I thought I would write down some of the funniest and most memorable things I have heard in my army career. If you have a funny quote, comment the link to the comment, picture, etc. or just copy and paste it. Tell me approximately when it was and who said it.


“can I have owner”

“This is THE Army OF Club Penguin. It’s not just AN army IN Club Penguin.”

“I dont march to the beat of the drums, I hear maracas!”

“Takin it back Old Skool.”

“Today, at 10:54am RPF slipped into Snow Fort, and accidentally conquered it.”

Zippy500: “You’re not the guy for me. Cause I’m in love with Person’s mom!”
Person1233: ” 😮 ”

Lucario98765: “Wow, I thought you all would hate me when I joined Nachos.”
Fort57: “I hate you Luc.”
Lucario98765: “I love you too Fort.”

“Sorry I couldn’t attend the battle,I was saving a baby owl from certain death!”
~The Jungle N

“It’s better to have a smart mouth than to be a dumb *** Mindy.”
~Kyle Cease

“If Luc is a Boy,and The Cow’s a Lesbian,Wouldn’t that make both of them Straight?”

“MY SOLDIERS ARE COMPLETE DRUNKS. THEY ARE ALL 100% DRUNK. I stepped on Trooper Duck’s eggs”
~Ductator Duck

Bluey92123:I once woke up with my Pants in my mouth
Iasgae 56: That must have been one crazy night

“I shoulda never shoved all those poor animals up my ***”
~Kyle Cease

Terrking24: “I was just about to click tit.” *it it not tit IT IT”
Boomer 20:“lol nice typo xD”

Rapidy:“Rap’s getting funky with the Monkeys.”
Nakib:“Ohh that means with Ankita that she’s a monkey?”
Goalkeeper7: “He might be gay…”

Peguin21795: “I’m so happy, I am about to **** my pants.”
Capuzzi:“Not in front of me plz.”

Fort57:“** Get’s megaphone LUC NIC’S ON*”
Boomer 20:“*Throws rock at Luc’s window, get up lazy ***!!”
Nicole6754: “*Kicks Boomer’s ****”

Pat:“I lost a fight against ACP. 👿 ”
Boomer 20:“Good job Pat now you’re a small asterisk in the ACP Kicked Your *** category.”

Aka should be Field Janitor

Blue Speed 7: “Can I have me medal of honour though?”
Solraida:“I’ve been here for 3 years I should get the medal of no life xD.”
Abercrombe29: “If you keep asking, you’ll get the medal of banned award.”

Oagalthorp: “P.S. Boomer: Great speeches, you have more talent than I thought.”
Boomer 20: “Thanks. That means a lot from you.”
Abercrombe29: (sarcastic) “Wow, what an honor.”
Fort57:” 😡 Oagal never gave me a compliment like that.”

[Kick] “I have kicked Your_Mom_is_HOT Reason: My mom says thanks but you haven’t hit puberty yet.”

Boomer 20:“Berry what do I suck? *why  O wow that was a bad typo xD.”
Person1233: “You suck lollipops. 8) ”
Fort57:“Ohh Boomer bad timing, Person was here xD.”
Boomer 20:“Yeah ik. 😐 Could have been a lot worse tho xD.”

“I Milked Saints Cat”

Johnhancoff: “Can I be a mod for a sex? *sec”
Snowy 351: [Kick] “No sex talk here.”

“It’s like, dude, Jewish people get 8 days because they don’t make as big deal about it. Why did you have to go and make Christmas 12 days!”
~Kyle Cease about the guy who thought of the “12 Days of Christmas”

“Boomer I dare u to turn of the tv in a milk sex. **mil sec* LOL”

“Nachos are tasty. I dunno about the army being tasty though.”
~Some n00b on Mammoth

“Matre is a b0oblet”

“You see, I am kinda like a weed. A really friendly weed who kicks butt, but a weed nonetheless.”
~Alpha 1

“Boomer’s a major cutie-pie. What a stud-muffin. 😛 xD”
~Oagalthorp (kidding 😆 )

“I still remember when Big Balls banned me on forum. Oh crap…um *Big Balla. 😳 Sorry, s is right next to the a. I still hate him/her/it anyway.”

“She’s banned forever. There’s no such thing as long enough.”

