Tuxedo has fallen

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Practice Battle vs Nachos


Greetings, ACP. Today, a few ACP troops logged on to Tuxedo to invade it from RPF who didn’t show up; I suppose they spend to much time building hate up than checking their enemies’ site everyday especially seeing as our invasion of Tuxedo was in a post which is stickied on site. We maxed seven which isn’t great for us but we can improve on that. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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UK Practice Battle with Nachos

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Greetings, ACP! Today we logged on to Fjord for some war training via a practice battle with our allies, Nachos, where we maxed 10 in Town however our size decreased when moving due to people being afk – make sure you’re paying attention to chat in an event and tell an owner if you’re unable to be active in the event. This was good seeing as UK hasn’t been active much since I’ve gone on leave so let’s carry up the good work this week. Make sure to keep reading and comment if you attended this event.

Reminder: Defence of Breeze @21st December 2016 @8pm est/1am gmt


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[UK] Decent Training on Breeze

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Returning to Form Special Event

Regarding Activeness/Restoring our Greatness

The Breeze Battles [SIGN-UPS]


Hello ACP,  Today the UK division logged on for some training on Breeze. This event was quite an improvement over last week but we still have more work to do. We maxed 11 and averaged 10 and tactics were decent but still could be improved a bit, over all we did pretty good. Leave a comment if you were there per usual.


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Returning to Form Special Event

Hello ACP, So by now I assume pretty much everyone who is going to read my Regarding Activeness/Restoring our Greatness has already read it and understands what is expected of you by being a member of this army, and in case you haven’t the link is right there. So everyone now the Christmaseason is apon us and this is an excellent time to build up some hype and get some new troops, last week we failed to do that, well we got some new troops but as for hype we were dead in the water. We can’t let this trend continue into the following week especially considering the Christmas Chaos is right around the corner. We have to demonstrate to the CPA community that we are still a force to be reckoned with and what better way to do this then an awesome military demonstration.

This is our return to form everyone, our chance to show what we are made of. This event will be at the time split for UK and US troops so everyone has the chance to attend (sorry AUSIA). I do understand that this is a Thursday so this might be a bit awkward for some troops to attend but the times should suit the majority of people. If you can make this please leave a comment below, and in the mean time make sure you attend some smaller training sessions and recruiting sessions. Mods and Owners make sure you hype and recruit for this event, there is no reason why we can’t max 15+!

When: 8th December

Server: Breeze


10 pm GMT

 5 pm EST

4 pm CST

3 pm MST

2 pm PST


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[UK] Mining Expo on White Out

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Regarding Activeness/Restoring our Greatness

AUSIA Recruiting Session/U-Lead+ Joint Event with Kings[Unsched]

UK Training Featuring New Troops!

The Breeze Battles [SIGN-UPS]

Poll of the Week #7


Hello ACP, Today the UK division logged on for a good old fashion mining expo and it went fabulously. Lots of people were interested and joined in and mined with us, we maxed 15 and averaged 11. The rouges were also pretty good at following tactics, unfortunately I only got two pictures because it is hard to lead and take pics at the same time. Big thanks to everyone who showed up and remember to leave a comment if you were there.


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[US & UK] U-lead on Breeze

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Poll of the Week #6

ACP Schedule for AUSIA

Hello ACP, Today we logged on to breeze for a short and simple U-lead. All went according to plan and tactics were fine with many people leading. We maxed 11 and averaged 10. Big thanks to everyone who showed up and remember to leave a comment if you were there.


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Cheesy UK battle with Nachos

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Greetings, ACP! Yesterday, we had a practice battle against Nachos where we drew with them; unfortunately I was unable to post this yesterday due to my internet failing however we did max thirteen in this event with some decent tactics – if you’ve pictures from the event make sure to PC them to me so I can add them on. Carry on reading for pictures.

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Capncook’s Official Return to the Army of Club Penguin

Yes everyone, you read the title correctly. It’s time I do something I should’ve done a long, LONG time ago… Continue reading

UK Tactic Session

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Events for the Week




Greetings, ACP. Despite the political debates going off on chat about a certain election we managed to find some time to log on Breeze for a rather quick tactic session where we maxed 10 ; let’s hope that as the Army of Politics Army of Club Penguin we can max more next time instead of bashing each other. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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Your Newest US 3ic

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UK Practice Battle with Golds

UK U-Lead on Breeze

Important Tournament Battle 6th November 2016 Prizes if we win!


Hello ACP, So it has finally happened, I am proud to announce that I am the newest 3ic in the ACP ownership. Weren’t you already 3ic Chuck?  That is a good question Zags, but no I was a temp, however now that am official I felt to the need to make a post about it. Before I continue I first make an oath to the army so my allegiances are known.

I Charles (Chuck) Pro Falay,  hereby promise my loyalty to the Army of Club Penguin, Super Edwin, and the holy Oagalthorp. I shall devote my time to make sure Master Edwin’s needs are suited, and if I am in a position where I can not fulfill my duties I shall leave post haste. May god defend the ACP for another 10 years.

So everyone there you have it, me swearing in, now time for the fun (not really) stuff. Edwin didn’t promote me for nothing, I have a job to do. Ladies and Gentlemen lets make the ACP US division one of the best in armies again, sure it isn’t a great time for armies and we all know this but lets not give up hope. I can’t do this alone I am going to need everyone and thing we got, but I know you guys won’t let me down and we will make the ACP great again. If we all stick together and don’t give up hope then I am sure we will be force to be reckoned with in no time.

Below are a few pictures of events that I have led at, these sizes and tactics are in arms reach, so lets grab them.

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