My Farewell to the ACP

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Rockstar1819’s last words: The last ACP Ausia Commander

The Conclusion – ACP AUSIA [Gendarmerie] Final Event Results And Closure

The Final ACP Events

Well friends, allies, and enemies, this is the end.

This has been a long time coming and god knows I have put it off quite a bit. To have the privilege to post on the ACP site is something that amazes me to begin with. Honestly I am not sure where to start, because there are so many things I should and want to talk about. I guess my history in the army will be good, then go down to make my personal goodbyes and thanks, and finally some pictures for old times sake. I am a terrible writer so expect to see a lot of typos, repeated words, and problems that make me look illiterate. With that out of the way let’s get started! Also I highly suggest you listen to the music while reading this

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Skipper233: Goodbye @acparmy @clubpenguin

Retirement of Skipper233 (3x)

As most of you guys know about my current issues that I am struggling to get past, and just being on here isn’t helping. I need to enjoy my life, instead of being on here and talking to people through the internet. I’m 18 years old and so I just need to move on. It’s been a blast playing Club Penguin for 10 years now, and  being in ACP for about 9 years. But now it is time for me to be nothing but history. I am fully retiring from both Club Penguin and ACP.

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Retirement [117]

Afternoon all soldiers

  • – some may or may not know but this has been coming for a bit now –

~ Pardon my grammar ~
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Retirement of Rockstar1819/Rockerflip

Hello ACP,

Been such a long ride has taken me to this community and flourish me with about the knowledge of the CPA Community and the everything. So many discoveries upon my time, starting out with the famous people and the simple ones too. I, Myself, has seen many changes in the community which from my favorite this year so far I been in so many battles which I had fun with you comrades, friends, the people. Such an honor serving in ACP’s side after my two years since I started as Private in 2013, from one of my simple and noob-ish days. Too bad I didn’t save any pics but for all I remember it was simple and really kiddish lol. My story begins below.

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