Cheesy UK battle with Nachos

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Greetings, ACP! Yesterday, we had a practice battle against Nachos where we drew with them; unfortunately I was unable to post this yesterday due to my internet failing however we did max thirteen in this event with some decent tactics – if you’ve pictures from the event make sure to PC them to me so I can add them on. Carry on reading for pictures.

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[AUSIA] Re-Invasion of Sled [VICTORY]

Today we logged on to Sled to re-invade Sled. We maxed 7 and SWAT didn’t even log on cause Taco was busy crying in my PC about how he was winning.

[US]Defense of Deep Snow [VICTORY]

Today ACP logged on to defend the server Deep Snow, with a slight recession at the beginning, ACP made a comeback and maxed 18. Sadly there was a loss of pictures, and only one picture was saved that showed ACP with 16 troops on. I couldn’t be on due to personal reasons, but I’ll be sure to make it up tomorrow! Anyway, great job ACP! Comment if you came!


[US/UK] Battle of Beanbag – VICTORY

Today we logged on to defend Beanbag from SWAT, after some problems on Monday, we came back swinging with a max of 23 troops! We had consistent sizes all along, and it was a close battle, so obviously SWAT will claim victory, but we know in our hearts of hearts that we won! Let’s do great again tonight ACP!

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[AUSIA] Ballin’ On Snow Globe

SWAT scheduled their AUSIA invasions for 3 AM EST, but obviously they don’t have an AUSIA division so they didn’t log on. Anyway we had a few people get on, so we thought why not have an event real quick. We maxed 9. So swaggity swag.

[US] Defense of Snow Fort – Victory

For the second battle of this war, we logged on to defend Snow Fort. We started off with sizes slightly above 20, but as the battle raged on, we ended up maxing a great 27! Good try SWAT, but ACP victory once more! Keep this up for the rest of the week ACP, and SWAT won’t have a chance! Also, thank you Buddy for taking pics! – [Edit]: SWAT claim they maxed 30, but they never got more than 22 online. Good job. 


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[US/UK]Defense of Breeze – Victory!

Today we logged on to defend our Capital Server of Breeze from SWAT. We maxed 23 troops and averaged 21 and we win by default (Commando told us that the invasion of Breeze didn’t follow 24 hour rule by SWAT). Either way, it was a close battle and a fun battle, let’s keep winning. Oh yeah, also, SWAT multilogged with a proven multilog, Fort59. Sooooooo… (image at the bottom of the post).

Events For The Week: War With SWAT [8/9-8/16]



So SWAT came back, for their 102nd generation… anyway, they’re a cliche army so they’re doing the obvious thing everyone knew they would do, and they decided to declare war on us. Obviously they’re gonna die in like a week or two, since let’s be real, SWAT hasn’t been stable since like 1975. Anyway, they want to invade our servers since they own like two. SWAT stands no chance, we’ll crush them so hard the next sixty generations will feel this defeat.

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Events of the Week — July 20th through the 26th

Hello Soldiers!


The past week has been spent in an honestly successful conflict against the Nachos. At most events we got a force of above 25+ on CP. We will continue to rise and we will reach larger heights than ever seen before. I want all of you to be ready for this rise — members, owners, retirees and moderators alike. We all must work together to push ACP to the top! This week we will be taking a lot of free servers. The Pear shall be spread to all as we liberate the uninformed! Without further ado, here are this weeks events.

❗ Thursday, July 23rd ❗

[UK/US] – Annexation of Iceland  RAID

Server: Iceland

Times: 9 PM GMT,  4 PM EST,  3 PM CST,  2 PM MST,  1 PM PST

[US] – Annexation of Avalanche RAID

Server: Avalanche

Times: 12 AM GMT,  7 PM EST,  6 PM CST,  5 PM MST,  4 PM PST

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Battle vs the Nachos — Results!

Hello Troops!

Today we logged on to Breeze for our much anticipated battle against the Nachos. While the armies did not see much fighting at all, we still did good. We maxed averaged around 30. Here are some pictures:

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Keep up the good work ACP,