ACP News with Your Favourite Host Chuck Falay!

Please Note this Post is Crap… I mean Satire!

Hello and welcome to ACP world news, the post that nobody wanted but they got anyway! I will be covering some of the developing an interesting events in our great army. Are you  not prepared to cringe at one of those awful CPA satire post? I bet you aren’t! Anyway ready set go! Continue reading

Events of the Week — 27th of July through August 2nd

Hello ACP Soldiers!


We as an army have been rising! At most events we have a high amount of soldiers online. As we move into this week and this weeks events, I want the best effort from all of you. ACP must maintain our success, and I am sure we will. Click “read more”, for this weeks events!

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Events of the Week — July 20th through the 26th

Hello Soldiers!


The past week has been spent in an honestly successful conflict against the Nachos. At most events we got a force of above 25+ on CP. We will continue to rise and we will reach larger heights than ever seen before. I want all of you to be ready for this rise — members, owners, retirees and moderators alike. We all must work together to push ACP to the top! This week we will be taking a lot of free servers. The Pear shall be spread to all as we liberate the uninformed! Without further ado, here are this weeks events.

❗ Thursday, July 23rd ❗

[UK/US] – Annexation of Iceland  RAID

Server: Iceland

Times: 9 PM GMT,  4 PM EST,  3 PM CST,  2 PM MST,  1 PM PST

[US] – Annexation of Avalanche RAID

Server: Avalanche

Times: 12 AM GMT,  7 PM EST,  6 PM CST,  5 PM MST,  4 PM PST

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❗ BATTLE FOR ICE BERG: Friday, 7/17/15 ❗






On 7/17, we will march on to Ice Berg and take the server from the Nachos. Furthermore, we hope this time they actually admit defeat.



 9:30 AM GMT

1:00 PM IST

4:30 PM JST

 3:30 AM EST

2:30 AM CST

1:30 AM MST

12:30 AM PST

Note from Sidie9:

No, this is not an invasion of the Nachos nation. This is, however, a server unclaimed by anyone and is the historic capital of an old ally named the Global Defenders. We will take it for ourselves and it will be one of our most important servers for generations to come.

There will be promotions and prizes if we win! Comment if you will be there! 🙂

Here we come Nachos.

Events of the Week July 6th — July 12th

Greetings all Soldiers!


The ACP is not AN Army IN Club Penguin; we are THE Army OF Club Penguin. Owners, members, moderators and retirees alike, all must remember this as we move forward. We will not be demoralized in our conquest, because in the end, we have been alive as a group for nine years. Their organizations come and go — our organization staysWithout further ado, I give you this weeks events. Stay strong soldiers!

❗ Tuesday , July 7th ❗


Server: Breeze

Times: 12 AM GMT,  7 PM EST,  6 PM CST,  5 PM MST,  4 PM PST

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Important Old School Event: Fjord Frenzy 2015

Hiya ACP!

I’m letting you know this event is generally for fun. All ACP troops must attend on this one we are looking forward for some awesome throwback. Snowball fights, slashing, stabbing saying thingy. If you want some old wars and not tactics, well you come to the right place this event is once in a lifetime event. Sponsored by CPAC, we will have 1 hr of war and some chaos like the old times. Nachos had this idea, you’re awesome guys!

Server: Fjord, Snow Forts

Comment if you can come!

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>>>>LEGENDS CUP TODAY 3:30pm EST<<<<<

Saturday 2nd August


>>>MUST COME!!!<<<

 [UK + US] Legends Cup Battle Against PR

Server: Klondike

Times: 8:30pm UK // 3:30pm EST // 2:30pm CST // 1:30pm MST // 12:30pm PST

>>>MUST COME!!!<<<


acρ 2η∂ ιη cσммaη∂

Playlist Suggestions For Chat!

Hey ACP,  it’s me Japan.  Surprised to see a post from me?   Well, I have been thinking,   many chats on Xat have a music list,   it gets annoying sometimes waiting for a good song on the chat radio to come on or having listen to a song you don’t like.  With this music list, we can have a huge selection of songs to choose from and no longer have the problem of an annoying song you don’t like coming on the radio.  Radios are the little brother of the music list.

If some of you know me well you might be thinking “Oh great it’s going to be all K-pop music” well it’s not.  The whole thing will be mostly english songs everyone likes.  What I’m looking for in this music list is what do most people like,  not what one or two people like,  songs everyone likes.   I want to hear from all of ACP,  not just a few,  every single one of you guys I want to hear from.   This music list is for everyone and if it’s for everyone,  everyone must be involved in this music list.

So, this is how it’s going to work.  If you have any ideas or would like a song to be picked,  make a list of songs you would like to be on the music list,  leave me a comment on this post and I will answer your questions as soon as I can.   I will be checking this post a couple of times a day so don’t worry,  you will not be ignored.  I’m really open to others opinions and ideas.

I also understand that when most people listen to the same song too much, they  get sick of it easily and fast. This is why I want songs everyone likes so most people don’t get bored with it easily.   So,   I’m giving everyone until next Monday (1 week)  to leave a comment on the post.   Which is pretty long enough and it’s not that hard, it only takes less than a min of your time.    The music list will be updated every two months.   Hurry and comment!

– Japan

Oh Yes

Chat Rally Below!

Please donate to the chat rally, all proceeds to be given away. Contact Slider568 @ ACP chat!

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Hai dere, ACP!

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