UK/US Training on Breeze

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Breakfast Burritos

UK Forest Training Results

Greetings, ACP!  Today, the UK and US division had a combined event on Breeze, Ski Hill, where we maxed thirteen. We stayed in Ski Hill for the whole of the event but practiced some formations such as plus and having two lines going downwards to create more space in order for us to look more organised. Our tactics weren’t brilliant today however for the majority of the event they were at a good enough standard. Carry on reading below for pictures and make sure to comment if you attended. 


Max of 13

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UK Forest Training

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Quick USA Training

A Brief Inspiration

AUSIA Results of Snow Forts

Greetings, ACP! The UK division logged on to Breeze today for an unscheduled training in the Forest; we maxed ten in this event with perfect tactic throughout the event. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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Late UK Training


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AUSIA Snow Fort Training Times

Epic USA Tactical Training Results

Combined Division Training

Greetings, ACP! Today, the UK division had a late unscheduled training on Breeze where we maxed thirteen; this was a short event and we stayed in Cove for the whole duration of the event. Carry on reading for pictures from today’s event.

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Combined Division Training Session

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Unscheduled UK event with a games session

UK U-lead on Breeze

First UK event of the Year


Greetings, ACP! The UK and US division had an unscheduled training session together today where we maxed 11 on Breeze; we started out in Docks before moving to the Ice Berg where we formed a scatter position to do some final tactics. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.


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[UK] U-lead on Breeze

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First UK Event of the Year

Remembering the Fallen

Madonna’s B-day Party

ACP Bonanza 


Hello Everyone, Today we had a fantastic U-lead on breeze. We maxed and averaged 11  with many people leading pitch perfect tactics. RPF showed up, well one of them anyway, quickly became intimidated then left. In my opinion this is the best event we have had all year. Leave a comment if you were there.


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First UK event of the Year

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Greetings, ACP! The UK force today kicked off the New Year for ACP with a tactic session on our capital, Breeze, we maxed twelve in this event with average tactics. This is just the start of the success for the UK division this year and hopefully if you’re reading this then you’ll part of the UK division’s rise this year <3. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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ACP Awards 2016

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Defence of Deep Freeze

Cool Club Penguin Christmas Pictures

Happy Holiday season!

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Tuxedo has fallen

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Practice Battle vs Nachos


Greetings, ACP. Today, a few ACP troops logged on to Tuxedo to invade it from RPF who didn’t show up; I suppose they spend to much time building hate up than checking their enemies’ site everyday especially seeing as our invasion of Tuxedo was in a post which is stickied on site. We maxed seven which isn’t great for us but we can improve on that. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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UK Practice Battle with Nachos

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Greetings, ACP! Today we logged on to Fjord for some war training via a practice battle with our allies, Nachos, where we maxed 10 in Town however our size decreased when moving due to people being afk – make sure you’re paying attention to chat in an event and tell an owner if you’re unable to be active in the event. This was good seeing as UK hasn’t been active much since I’ve gone on leave so let’s carry up the good work this week. Make sure to keep reading and comment if you attended this event.

Reminder: Defence of Breeze @21st December 2016 @8pm est/1am gmt


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Christmas Chaos VI: Quarter Final Times

Saturday, December 10Hello ACP, This is going to be a big battle everyone, lets show the world how much fight we got. Prizes like temp owner/mod or xats will be available if we win. Leave a comment if you will be there

Saturday Dec 10th

Army of CP vs Rebel Penguin Federation

3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

8:00pm UK