[AUSIA] Operation Bravo Results


Today AUSIA held an unscheduled event. Not only did we start off with 3 members in chat on a 30 minute notice, but we ended with enough people to storm a server. With this event, it shows AUSIA has a consistent activity level. Next step, increase activity. As simple as that. Here’s the damage done. Click Continue reading for more information.

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Welcome New Recruits!

CPA is meant for fun!

Breakfast Burritos!

UK/US Breeze Results!

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[AUSIA] Snow Fort Training!


Respect the ways of old, they often tell a tale of victory. I think this logo represents not only AUSIA’s glory, but what we will become again. Who’s ready to go down the path less traveled? I am, and I want to take you all with me. It’s high time we outnumber all the other armies to help, defend, and attack. We’re not just here to participate anymore, we’re here to change the game. Let’s start with the basics, battle training! We have two events, let’s take a look where we start. Click Continue Reading to see our times.

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UK Practice Battle with Nachos

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Greetings, ACP! Today we logged on to Fjord for some war training via a practice battle with our allies, Nachos, where we maxed 10 in Town however our size decreased when moving due to people being afk – make sure you’re paying attention to chat in an event and tell an owner if you’re unable to be active in the event. This was good seeing as UK hasn’t been active much since I’ve gone on leave so let’s carry up the good work this week. Make sure to keep reading and comment if you attended this event.

Reminder: Defence of Breeze @21st December 2016 @8pm est/1am gmt


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AUSIA Events For the Week

Events for the Week

Hey ACP, today, the UK division battled the Golds on their capital, Flippers, and achieved victory, maxing 16 in the process and averaging 15. This was a very fun battle, thanks to the fight and will power of the Golds but overall, we could improve our sizes as always. Thanks to Edwin for the pics. Continue reading

[UK/US] Practice Battle vs. Water Vikings + Soccer Match RESULTS!

Hey ACP!

Today our UK and USA forces combined logged onto the 1-bar Water Viking capital server Frostbite, for a late-notice practice battle. The battle took place at the Snow Forts and Dojo, where we maxed 11 with some decent tactics. We then went to the Stadium for a Blue vs. Green soccer match, where unfortunately the Water Vikings won with a score of 7-2!

The following is a video of the event, including the soccer match afterwards! Enjoy!

The music got muted so I will fix this for my next video.

March On! ~Max43810

ACP 3rd in Command

ACP Recap #79 13-19 September

Click HERE for last year’s recap and HERE for the year before last year’s post!

best title logo evr 2k15

Groovy greetings to you all, ACP and other people from other armies and welcome to my ACP RECAP #79! Eurgh, 79, what a boring number. Hey, you know what? Let’s look it up and see if it means anything or perhaps if it has some symbolic thing or something…

‘Number 79 is made up of the energies and attributes of number 7 and number 9. Number 7 resonates with the vibrations of your divine life purpose and soul mission, intuition and inner-wisdom, endurance and persistence of purpose, spiritual enlightme-‘

Uh…. well there you have it folks! 79! Number 79, people! *claps*… wtf….

Anyways, let’s begin with all the normal poll stuff before the read more part. Time to embrace your weekly dose of slimey-weirdness, DO IT!

Results from last poll of the week:

Poll of the week:

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ACP Recap #78 6-12 September

Click HERE for the year before last year’s ACP recap post! There wasn’t one last year, whyyy oh whyyy….

Groovy greetings to you, m’ACP! It’s Purp here, with yet another ACP Recap. Congratulations for making it through another school week, everyone! And don’t forget, as the ACP Recap sum goes, ACP week summary + Purple slime weirdness = your weekly dose of grooviness.

So are you ready to get it on? WOO LET’S GO! Oh, but the poll things first!

Poll of the week RESULTS!

Results from last week!


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ACP Recap #76 13-19 August

Click HERE for last year’s recap post and Click HERE for the-year-before-last-year’s post!

Groovy greetings, ACP! Purp here and welcome to my ACP recap where I summarize ACP’s week. The tactic ratings, the sizes, the whoooole package. Because.. why not? Could help one day!

Anyway, how’s it goin’? Good? Then GREAT! Bad? Then Aw.

AND HEY! In other news I just noticed that my 100th ACP Recap will be in half a year. March 2016, I’M COMIN’ FOR YA! Aw yes, it’s going to be around my birthday.

Anyway here’s all the poll stuff you want. Happy reading!



ACP’s favourite book genre: ADVENTURE!

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An Unexpected PB With RPF!


We were going to annex Arctic today but it turns out RPF got there before us by a couple of hours, so we turned this into a practice battle instead! After a hard fought battle, both sides agreed it was a tie. ACP held the upper hand at the Ice Berg but we didn’t do as well at the Pool. Many troops had connection problems during the battle which is why our sizes fluctuated a lot. We maxed 17 or so and averaged 15 which is decent though not as good as yesterday. Our sizes went down a bit at the pool due to some connection problems, mostly with UK troops. Our tactics were okay, sometimes they were extremely good and sometimes they were meh. Here are the pictures and there are more below!

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Events of the Week — 27th of July through August 2nd

Hello ACP Soldiers!


We as an army have been rising! At most events we have a high amount of soldiers online. As we move into this week and this weeks events, I want the best effort from all of you. ACP must maintain our success, and I am sure we will. Click “read more”, for this weeks events!

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