked to achieve leadership, did a great job as leader, and went beyond what was expected to take over as a Guardian of ACP once Boomer and myself wished to take a less active role. That being the case, I am very proud to present one of the final Medal Of Honors to our very own:


I couldn’t believe that Flipmoo, for all the work he has done for the army both as a leader and as an adviser on the Panel of Guardians, hadn’t received this army’s highest honor. Just a tip for everyone, Flipmoo isn’t Flipper. I know, I sometimes forget both exist :p

I’m going to keep this short, we all know he deserves it. Let me be the first one to say congrats Flip 🙂


11 Responses


  2. And finally, the best leader has been awarded his well-deserved prize. This award is one of the best ways to end of ACP, and I’m so glad that Flip had been given this prize. I’ll never forget the first time, at the end of an AUSIA event, when he bestowed upon me the responsibility of moderator (and I was talking about slenderman… bit embarrasing xD). Anyway, well done man, you’ll go far.

  3. Deeply appreciated. ^ ^

  4. Well deserved

  5. Congrats Flipmoo, you deserve it.

  6. Aye Congrats Flipmoo!! 😀

  7. Much needed medal of Honor. Well deserved!

  8. Congrats flipmoo! Hella deserved it

  9. what!? I thought he already had this medal. So damn well deserved Flipmooo! ❤

  10. Thank you for your kind words, everybody.

    And thank you again for being a part of my childhood/adolescence, as it wouldn’t of have been such a wonderful experience without you all.

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