ACP Reunion on September 30th!



6 months of shut down,

11 awesome years,

45 leaders,

Thousands of soldiers,

It is time… FOR A REUNION!

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ACP News with Your Favourite Host Chuck Falay!

Please Note this Post is Crap… I mean Satire!

Hello and welcome to ACP world news, the post that nobody wanted but they got anyway! I will be covering some of the developing an interesting events in our great army. Are you  not prepared to cringe at one of those awful CPA satire post? I bet you aren’t! Anyway ready set go! Continue reading

[US] EAD U-lead on Breeze — CPArmy

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Hello ACP,  Tonight we wanted to prove to our lord Edwin how much we love him by holding a U-lead in his honour. This event was a lot of fun with many people doing tactics. We maxed 11 and averaged 10. Tonight we are also welcoming Cody back into the ACP. Welcome back Cody and thanks for taking pictures. Carry on reading for more pictures and leave a comment if you attended!

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Raid of CPA’s Battle Royale Final

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Events for the Week

UK Tactic Session on Breeze Results

Fun Events to look forward to

Greetings, ACP. Today we raided CPA’s Battle Royale final battle against RPF and Nachos to celebrate Edwin Appreciation Day; this raid was unscheduled as we only decided to raid six minutes before the battle however we managed to max 13 in the main rooms with around 2 and 3 lockouts meaning we maxed 15 in total. Our tactics were weak but we had a lot of troops lagging out on Club Penguin but overall it was an enjoyable event which was quite funny. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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