Victory against the Fire Warriors!








Today’s battle was EXCELLENT, ACP! At today’s tourney battle, we fought strongly and valiantly against FW and managed to defeat them, after a close decision amongst the CPAC owners. We maxed 25 and averaged about 22.


-Maxy 777

Mid-month-PROMOTIONS!!! FEBRUARY 2015 + Prizes

Ranks are  now updated!

Hey ACP, Purp here! I hope you’re ready. We’ve had a rough week this month and there have been many troops who have worked hard to help this army. We promised prizes, and you GET prizes. We owners are cheap, we have no xats or powers to give HOWEVER… we have promotions and many other prizes too that we could give out! We couldn’t give out promotions to some of the good recruiters because of rank imbalance so yeah. To be clear, those who have recruited and who have been exceptionally active are the ones who will be promoted and will also be the ones who will get secret special prizes on this post. Read more and let’s find out! Good job to everyone who has been active and who have been recruiting, you really earned it. Don’t stop, never give up, and you’ll get your dream rank in no time! This is a warning to the other mods and members out there – recruit and be active at this time of need. I told you we’d give out rewards if you recruit! God knows how many times I’ve said ‘recruit’ on this post. Continue reading

January 2015 Promotions 2015!

Are you ready troops?





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ACP Promotions December 2014 – Happy New Year…’s eve!

Greetings ACP,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is the final promotion day of the year. I hope that we will do even better in 2015. More promotions, less demotions! Anyways read on to see if you are going to be promoted or demoted. Or the same rank 😛 .

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Our Next USA 3ic- The Election Begins!

Hey, Purp here! Fluffy is busy right now so I am going to post this.

Let’s get this started

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Commenting on the site + Slime’s new computer problems

Hello ACP, Purp here! I’m posting on my groovy new computer- a windows 8. It’s about time. This means I’ll overheat less. You know those times when I don’t speak on chat for like 10 minutes then leave? That’s my computer overheating. Now you know, huh.

Well as I have  new computer, I do not know where to find Microsoft Word to make my groovy graphics which I always make for posts also I tried downloading Lightshot but it doesn’t work on this kind of computer. Also I have this weird layout quite like a Nokia Lumia’s for an alternative desktop – no thanks. Fantastic, now my posts wont have that extra purple-slimey p’zazz. Time to do it the old fashioned way – Ctrl F, copy on paint, save, upload on tinypic… uhh here you go:

OH YEAH! If you guys know, that’s the funnest font that Microsoft word has – it’s called ‘Jokerman’. I haven’t downloaded any good ol’ fonts that I normally use yet. Oh,this is so irritating!

But look, read more of this post as this is vital if you want to be promoted.

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Mid-Month-Moderator Promotions and Demotions + MOD POINTS!!!


Hello ACP, Purp here! Since we really needed a change in the moderator ranks, I figured we’d need to have another mid-month-mod-promotion post. That includes the moderator points too, where I will present the top mods, bottom mods, what they get, etc. Awesome. And there will be demotions, lots. Aweso-well not to the demoted mods, unfortunately!…. but don’t worry, we’ll explain why sooner into the post.

The moderator points page *which is private* will be reset, so show what you can do for the rest of the month!

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Promotions November 2014 [RANKS PAGE IS UPDATED!]

Found us on CLUBPENGUIN? Click here to join!

Greetings ACP!

This month has been filled with epicness! Lots of promotions, a few demotions, and war! Good job to those who got a promotion, remember if you only just joined ACP the last few days, chances of being promoted a slimmer! There was a quintuple promotion this month, excellent work to that soldier. Congratulations to all! If you believe you deserved a promotion, not on ranks, or anything related to ranks, comment below stating why/what the issue is! If you didn’t get promoted say why you deserved it! Here’s the promotions:

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Mid-Month Moderator PROMOTION TIMES!

Moderator & members close to moderator were up for this mid-month promotions! Congratulations to the 6 people who got promoted!


Lionzlover, Maxy777, Woodley

Lieutenant General

Agent Brando, Holly8857, Peter9977, Sonic11352, Spyguy 

Major General

Chainz, Harry0388, Menchies258, P1nkpal, Rockstar1819,  Vivek 

Brigadier General

Abhinav4321, Daisy67540, Falcon, Galaxie3, King Mondo,  Nr Rr, Peachpincher


Amax1, Blueink,  Brigade3, CpMaster10123, Gagili, Gian Lucak, Gtfive, Hero, JaisickMohmd124,  Paperd,  Rocky60026, Scooter3092, Stromae, Ted/CPworld,  Mach, Mini Mee24, Moneytrees, Cancel84, Pham9


ACP Promotions September 2014!

Hey ACP, Purp here! Here is what you have been waiting for.. the PROMOTIONS! Have you risen up the ranks? Well let’s just see.

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