Commenting on the site + Slime’s new computer problems

Hello ACP, Purp here! I’m posting on my groovy new computer- a windows 8. It’s about time. This means I’ll overheat less. You know those times when I don’t speak on chat for like 10 minutes then leave? That’s my computer overheating. Now you know, huh.

Well as I have  new computer, I do not know where to find Microsoft Word to make my groovy graphics which I always make for posts also I tried downloading Lightshot but it doesn’t work on this kind of computer. Also I have this weird layout quite like a Nokia Lumia’s for an alternative desktop – no thanks. Fantastic, now my posts wont have that extra purple-slimey p’zazz. Time to do it the old fashioned way – Ctrl F, copy on paint, save, upload on tinypic… uhh here you go:

OH YEAH! If you guys know, that’s the funnest font that Microsoft word has – it’s called ‘Jokerman’. I haven’t downloaded any good ol’ fonts that I normally use yet. Oh,this is so irritating!

But look, read more of this post as this is vital if you want to be promoted.

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CP Year of the puffles/ Player Card update

Hey ACP! This year is officially year of the puffles! Dino, cat, dog, snowman puffles were found this year! More are to come.

Puffle Sneak Peak

Now for the player card. This is rather minor but every item you buy, they are at the top of your inventory, instead of scrolling down.


Project N:’This Is War’

Flipmoo: The Alpha Division needs help on getting more people! Make sure you join both Echo and Alpha equally!

Kai: What the hell are you doing advertising  that horrible stuff on my project n post.. echo is far better click to chat with us! Also don’t forget to sign up on our website!

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Picking it right back up again

We are very excited about this…ACP  had one of our best events in a while and for us it just topped off Christmas perfectly!

Getting sizes of around 20+  ACP is slowly but surely getting back to how it should be.  We logged into Breeze at 6:50pm GMT  and spent around 40 mins on CP.  We started in the Town and traveled across CP to the Plaza and stopped off in the Pizza Parlor for a snack.   Next, we partied in the Night Club for a bit then moved to the Berg to see our final sizes.  Myself, Tori, Snaily and Slime lead the majority of the battle with Antant showing up last minute to help out.

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