Answers to Questions You May Have

1. The ACP Site: All site users have been made contributors until the Panel Of Guardians can decide who should stay as contributors/authors and who doesn’t need to be on the site anymore. I don’t expect many/any new posts going forward, this site will become more of a historical reference than anything else.

If you’d like, fill out the form below to receive updates. This will make it easier to contact people if we’d like to schedule a reunion in the future.

2. The ACP Chat: ACP Chat reset yesterday and I’ve turned off members only.

  • Main Owners: Panel of Guardian members (+ Ken).
  • Owners: Former Leaders (Foxtails will replace Trader as an owner).
  • Mods: Former 2ics & 3ics will become mods. Some former allied leaders will also gain modship (like 122344a, Iceyfeet). That decision is on a case by case basis.

Feel free to keep using the chat to socialize with other former army members, I don’t plan on resetting it again or closing it.

If the time comes that there aren’t enough owners/mods on to keep chaos from ensuring please send a message via the “message” feature in xat and someone will rectify the situation. This is the only way I believe people will be promoted to mod or owner.

The rules will be relaxed, I don’t expect there will be enough people on to uphold them anyways. That does not mean there will be no more rules, it just means I will be removing and rewriting a number of them. Expect that to happen sometime in the next week or so. For now the only rule is don’t be a jerk (that includes abusing your powers mods and owners).

3. The Staff Site: I’m not sure what should happen with the staff site, making it private would render it useless for historical purposes. So for now anyone on it will stay.

~Panel of Guardians

2 Responses

  1. May I suggest a site update/cleanup of unnecessary things, and make it more a historical site.

  2. cool

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