Curtain Call

My name is Michael, as some of you may already know. If you’ve read the  ACP Saga (which I highly recommend, as it is the seminal work in CP army literature, if one can get over the typos and mild narcissism), you’ll know that the ACP was founded September 29, 2006. Tell your grandkids about that date because it was the beginning of an era. We were giants and Club Penguin was our stomping grounds. From Mammoth to Breeze, from the dojo to the snow forts, we were a force. At our best we were the best, and we did it with pride and class. We were the pinnacle.

As memory of Club Penguin recedes, the digital fossils of this community—the Army of Club Penguin specifically and the army community it birthed generally—will drift away in a sea of ambient data. Yet it will always be here. This website and all of the times had within it—good and bad, funny and frustrating, elating and surreal—will remain, frozen in time, waiting for some internet anthropologist to one day find it and think “Damn, wasn’t that something.” I don’t know if there’s any significance in that.

Ok, enough of that waxing poetic bullshit. Bottom line, this was a good thing and I’m glad it happened. We were all part of it, and it wouldn’t be what it was without you.

Until later,
March on.

PS. I’d like to shout out a few people in particular: Boomer, Shab, Commando, Shadow, Akabob, Penquin Jim, Goozgooz, Tom Yellow, Koolaidman7, David Shawn, Gorond, Nrop (lol), Rapidy, Flip, Kenneth1000, Iasgae56,  Mchappy, Noka8, Mazchaster, Dr Nono Jr, Matre10, Bobcayboy10, Saint1119, Dryvit, Slider568, Seanehawk, Us Soilder, Orcacam7, Headofpolice, Casiusbrutus, Person1233, Pink Mafias, Zippy500, Abercrombie29, Db Penguin, Big Balla, Vital Viper, RFS (even though you sucked), Fort57, Kg007, Kingfunks, Sf1998, CollinZFresh, and MANY others. Love you all.

PPS. I may stop by the chat a few times in the next couple days if anyone wants to say what up. It’s been a while so don’t be offended if I don’t remember you right away. :mrgreen:


I (and Boomer) invite any former ACP leaders to say few words below. You can edit it yourself or send comments to Boomer or Shab. Peace.

Edit from the editors (whoever they are): If you’d like, fill out the form below to receive updates. This will make it easier to contact people if we’d like to schedule a reunion in the future:

52 Responses

  1. first

  2. have my kids

  3. alright

  4. major government conspiracies:

    -moon landing
    -that Oagal actually wrote this post

  5. I’m gonna miss you Oagal, hope to see you again sometime in the future!

  6. Well this is unexpected.

  7. Thank you Oagal with the rest of ACP. RIP CP AND ACP. It was fun serving as the ACP US Division Leader/2ic. I met alot of cool people that i wish I can see again. I salute everyone here. Until then ACP FOREVER.

  8. Kill me now, I just got a shout out from Oagal. I’m ready to die.

  9. I’m grateful for all the incredible memories and experiences I had here and of course the wonderful friendships we all made along the way. It’s been a blast. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Best of luck to everyone,


  10. It’s probably been about 8 years since I last logged into club penguin, but I remember the whole club penguin army phenomenon being a big part of my life when I was a young lad, so I just wanted to say thanks for making this whole thing happen. It was a good time.

  11. ACP contributed in making me who I am today. I’ve fought in the Black Alliance wars against this army and I’ve become its leader to change myself. Seeing this go truly breaks my heart. I won’t forget any of you, I have very fond memories of this army. I thank all of you and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

  12. It was a pleasure to have been a part of this community. Thank you for all the memories, friends and good times. I wish all of you the best in life.

  13. Oagal: i doubt you remember me, but i was in CP before CPA existed: lol i remember when you kept switching teams: but either way, thank you for starting the ACP and now ending it with this post: also a thank-you for your willing to give up your time on making this post:

    You started this: now you ended it.

    – Buggins Will

  14. Hey oagal, it’s me Skipper233. Just been wondering how you been doing these past years, i sure most definitely miss your leadership. And i’ve been still staying in ACP when it shutted down, and I posted my retirement a few days ago, on the site. Hope to get to see you again soon!

  15. Oagal, you’re a true inspiration for all the soldiers of ACP. It has been an honor serving under the best army that you founded. If there is one thing that I learned from this army, is that ACP is family and we’ll all be there for each other. Thank you.
    ~Power dude3

  16. Oagal, I know we’ve had our differences and clashes before we got along, but damn can you write.This was beautiful,

    I don’t really have much else to say…I’ve said it already in other comments and posts. I guess just thank you for creating this army in the first place, otherwise who knows where many of us would have ended up (maybe in the Nachos, eww)

  17. Oagal,
    Thanks for making digital fossils together. Hope to be able to connect sometime soon.

  18. Powerful post, We’ve talked a few times but I’m glad you came out of the abyss to finish ACP off like this.

  19. ACP doesn’t need to end here…Club Penguin is being revived. CPR guys. Club Penguin Rewritten, a dedicated fanserver that harkens back to the glory days where everyone is a member. If im lucky, maybe I’ll see some of you there.

  20. It’s been quite a while Oagle. I’ll never forget how i first met you on the Miniclip forums back in 06-07. Those were some fun times. Hope we can get in touch sometime and reminisce.

  21. I know I’m late to this post and I don’t know how many people (or if even if Oagalthorp) will read this. But I have a funny story from the early days of ACP and this was when I was about 11.

