Events of the Week — July 20th through the 26th

Hello Soldiers!


The past week has been spent in an honestly successful conflict against the Nachos. At most events we got a force of above 25+ on CP. We will continue to rise and we will reach larger heights than ever seen before. I want all of you to be ready for this rise — members, owners, retirees and moderators alike. We all must work together to push ACP to the top! This week we will be taking a lot of free servers. The Pear shall be spread to all as we liberate the uninformed! Without further ado, here are this weeks events.

❗ Thursday, July 23rd ❗

[UK/US] – Annexation of Iceland  RAID

Server: Iceland

Times: 9 PM GMT,  4 PM EST,  3 PM CST,  2 PM MST,  1 PM PST

[US] – Annexation of Avalanche RAID

Server: Avalanche

Times: 12 AM GMT,  7 PM EST,  6 PM CST,  5 PM MST,  4 PM PST

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Video credits all goes to Skipper:

Same as to Sklooperis:

Defend Freedom, Preserve Justice!

~Rockstar, Third in Command

The Appointment of Crazy Tow as ACP Leader

Hello, ACP! As you can see by the title, Crazy Tow has now become our US leader. He attends many events, and he has been here for a long time. He’s active, and as you can see, he clearly deserves it. When leaders command the troops to do tactics, he instantly snaps in and encourages the troops to do them. Not only does he master most events, but he recruits a lot. Whenever he sees a miserable chat size that can’t be manageable by the ACP, he will instantly call in troops to recruit with him on a 5 bar server. Congratulations, Crazy Tow! We look forward to having a brand new future with you as leader. Read more for Crazy Tow’s leadership information!

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AUSIA/UK U-Lead[Unsched]

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Hey ACP, it’s Purp here to announce your NEWWW AUSIA 3IC! Now, to make a long story short it’s….

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Our Next USA 3ic- The Election Begins!

Hey, Purp here! Fluffy is busy right now so I am going to post this.

Let’s get this started

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Ownership changes + New Moderator System

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IT’S ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME. [New Owners & Moderators]

After millions, billions, trillions, maybe even quadrillions of years, we finally have decided to promote the new OWNERS and the new 2ICs for THE ACP! Guilt-free, bias-free, argument-free: all of us owners have chosen 3 new 3ics – 1 UK, and 2 USA! Me and Mrtchy also picked the new 2ics. Woo-frickin-hoo! So.. read more, c’mon. Get popcorn, I recommend toffee flavoured. Continue reading

Gendarmerie Commandant Promotions [New 3iC]

Salutations, ACP.

Ever since the retirement of our former AUSIA Division Commander and ACP 3rd in Command Splasher99, we have been looking for a new replacement to fill-in for this historic figure. After a long reconnaissance of the Asia/Australia community, I, Generalissimo Flipmoo, have concluded the following upon Sercan’s approval:

  • Mrtchy is promoted to an ACP 3rd in Command.
  • Dw0248 and Sidie9 are promoted to the rank of Gendarmerie Commodore.
  • The AUSIA Division will be hiring a new Gendarmerie Commissioner (AUSIA 3rd in Command).

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Inauguration of Bigmail/Obama

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our new USA 3rd in Command.

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