Sonic is forced to retire, but I’m happy about it.

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Clovertastic send off!

Greetings, ACP! I wasn’t really sure what would be a suitable title for ACP‘s last event result post so I’ve just made it into a clover pun; today’s event was a perfect send off for ACP not necessarily in the terms of how many people did we get online but the spirit and pride of people at today’s event reminded me of why ACP can be such a formidable force but also why so many people enjoyed ACP. It was a fitting tribute to ACP’s 10 year life as it included modern day tactics to snowball warfare (well snowballing bots and Shab).  Carry on reading for a detailed report of what occurred during the event including photos.

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My Farewell to the ACP

Important Post to Read:

Rockstar1819’s last words: The last ACP Ausia Commander

The Conclusion – ACP AUSIA [Gendarmerie] Final Event Results And Closure

The Final ACP Events

Well friends, allies, and enemies, this is the end.

This has been a long time coming and god knows I have put it off quite a bit. To have the privilege to post on the ACP site is something that amazes me to begin with. Honestly I am not sure where to start, because there are so many things I should and want to talk about. I guess my history in the army will be good, then go down to make my personal goodbyes and thanks, and finally some pictures for old times sake. I am a terrible writer so expect to see a lot of typos, repeated words, and problems that make me look illiterate. With that out of the way let’s get started! Also I highly suggest you listen to the music while reading this

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Djkb1’s Conclusion of QOTD & Thanks

Hello, ACP.
Those of you may know me as Bjkb1 or as Djkb1 or even Captain Levi, but there’s one thing that’s (barely) remained consistent, and that’s the Question of the Day series. I started it in April 2015 and it’s continued very infrequently until now. I feel that today, close to when CP closes down, is a good time to finally end the series and finish off with a quick note.
The first question I had created was “Whats Your Biggest Fear”, on a post made on the 20th of April, 2015. The post had 16 comments, which at the time, was successful for an ACP post. The best answer by far was Maxy777’s, which genuinely made me laugh at the time.

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My final post & final poll

Hello for the first time on the site since June 2015! And hello for the last time too…

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Skipper233 – It Was A Honor To Be a ACP Soldier || My Final Post || 2007-2017

Hey guys!

The past years of being in Club Penguin, Club Penguin armies, and most importantly, ACP – Army of Club Penguin has been a blast. Even though there has been many, many conflicts throughout the years, nothing will change that we all made it out, together as a army, and some people may not think it this way, and some people do, but to me the people in ACP are like a secondary family to me. Everyone in ACP. No matter what was going on, what was happening, we always stuck together for each other. All of you guys has always been there for me, just like I was there for most of you guys, and I guess that’s what brought us all closer together.

Over the years I have met many wonderful people, and quickly became friends with them. And for the people who are still around today, we’re still friends. And I hope after Club Penguin, ACP, and many other armies shuts down, i’ll still be able to keep in touch with some of you guys.

*play this song while reading on*

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For those that don’t know or remember me I’m a former ACP leader and one of the Guardians of ACP.

These days most of the updates and requests I receive are through still active friends and retired members of the community, which brings me to this post.

I’ve started to hear unsettling and uncomfortable news about a certain soldier in ACP: Noka.

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ACP’S Last Invasion

Let’s go back to where it all started:


Tomorrow at 5:30 pm EST, ACP will invade not only it’s birthplace, former capital, but the birthplace of armies itself. ACP will be the last army to invade this historic server and I hope you can join us, the Army of Club Penguin, in accomplishing that.

❗ Invasion of Mammoth ❗

When: 27th March 2017

Server: Mammoth

Times: 10:30 pm gmt, 5:30 pm est, 4:30 pm cst, 3:30 pm mst, 2:30 pm pst

Rockstar1819’s last words/Retirement: The last ACP Ausia Commander

Update: It looks like someone trashed my retirement post. I find it utterly disrespectful because I put my heart and soul in making this special post. So heartless, that I feel like I want to punch the one person who threw it in the bin like garbage, with my anger out. I told Shab about this and he said the things I need to restore and it appears to work[sorta].

Update 2: I restored my post after the incident, it appears that the comments were deleted and I couldn’t do anything to salvage it back though I still have the comments in my comment notification.

Edit: I also added Chances by Five for Fighting in the link description below. An emotional song dedicated just for you down below, enjoy!

I know this is gonna be a long long… post but this is shared to my insights and reflections before retiring on March 29th. Please bear with me or just for one last time. 

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The Conclusion – ACP AUSIA [Gendarmerie] Final Event Results And Closure


The Army of Club Penguin.

Ever since Flipmoo entered the Army of Club Penguin’s ranks in 2013, this army has been the pinnacle of the AUSIA community. We weren’t a mere division. We were a family. With great regret I hereby announce the closure of the Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA Division following its final event today.


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