    Back in 2008 or so (I was 11, I am now 19) ACP used this website called Xat which was basically a website where you could make your own chatroom server. There was a point in time around 2008 where for whatever reason ACP decided to make a new chat server (still on Xat). Now the thing is, the fact we had to change servers meant that whoever created the chat had to also re-instate the mods. The other issue with this chatroom website is that there was no way to create an account and so you would basically make up your “username” whenever you entered a specific chat (meaning you could be part of 100s of chats with different usernames).

    Long story short, basically I impersonated Oagalthorp and got one of the chat owners to make a mod thinking I was Oagalthorp. I then abused this by banning a ton of people and I remember the whole chat was going crazy at my devious 11-year old actions. Basically it eventually ended when the original guy who made me a mod came back to the chat room and removed my mod powers.

    Oh man, good times. PS: I’m sorry for doing that xD

  22. I doubt you remember me m8. I was around before ACP and was here for 2 years straight until 2006 when I switched to the Nachos army. I knew you would grow big from the start by the sense of dedication you put into this army. I appreciate everything you’ve done, seeing Club Penguin go is breaking my heart.

  23. I can’t believe I’m commenting here after so long, but I had to stop by after I saw how CP was being closed. I was around for 2008-09, if I recall correctly, and now it’s 2017! Nearly 10 years. I’m in the middle of college, and I bet so are many of the people I once spoke with.
    In times like these, in which people flit from one attraction to another, I am really struck by the longevity of this site and organization. It’s lasted for so long and helped create memories and friendships for numerous people. Who knew an army of virtual penguins could have so much intrigue and drama? Truly crazy.
    I just want to say – to all of the people I’ve met, and to those I haven’t; thank you for everything, and I wish you the very, very best for the future. If you want to reach out to me, a few people can link you up.

  24. Thank you all for indulging me in my story writing 8-odd years ago! I met so many great people and made so many memories from this!
    -Daniel “Pack”

  25. I see a few familiar names in these comments, but thank you so much Michael for the platform you gave all of us when we were younger to connect with other kids and teens around the world. It truly was a bright spot during my “awkward” pre-teen years and allowed me to indulge my passion of writing!

  26. Not sure why I didn’t comment sooner, but ACP was one of the greatest experiences in my time here and I would like to thank everyone who gave me an opportunity to lead the army.

    Thank you Oagal as well, as without you our time here may not have even been possible.

    • Don’t worry my friend, everyone’s experiencing a delay in comprehension of ACP closing.

  27. ha im so late but thanks oagal for creating my childhood

  28. Bring ACP back!! Please!! Let the next gen take over…. c’mon… we can’t just let one gen have all the fun… right? Please ogal

  29. Wow. Just checked this out. I haven’t been on this site in 10 years. Learned a lot though

  30. Sorry for the late reply, though I can’t move on after this. I was lazy to write a comment due to the fact that it broke my heart to see such a splendid community end. It’s been a ride. I swear to God – I never felt such an adventure after all the 3 years I’ve been here. Thank you ACP for making that adventure come true and help me grow.

    It made my childhood to who I am today. I’m glad to say that being here is just wonderful, a vast community that made me learn the concepts of leadership, teamwork, pride, greatness and lastly friendship. I’m happy because I got the chance to meet amazing people whether they were my friends, enemies, strangers or anyone you could think of. Although it was never the same when I first joined and after I retired last June of 2015 due to my decision of dedicating myself to learn and study what I haven’t learn yet and what to is needed yet to be discovered. And returning right after all those years to lead ACP AUSIA for the last time with me alone, Jet, Madonna and everyone each who supported my term as Ausia Divisional leade and retire regretfully without a smile but I realized that it wasn’t supposed to end like this. Because of it, I had to due because to the fact it would be lifeless if I continue though it isn’t necessary to go any further, maybe continue to RPF? Hell no, I’m not going to continue there with my career as it would be counted pointless if I do. Now I’m happy with a smile as after that, relaxing and to rearrange my life.

    I’m not ashamed and afraid anymore to write this comment after all the heartfelts. Though it may have ended like this tragically but still I will never forget each and everyone of you who made this group into a community that would last 11 years. The ones who made this who they wanted to be. Be happy, the end is just the new chapter of our lives, create a new path: a path of your own agenda, ambitions and dreams. It may have ended this way but trust me, maybe next time if we cross paths; I hope we can talk our experciences and interests. Who knows? But to for now, fulfill a dream that should benefit you and others. Henceforth, flourish the goodness within you and good luck with your ambitions and dreams for the future.

    As for that,
    With a deep regret: Goodbye and good luck. I hope you do well and never leave your dreams.

    ACP Forever!

    Until then.
    ~Rockstar1819, Your Former ACP Ausia 3ic, Retired 8th ACP Ausia Divisional Commander and your last ACP Ausia Commander and retiree speaking.

  31. Goodbye, ACP. It was good.

  32. Browsing the internet and something made me think of ACP. It’s cool to read these comments and recognizing many of these names. I’m 22 years old and a senior In college. Every now and then I think back to my time in ACP with fondness. So many cool people and genuine friends. The name Ganondorf787 will always be a name I am proud to call myself, and I’d like to think I made an impact in some way or another. I wish everyone the best in their life.

  33. I come back and reminisce every few months nowadays, first army I ever joined & boy did it take me on to do some great things in the years I was involved, from working my way up the ranks of the acp to creating & leading some of my own armies! The experience! It was amazing & I’ll miss every part of it, even the disagreements, we are apart of a seriously cool generation! Hope to hear from some of my old pals. -Subz

  34. Happy New Year! We are practically on course to enter the third decade of Club Penguin armies.

    A new post on the Club Penguin United Nations website:


  35. first comment in 2021

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