Answers to Questions You May Have

1. The ACP Site: All site users have been made contributors until the Panel Of Guardians can decide who should stay as contributors/authors and who doesn’t need to be on the site anymore. I don’t expect many/any new posts going forward, this site will become more of a historical reference than anything else.

If you’d like, fill out the form below to receive updates. This will make it easier to contact people if we’d like to schedule a reunion in the future.

2. The ACP Chat: ACP Chat reset yesterday and I’ve turned off members only.

  • Main Owners: Panel of Guardian members (+ Ken).
  • Owners: Former Leaders (Foxtails will replace Trader as an owner).
  • Mods: Former 2ics & 3ics will become mods. Some former allied leaders will also gain modship (like 122344a, Iceyfeet). That decision is on a case by case basis.

Feel free to keep using the chat to socialize with other former army members, I don’t plan on resetting it again or closing it.

If the time comes that there aren’t enough owners/mods on to keep chaos from ensuring please send a message via the “message” feature in xat and someone will rectify the situation. This is the only way I believe people will be promoted to mod or owner.

The rules will be relaxed, I don’t expect there will be enough people on to uphold them anyways. That does not mean there will be no more rules, it just means I will be removing and rewriting a number of them. Expect that to happen sometime in the next week or so. For now the only rule is don’t be a jerk (that includes abusing your powers mods and owners).

3. The Staff Site: I’m not sure what should happen with the staff site, making it private would render it useless for historical purposes. So for now anyone on it will stay.

~Panel of Guardians

Curtain Call

My name is Michael, as some of you may already know. If you’ve read the  ACP Saga (which I highly recommend, as it is the seminal work in CP army literature, if one can get over the typos and mild narcissism), you’ll know that the ACP was founded September 29, 2006. Tell your grandkids about that date because it was the beginning of an era. We were giants and Club Penguin was our stomping grounds. From Mammoth to Breeze, from the dojo to the snow forts, we were a force. At our best we were the best, and we did it with pride and class. We were the pinnacle.

As memory of Club Penguin recedes, the digital fossils of this community—the Army of Club Penguin specifically and the army community it birthed generally—will drift away in a sea of ambient data. Yet it will always be here. This website and all of the times had within it—good and bad, funny and frustrating, elating and surreal—will remain, frozen in time, waiting for some internet anthropologist to one day find it and think “Damn, wasn’t that something.” I don’t know if there’s any significance in that.

Ok, enough of that waxing poetic bullshit. Bottom line, this was a good thing and I’m glad it happened. We were all part of it, and it wouldn’t be what it was without you.

Until later,
March on.

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Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Well, this is it. The first day without Club Penguin and without the ACP. We did it, we made it to the end.

And that is absolutely heartbreaking. The ACP & the community as a whole was a part of our childhoods. To some the impact might have been small, but to others this community had a large impact on our lives and our development as kids and young adults.

I know, so far this post has been pretty somber. But this is only the end of this journey and the start of the next. I think B1 put it best:

I know that I’ve asked many things of you over the years, but if you’ll only do one of them for me, promise me this: fall in love, achieve success, tell your story, seek the places and the people who make you feel whole, and do it all a little more recklessly because of this experience which you and I have shared.

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