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First and foremost, happy 13 years since the birth of something great (September 29, 2006). Thirteen very long years for the future internet historians to dig up and discover one day. If you were ever apart of this legacy, September is a month of celebration for the great experiences you’ve had whether on Club Penguin, xat, or even the Miniclip forums.

After some talk, there has been consideration to allow the creation of a new Discord after the old one has significantly died down. This time with new administration. With this, a reintroduction of ACP to the community.

While armies may not be as organized as they once were, the Club Penguin Private Server community has proved that it’s a capable successor for teenagers and young adults to relive the nostalgia of Club Penguin. I certainly did not believe they’d last this long, none of us really did. Armies have really taken off and seen the success of sizes from years past.

It was brought to our attention that someone had attempted to recreate the ACP. There is a potential there. And with the closure of Club Penguin Island last December (effectively putting an end to the Disney owned franchise), we believe with ACP’s anniversary coming around the corner that this could be a great time.

This website will continue to stay as a memento to all those years before us. These days everything has been migrated to Discord. If you happen to read this then your blessings would be well received.

Everybody loves a comeback story. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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