Mid-Month-Moderator Promotions and Demotions + MOD POINTS!!!


Hello ACP, Purp here! Since we really needed a change in the moderator ranks, I figured we’d need to have another mid-month-mod-promotion post. That includes the moderator points too, where I will present the top mods, bottom mods, what they get, etc. Awesome. And there will be demotions, lots. Aweso-well not to the demoted mods, unfortunately!…. but don’t worry, we’ll explain why sooner into the post.

The moderator points page *which is private* will be reset, so show what you can do for the rest of the month!

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*Make Sure to Read the Events Post Below*

Hello everyone, it has been an exciting week with votes drifting throughout. To give you an idea, there were 81 accepted votes, 33 voters (18 Retired, 15 Ranked), 15 candidates (people who got at least 1 vote), and 5 winners.

So, let’s get to the results! For the first time ever the winner, with 17 votes, is non-human. Give a round of applause for the… Continue reading