The Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin

Table of Contents:


1. Summary:

DRACP stands for Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin The DRACP is conformed by two branches in the government and special assignments. The first branch, the Executive Branch being there the Commander in Chief and 2nd and 3rd in commands. We have an election for 3iCs (third in commands), and our leaders who are leaving need to pick someone to fill in their spot. The second branch is the military branch, where the rest of the ranks give orders to the ranks below them.

President and Vice President of the DRACP: Kenneth1000 and Sidie


2. Land:

  • Breeze – Capital Server
  • Snow Fort – Co-Capital Server 
  • Outback – AUSIA Central Headquarters
  • Ice Shelf – Primary Training Grounds
  • Ice Cave – Arms Warehouse
  • Belly Slide – The land of Snow
  • Ice Cold
  • Alpine
  • Cabin
  • Snowfall
  • Beanbag
  • Tea
  • Cold Front
  • Iceland
  • Christmas
  • Mittens
  • Patagonia
  • Brumby
  • Glacier
  • White Out
  • North Pole
  • Bubblegum

We own/control these servers all of these servers. No one is allowed to set up a base there, unless we give them a land grant for a certain server. When we give a land grant, we still control the server, but the other army can control it also. If we go to war with that army, the land grant can be ended, and we get the server back.

By becoming an ally of the Army of Club Penguin, you agree to the above terms.


3. Army:

The Army of Club Penguin has a Supreme Commander, 2iCs, and 3iCs. There are no other leader ranks past 3iC.

Jobs of the army and its commandants:

Leader(s): The leader(s) should be leading the army and taking responsibility for it’s actions, making sure that the 2iCs and 3iCs are doing their job and should be trying to train the 2iCs to become the next leader. The leader(s) should also be keeping pages updated and making sure that the appropriate tasks get done.

Second in Command(s): The 2iCs should be leading the battles when the main leader is not present but also sometimes if the main leader is present. If the leader has to talk to other armies to find out if the battle is over, if the server crashed, etc. it can make them distracted. The 2iCs should be able to easily take control and lead while the leader is busy. The 2iCs should also make sure the 3iCs are doing their job and should train the 3iCs to be 2iCs.

Third in Command(s): They should make sure the 4iCs are doing their jobs and should be training (unscheduled events) the army.  The duty of a 3iCs is to train these generals to be the next 3iCs. However, the 3iCs should not waver from their duties as a leader of the Club Penguin Army.

Moderator(s): They should be training the soldiers in the off time and in battle should be commanding them. To do this successfully the generals have to get to know their soldiers personally and has to get them to trust their commands. This is harder to do as a 3iC, 2iC, or leader because those ranks would have to get to know more people and that is difficult to do since they have more responsibilities. Generals are the future of ACP and should be the ones to tell ACP to get on CP for an unscheduled session.

Medal of Honor: There is one way in which the Medal of Honor can be awarded and one way ONLY!

  • ACP’s Panel of Guardians have a vote to decide if a proposed soldier should receive the MoH and if a majority is reached then that person receives the MoH.

The key for determining when the Medal of Honor is deserved is when someone goes above and beyond to help ACP in a time of crisis or at a time when it really mattered. For example, Mchappy was awarded a Medal of Honor for essentially taking charge and leading ACP during a time of need when the leader was not active, thus reaching the biggest battle sizes for an army ever. Oagalthorp also awarded Boomer one for taking over ACP and restoring its status as the #1 army in November 2008 when we were having a leadership conflict. The Medal of Honor is not to be awarded to just any leader upon their retirement unless it can be proved they went above and beyond or responded with great success at a time when a true leader was needed. One needs to lead this army for at least a year to earn the MoH solely based on length of leadership has a purpose, for a Supreme Commander to lead the ACP for over a year sows extreme dedication and care for this army. It’s deserving of reward. The Medal of Honor is traditionally presented to anyone showing great leadership. This means it can include an everyday soldier in addition to a leader, however it is exceedingly rare nowadays for a soldier to earn it because there are much fewer instances where a non-leader would be needed to exhibit leadership.

II. Awarding the Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor can only be awarded if a majority is reached between the Panel of Guardians in a vote. We are always open to suggestions as to who is deserving of one, but again, in the current state of armies, there are fewer and fewer instances where leaders can really shine and carry an army through a difficult time. As tempting as it may be, please refrain from suggesting a leader just for them being Leader, we need to see extraordinary effort and leadership before awarding this.


4. Allies:

All allies agree to the following conditions: We, the Army of Club Penguin, allow any army to create an alliance with us. ACP promises to be there when the other army needs, and we assume the ally will do the same. Failure to help ACP in their time of need will end in the alliance being cut off.

Note: we are free to form alliances.

Brother Allies:

  • Army Republic

Our Current Allies:

  • Night Rebels
  • Golds
  • Red Gem Army
  • Wild Ninjas


  • Night Warriors
  • Nachos
  • Doritos of CP


  • Rebel Penguin Federation


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