“Hey I’m mad Commando, you melted my hands of plutonium. 😡 ”

“El pollo es muy importante.”
~Boomer 20 with a purposefully incorrect translation

“If you want the tallest building in the city, you have two options. You can either build the tallest building, or tear down all those that are taller than yours.”

“I will post our strategy when the Snow Forts return and the puffles are killed.. err… removed.”

“boy who plays club penguin died”
~Search term that linked to the SSACP site

“to know when u have anger problems”
~Search term that linked to the SSACP site

conficker, you know, computer viruses are created by the government to keep people in geek squad in business xD~Hoppy Toe

Foxtails: “I got out of WoW 10 minutes ago”
Dryvit: “WoW?,Is that a Code name for Meat?”

Penguink2: “ACP sucks!”
Seanehawk: ” If ACP sucks so much, it shows how AWESOME you are being here.”

Saint1119: “I bet my dad 5 bucks that I could lick my elbow by the end of the week. So i went to Wiki Answers and found out how: 1.Using a chainsaw, remove your non-dominant arm. 2. Stick out your tongue. 3. Pick up the arm with your other, working arm and touch the elbow to your tongue. 4. Seek medical help IMMEDIATELY. 5. You should be on the phone with 911 no more than 15 seconds after you started these these steps.”
Kg 007: “That’s a little extreme…”
Saint1119: “Dude… 5 bucks.”

Chris: “wut”

Kj Bulldogs: “We are 75% nachos and 50% acp.”
Saint: “Thats 125% idiot…”

“Oagal was a great leader while he was a leader.”
~Dr Nono Jr

“What’s air?”

“I Like School”

“*Kick* No selling Penguins…They Have Rights,You Know.”
~Motor 20

Hattrick: “Nono, link me to the quotes page.”
Dr Nono Jr:
“Okay, do you want the censored version or the uncensored version? Oh, who am I kidding? You’re Hatt! Here’s the uncensored version.”

Ganondorf: “I’m back with a day! Mwa ha ha! And maybe if I sweet talk Fox, I can get a power out of him!”
Dr Nono Jr:
“O_O… That’s going on the quotes page XP”
Sonic the 1:
“Big hit!”

Boomer 20: A.K.A Gay Pride parades aren’t for me only
Boomer 20: Owned
Shaboomboom: XD
Boomer 20: *men

(about Track racing)
Oagalthorp: Whats his best time?
Kg 007: Fast.
Oagalthorp: . . . a time would help . . .
Kg 007: 1 o’clock

Tehpie1530: What are you if you are asexual and gay?
Dryvit: A nacho?

“March on!”


“Clovers Forever!”

“ACP Forever!”

“Even in defeat, may you all be triumphant.”

“The past is over and the future doesn’t exist yet. Do what you can while you can do it, and you’ll be set for the future you create.”

“Ken, I know this might be legitimately retarded but lets invade Mammoth again.”

Shaboomboom: “Ken is my fiance”
Kenneth1000:” Errr”
Shaboomboom:“Kenneth’s a girl right”?
Kenneth1000: “Uhhh No Shab”
Shaboomboom: ” Close enough, we just had our 5th baby. Speaking of that we have to drown it again.”

“If you are Acp once, you are Acp forever. . . . because the Army of Club Penguin will always be the Army of Club Penguin.” ~Totojess

“No one ever wins a internet argument, so shut up already”
~Lillie Rose

Motor20:”club penguin has horses does that mean acp can have a cavalry”
Iasgae56:“i love hoes”

Jack: “whut?”
Freddy: “WHAT”
Buck: “WHAT?”
Freddy: “Wow Fox that’s like a Canadian spelling hockey wrong”
Fox: “IKR! wait what?”

Fox: “Hey y’all this is Axxeor, my li’l bro.”
Axx: “Yo.”
Chat: “Hi Axx.”
Axx: “U kno fox i can ruin ur life here.”
Fox: “And how exactly?”
Axx: 2 words: “Meat and Shab”
Fox: “Excuse me?”
Axx: “u kno u want them with their pants down”
Fox: “EXCUSE ME?!?”
Saint: “OMG LMAO”

“The day the Nachos betray UMA is the day Oagalthorp kills Chuck Norris.”
-Person1233 on UMA site (April 25th 2011, Nachos declare war on UMA).

“I lay down on my bed, look at the stars, and wonder, “What the hell happened to my ceiling?”

