The Retirement of Super Edwin

Greetings, ACP! I guess this is my final ever post on ACP site, wow. This is going to sound really cringy but back in 2011 ,when I first joined and I used to run home to fight rough Swat before attending the main UK event, that in 2017 I would’ve been leader of this incredible army for 10 months. If you’ve been around in ACP at all in the last ten years then thank you for contributing to such an amazing place that have been what can only be thousands of people’s childhood’s including my own.

If you’ve been around in the last ten months then thank you for putting up with me as a leader and for always fighting with passion for ACP and it’s future; one of my favourite moments as leader was in August last year when we were defending Breeze from Snow Ninjas. The work that everyone put in that day to make sure we didn’t only defend our capital but showed the community that ACP wasn’t an army to be messed with or insulted is always one I like to think about.  This was also displayed in yesterday’s event which honestly had to be my favourite event; the passion everyone had for ACP and the pride they had just made it amazing to witness especially in the comments on the event results.

“Firstly, it is an incredible honour to be named ACP leader ; I can remember when I first got moderator in 2012 and how amazing of an achievement I believed that to be –  never mind actually getting leader . My aims as leader are to, along with Mondo, improve ACP with integrity, and make ACP a place where troops mean more than just a number.

I’m not really sure if I’ve improved ACP or not however I do know that my leadership was filled with integrity and I’m glad, excluding certain cases, that the ACP I led didn’t cheat despite the numerous other armies that did as well as the numerous insults we would get from these armies for only maxing 15 or 20. I’m glad that all 15 of our troops were real instead of having 20 made up ones. I’m proud of you all for that

1st top ten as leader

Another cool thing about being in ACP was the UK division. When we weren’t arguing with each other in events (maxy vs me) (maxy vs elsa) (maxy vs the whole chat) we were quite an effective division that always managed to somehow keep stable especially in wars.  UK pride ❤


To all current and former ACP soldiers: Thank you once more for being part of this army and for making posts like these possible. I’m glad to have met some of you and become best friends with some of you ❤

A: I’ve said this quite a few times now but you’ve been my rock during my leadership ever since we met that time to ally with Nachos to fight RPF. You’ve become my best friend and someone I’d turn to with any issue or if I just want to talk to someone.  AR were lucky to have a creator like you with them. Also, I guess this means an end to EAD what a shame..

When ACP took 21 servers from RPF in a week

An attempt to camouflage in with ACP by A

Shab: We’ve got really close lately or I think we’ve anyway; you’re a really great guy when you’re not sassing me. On a serious note, I enjoy my daily conversation with you before A wakes up as he’s more interesting to talk to.  Don’t even start.  Thanks for also being there when AR and ACP needed it back in January ❤

Third wheel

Mch: You’ve pretty much seen me grown up from this 9 year old noob to a 15 year old slightly less of a noob. Thanks for taking grief for me when I was leader when you didn’t have to. You’ve been a great advisor to me even if others haven’t think you’ve.

Flipmoo: You introduced me to anime oh my god. You’re a nice guy to be able to talk to about struggles and advice with and you’re just cool in general because you shaved one of your legs.

flipmoo shaving his legs

Chuck: Working with you was hard (joke) you were a really great owner but I hope you’re enjoying your extra time with Brooke and having fun. Thanks for being one of the most hard working owners I had.

Elsa: Literally the hardest working owner I think I’ve ever seen, good luck in life and make sure to properly bug me if I’m not responding to you on kik.

Sai & Meme: ACP couldn’t have asked for a better pair of allied leaders than you two. I hope we can all keep in touch in the future.

King Mondo: Serving with you was always a pleasure apart from when you were afk on chat but ❤

Lord Panda:  You’re annoying but you’re one of my closest friends in CPA. You’re also a major dick but you’re my dick so that’s fine. Thanks for being my husband on xat for all this time ❤

panda and i

lord panda loves edwin

panda love me 3

bff panda

panda is holding me

Capn Ryan: You’re an amazing guy and being in ACP with you was even more amazing especially all those moments we had leading ACPTR together.

capn ryan post 1

Last day on CP ❤

If I haven’t mentioned you it’s probably because you apply to the all acp soldier piece and I didn’t want to keep the post long.

