ACP Reunion on September 30th!



6 months of shut down,

11 awesome years,

45 leaders,

Thousands of soldiers,

It is time… FOR A REUNION!

Hello ACP,  thought you would never hear from me again huh? Well today I here with some important news! It has been some time since we officially shut down, and while that isn’t changing, it is time to have a little reunion. Later this month ACP is turning eleven and we need to celebrate that with a bang. No other army is or was as old as the ACP so a birthday for us is really something special.

For many of us it has been months since we got together; this is a perfect opportunity to catch up and see some old faces. In addition to just seeing people there will also be a birthday event on Club Penguin Rewritten, chat games, and various other games on CPR like sled racing and Card Jitsu. All this on September 30th. This date will sneak up on you so make a Club Penguin Rewritten account as soon as possible! For more info just check below

Chat Reunion


When: September 30th, all day


Birthday Event


10:00pm GMT

5:00pm EST

4:00pm CST

3:00pm MST

2:00pm PST

3:30am IST

6:00am AWST

8:00am AEST

7:00am JST

I really hope to see everyone there, and happy birthday ACP!


Thank you for your time -Chuck Falay (Retired 3ic)

PS: If you haven’t registered your email to be notified of future events & reunions you can do so here:   (Only Shab & Boomer will be able to see the information you enter)


9 Responses

  1. Acknowledged. I will be there.

  2. Lol aight i miss some of yall

  3. I will be there. See you guys!

  4. why the 30th not the 29th on the actual day?

  5. I’m coming, this one key is broken so *insert exclamation mark* thanks.

  6. Yaayy!!! Luckily my exams will be over by this time so im in !!! 😄😄😄

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