UK Practice Battle with Nachos

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Greetings, ACP! Today we logged on to Fjord for some war training via a practice battle with our allies, Nachos, where we maxed 10 in Town however our size decreased when moving due to people being afk – make sure you’re paying attention to chat in an event and tell an owner if you’re unable to be active in the event. This was good seeing as UK hasn’t been active much since I’ve gone on leave so let’s carry up the good work this week. Make sure to keep reading and comment if you attended this event.

Reminder: Defence of Breeze @21st December 2016 @8pm est/1am gmt


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Christmas Chaos VI: Quarter Final Times

Saturday, December 10Hello ACP, This is going to be a big battle everyone, lets show the world how much fight we got. Prizes like temp owner/mod or xats will be available if we win. Leave a comment if you will be there

Saturday Dec 10th

Army of CP vs Rebel Penguin Federation

3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

8:00pm UK

[UK] Invasion of Bubblegum with a visit from the Sky Troops

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UK Invasion of North Pole Results

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 Noka’s Halloween Cooking

Skipper’s cooking thing

Greetings, ACP.  Today, the UK division logged on for an invasion of Bubblegum from the Teutons and we actually got a form of defence however this form of defence consisted of Sky Troops who are an extremely legitimate army who battled us for around seven minutes before logging off. We maxed twelve in this event compared to Sky Troops who maxed 9 so it’s safe to say that we successfully invaded this server from the Teutons. 

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UK Raid of Teutons’ capital and movie night

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Hiring Owners


CPA Story Competition

Greetings, ACP. Earlier on today, the UK division logged on to North Pole to raid Teutons’ capital seeing as they felt the need to declare war on the whole of CPA (excluding three armies). We first went to town where we got raided by bots forcing us to move to the light house where we eventually maxed 12. We even had time to watch the Night of the Living Sled in the Lighthouse! Carry on reading for pictures of the event.


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Raid of CPA’s Battle Royale Final

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Active Count

Events for the Week

UK Tactic Session on Breeze Results

Fun Events to look forward to

Greetings, ACP. Today we raided CPA’s Battle Royale final battle against RPF and Nachos to celebrate Edwin Appreciation Day; this raid was unscheduled as we only decided to raid six minutes before the battle however we managed to max 13 in the main rooms with around 2 and 3 lockouts meaning we maxed 15 in total. Our tactics were weak but we had a lot of troops lagging out on Club Penguin but overall it was an enjoyable event which was quite funny. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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War Schedule

Greetings, ACP!

Hey RPF, remember that army that you said maxes 10+? Well, if you didn’t know, we just demolished you. That’s right, ACP. We well and truly smashed RPF on the server Cozy, maxing 25 in the process. After losing 10 servers in one day, this so called “number one army” must now rely on some shady dual browser usage,

Uhh, uhh, afk store!

As well as insulting us for using “allies” (Lol, do you even know what an alliance is?) yet being hypocrites themselves creating false hope about your so called “allies” to take down an army that according to you, maxes 10.

Anyway, as well as obliterating RPF, we had a visit from the newly resurrected Dark Warriors, who were bigger than RPF, not surprisingly. Also RPF, why hide behind Dark Warriors and copy their tactics, I thought you were the big bad strong army? Whatever you tried, it didn’t work.

Overall, our tactics were great and we had an excellent start to the war today. Remember, Preserve Justice and Defend Freedom!  Remember to comment if you came! Pics courtesy to Edwin and video by Zoomey. Continue reading

Project: Make ACP Great Again – Is A Go

The Project of making the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) great again, and more apart of the Club Penguin Community is now in process.

To Read the post for how we’re going to make ACP Great again. Go To:

Or just click the “Read more” to view a copy of the post, and the new stuff that has been added in this post. PLEASE READ!!

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AUSIA Events For the Week

Events for the Week

Hey ACP, today, the UK division battled the Golds on their capital, Flippers, and achieved victory, maxing 16 in the process and averaging 15. This was a very fun battle, thanks to the fight and will power of the Golds but overall, we could improve our sizes as always. Thanks to Edwin for the pics. Continue reading

[UK/US] Practice Battle vs. Water Vikings + Soccer Match RESULTS!

Hey ACP!

Today our UK and USA forces combined logged onto the 1-bar Water Viking capital server Frostbite, for a late-notice practice battle. The battle took place at the Snow Forts and Dojo, where we maxed 11 with some decent tactics. We then went to the Stadium for a Blue vs. Green soccer match, where unfortunately the Water Vikings won with a score of 7-2!

The following is a video of the event, including the soccer match afterwards! Enjoy!

The music got muted so I will fix this for my next video.

March On! ~Max43810

ACP 3rd in Command

ACP Recap #79 13-19 September

Click HERE for last year’s recap and HERE for the year before last year’s post!

best title logo evr 2k15

Groovy greetings to you all, ACP and other people from other armies and welcome to my ACP RECAP #79! Eurgh, 79, what a boring number. Hey, you know what? Let’s look it up and see if it means anything or perhaps if it has some symbolic thing or something…

‘Number 79 is made up of the energies and attributes of number 7 and number 9. Number 7 resonates with the vibrations of your divine life purpose and soul mission, intuition and inner-wisdom, endurance and persistence of purpose, spiritual enlightme-‘

Uh…. well there you have it folks! 79! Number 79, people! *claps*… wtf….

Anyways, let’s begin with all the normal poll stuff before the read more part. Time to embrace your weekly dose of slimey-weirdness, DO IT!

Results from last poll of the week:

Poll of the week:

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