Polls and Preferences


Hello Everyone,


Welcome to another edition of Polls and Preferences. It’s been a while since this has been out. As a reminder to everyone, Polls and Preferences has been moved to a monthly schedule. Funny Memes of the Week will be the series in the weekly schedule. As with Getting to Know Troops, it is unclear of what the schedule will be. Stay tuned for updates. And now, I am happy to introduce for the first time in a while, the new edition of Polls and Preferences!


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Funny Memes of the Week!

Hello everyone,


It’s been a while since I have posted on here, and I’m glad to be back at it. There are a few updates regarding my posts that i’ll briefly announce before we move onto the memes. First off, Ryan, Ausia 3ic will be taking over GTKT[Getting To Know Troops]. Second, P&P[Polls & Preferences] will be kept at the end of the month. Depending on Ryan, GTKT might be there too. Funny Memes of the Week is to remain at the Friday-Saturday date of every week. Any changes will be announced in the next posts.

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Mondo’s Combo Series


Today I bring you a whole new series of posts that I have tweaked.

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Polls and Preferences



Hello ACP!


This is my first post in this series that is based on simple polls and preferences. Basically, every Wednesday [and sometimes Friday if I have time] I will post two polls for everyone to vote on based on a preference between two objects/products/settings or a poll with multiple options. It is not mandatory to take part in these polls, it is meant for fun and to see what the army as a whole thinks about certain things. Also, if any of the retirees want to participate, it’s fine with me. Again, it is meant for everyone affiliated or once was affiliated with ACP. Well? What are you waiting for? Lets get to it!


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