Despite ACP closing down with CP, I’ll never forget the memories I’ve made here or the lessons that I’ve learned from ACP. I’ve developed new interests due to being in ACP and have made friends for life (hopefully). To me ACP will never die because it’ll always be alive in my interests and how it’s changed me as a person. I can’t wait to see the amazing people you will all turn out to be and the amazing things you do with your life; if you ever want to contact me then feel free to KIK me (superedwinacp) or email me at


Super Edwin, 44th leader of the Army of Club Penguin

Random pictures:

Tami ❤

34 Responses

  1. It was good serving ACP under your leadership, and mondo’s. I’ll miss you guys

  2. Edwin, oh Edwin. What can I say about Edwin?

    Not much, he sucked major balls, get a life you loser.


  3. Been bros with you since the beginning, and I couldn’t be glad that you finally achieved ACP leader. You did well my friend, and good luck with your life. I salute you and respect you. -Bigmail.

  4. It was great learning from the leaders and owners of ACP. I’ll miss Mondo and you. Very fun time of my CP “career”!

  5. GOODBYE EDWIN! I will miss you so much and I was glad to serve under you last year. Totally not sarcastic thanks for mentioning my girlfriend Jk. I hope the military and your disgusting… mean adorable life style serves you well my friend. Message me sometime and I still want to hear your accent.

  6. nooooo!!!

  7. ❤ glad we were able to become good friends in the short time that was left

  8. Love ya ed!

  9. With all due my respect, I will miss you lad. Hoping that we could still get in touch 😀

    Salutations, cheers bro.

    For making contributions and efforts in the UK, making it grow. Also, during my leadership as ACP AUSIA Divisonal Leader, you helped even the though it was difficult for me but you encouraged me and I thank you for it.

    Thanks Edwin[Holly] haha.

  10. Good luck for the future and farewell!

  11. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much fun I had with you guys. Thank you for supplying me with almost as many memories as club penguin itself.

  12. It’s sad it’s coming to the end. ACP sustained me with almost as many memories as CP itself. I’ll definitely look back at this with nostalgia. Best of luck for the future.

  13. As your leadership comes to an end, our friendship is still only just beginning. I’m honestly so grateful for what you wrote about me, and words can’t express how great of a leader you are to me. Honestly, any other leader faced with the situations you were obligated to endure would have quit long ago. Yet, you stayed and persevered despite the ostensibly infinite amount of insurmountable obstacles that hindered your path to success, and you prevailed regardless. You’re not only a terrific ACP leader in my mind, but also a true, amazing friend. I’m glad that our friendship has forged an unshakable bond between ACP and AR over this past year, and I sincerely look forward to us talking on Kik every day to come. I applaud your achievements within ACP, and your diligent attitude that never ceases to amaze me.


  15. Serving with you was an honor.

  16. Edwin, you’re loved by all, and of course, also by me! You didn’t lead ACP to its greatest, but you had the best darn troops anyone could ever have and they all loved ya too, no matter what! Good luck in the future and in the military, have a groovy life! I’ll never forget when you were a huge noob in 2011, good times man, good times…. we’ve shared many awesome memories throughout these years too.

  17. Edwin thank you so much for sticking around as leader even in those horrible situations you went through! And wow I didn’t know you thought that highly of me as owner. And yes of course I’ll always bug you if you don’t answer me on kik ❤

    you're gay.

  18. THanks for leading ACP in a hard time Edwin, you did a brilliant job. Best of luck in whatever you do.

  19. Edwin I know I’m a bit late on this, but you were an incredible leader who worked so well with the things and tools you were given – The amount of time and loyalty, true love you pushed for ACP and all those around you are so incredible –
    I know I’m a jerk and I hardly ever give people their do’s but you truly were what the ideal ACP leader should have and always been. Thank you for keeping ACP through right and wrong. I wish I had been a better person overall – just as you were when you lead.

    • What’s funny is one thing I regret from my leadership (well I regret a lot of things but) was not being more rebellious not to the extent of cheating but more in the way of telling other armies to fuck off instead of being too nervous about ruining future relations

  20. Despite harsh conditions, you fulfilled your duty as an ACP leader. I admire your perseverance towards integrity, and deeply hope that you hold on to it throughout your life.
    Hopefully we’ll keep in touch, but I’d like to end this comment with a big thank you for all that you’ve dedicated and done to preserve the values of this army.
    Take care.

  21. Appreciate the mention and same to you old friend. Hopefully we can still hang out from time to time.

  22. I forgot to comment on this, r.i.p

  23. Lol i havent commented either but ya did good at leading m80

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