Madonna’s Last Post as an ACP Troop…

Hello ACP! This is Madonna here! So everyone is aware that CP is Shutting down 😦


Me Screaming..


…. And therefore CPA is also shutting down…. Many people still don’t know me, because probably I joined the place at a wrong time. But never mind, I joined this place name CPA on March 5, 2016. I found ACP by some CPPS, coz ACP chat was linked in the CPPS. The first person I found after joining this amazing army, was Lord Panda, he was the AUSIA leader at the time, and he was very kind to me… After him, I came across other AUSIA leaders, and now I’m also retiring as Temp Ausia Leader… I found more friends through this place, which were awesome, but after I got shot in my leg [still some don’t believe it], they just got too much hate for me, even Jai… but Rock helped me with it, and now people forgot about it. I am Just showing some of the moments I had with my friends…


When Jai Accepted Me as His Sister :3




Mondo, As Always Encouraging me 🙂


LOL This Guy…


Someone at Thugs Chat

Basically There are no specific people I will miss, coz I would miss everyone I came across, coz even if they were my enemies, I learnt from them to be strong…  In the end, I will only say, Thank you who ever helped me in some or the other way, I truly Appreciate it. I will always remember you guys especially, Rock, Mondo, Earth, Buggins, Elsa and last but not the least Flipmoo…. You were the main heroes in my CPA journey!


Thank You for your time ACP….



The Cartoon Me…



22 Responses

  1. Almost got to the leader rank in so quick time! Damn, you must’ve been very loyal! Good job on that.
    Sometimes I feel that it’s so desolate that the new or younger people joining the community wouldn’t be able to live their childhood in this CPA. Nevertheless, wishing you lots of luck. Farewell!

  2. Ill miss you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Goodluck in real life Madonna 🙂
    I hope that you will achieve your dream of being a fashion designer when you grow up.

  4. Thank you for mentioning me in this post: totally didn’t expect that: for a temp Ausia leader; you could have been the next “Flipmoo” if CP didn’t announce this depressing news but i am glad to be under your leadership at the last days of ACP.

    Good luck in your life.

    – Buggins 🙂

  5. bye madonna, thanks for being a good soldier to the acp army of club penguin, and thanks for being a great friend! i’mma miss u

  6. Im lucky to have had you as a troop underneath my AUSIA. Hope life treats you well, Madonna

  7. Such a sad day to see the club penguin shutdown make great people, like you Madonna, retire! Never really had the chance to talk because of our time zones, but thanks for all your effort in ACP. I admire the leader and soldier in you! You’re awesome Madonna and your future will be too! For now,

    ~ACP Bob

  8. I’ve never really spoken to you, but thanks for doing good in the AUSIA division!

  9. Thanks a lot Sonic 🙂

  10. Hey maddy, loved your post fab as always thanks for all the times yaar im sorry for not beliving you about that shot in leg…but jai just got me mind controlled..>_< thanks for the graphics at my chat your the bestest friend i could have i hope we stay friends forever! ❤ 🙂

  11. Thanks for carrying the AUSIA division during its final days. I really appreciated the effort you put in.
    Although armies may have ended, I do hope that the skills you’ve acquired during your time as temporary leader aids you in your life even after you leave.
    Take care, and thanks for everything.

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