“She’s banned forever. There’s no such thing as long enough”





“I’ll vote Fox for 3ic, he seems like a good guy”

~Unknown ACP soldier

“Just to let you know, I’m eating a banana and thinking of you”


“Actions are words that are not spoken”


“I just need to know how to eat, sleep and poo. Then I’m set for life.”


”Clovers give you wiiings.”

~Purple slime4

“Bye Cas.”


“Never give up, because only then will you be a true “looser.”

~King Mondo

“We must thrive for growth continually in order to survive. That is what this world has come to now.”

~King Mondo

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  1. help ssacp and attack rpf plz boomer 20

  2. I didn’t say what your saying I said. I never said “Screw armies, don’t you guys watch porn?” That’s a lie. I never said anything of the sort. By the way, second comment.

    Boomer: Someone must being copying you then…but I deleted it anyway.

  3. 2nd comment!!!!!!

  4. wat happens when u get 1st and 2nd comment???

  5. do i get a promotion?

    • they die or if ur lucky get banned off acp and possibly cp

      i hope this gets on quotes page………………………………………………………………………………
      oh wait it is well… sort of.

  6. 5th! Austin8310

  7. Woot! Mine is there! XD

  8. Lol, I love the Rpf and the Person one

  9. Put this one on (D) “I will personally kick your ass if you put this quote on the quotes page!”

  10. Deidara(Edwadu):” I never said i wasnt gonna kill u with art, but i never said i wouldnt kill you either”

  11. Austin8310: “CP politics are boring”. XD

  12. how about this,
    No, Shut up, i thought about it, no ogal (D)

  13. that was my response when ogal came

  14. i got one: ”The only thing worse than the Nachos is their gas” ~Phipy

  15. “You can’t see until you open your eyes,”
    “You can’t see until you open your eyes,”
    -Espeon Rox (my sister)

  16. winning isnt the everything, it is the only thing!


    some coach

  17. Keep up the Fight, or Loose the Right.


  18. Stev712’s Quote:

    “Whenever I see a war with ACP, we are like mold, and Mold contaminates everything. That is exactly how we win the war. We can easily destroy an army that messes with us.”

  19. “The Day ACP falls, is the day Christopher Reeves starts walking.” (ONO)

  20. to eat beans or not to eat beans that is the question
    if at first you dont succeed, forget it, give up
    if you are going through hell keep going, its fun
    if you have lemons, EAT THEM RAW YUM YUM.

  21. not a reply to cooltiger kk

  22. Thank you Boomer. I think someone edited the comment on the aliance website.

  23. if at first you don’t succeed forget it give up

  24. to eat beans or not to eat beans that is the question

  25. if you have lemons, EAT THEM RAW!!!

  26. if you are going through he*ll, keep going its fun

  27. oh and i made them all up
    by obi wan 4321
    PS. who needs a promotion

  28. 😯 i only just noticed this page

  29. Clintos007:”I cant fail if I dont set any goals”

  30. Rofl….So many funny quotes

  31. @ El pollo es muy importante: Is it supposed to say “The Chicken is very important” or “La Polla es muy importante”?

  32. Hey Bommer i wil do my best to make it to the prct battle! Cya there! (maybe)

  33. how funny if your going through he*l keep going its fun
    i also just noticed this page
    if your having fun stop he*l is much more fun
    idk if thats funny or not i just thought of it

  34. Commando are u really commando when ur on ur computer

  35. Trickster: You’re not drunk until your sober 😉

  36. Heres my quoter to give it a shot.

    “I have nothing aspiring to say, but put me on the quotes page.”

  37. “If at firstyou don’t succeed at first, skydiving isn’t for you” 😯 Lol… A lot of my quotes are on there XD!! I can’t believe you put the one about my puffle named Orgasm… O_O

  38. omg… those pwn!

  39. Rofl btw, I have a pic of Zippy saying he screwed a monkey and started AIDs: http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg176/Person-Nacho/zippyaids.jpg
    The pic where he’s in love with my mom -.- : http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg176/Person-Nacho/zippylovesmamom.jpg
    I also have the other Zippy saying in my photobucket O_O

  40. FORTY FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |roll| 😀 🙂

  41. Here something oagal said on chat on 2/19/09

    “Bad guys try to get in your pants.Good guys lie to get in your.. what, why are you guys trying to get in my pants o.O”

  42. Woo hoo!!! I got quoted. 😆

  43. You need some real quotes on this page =/ lol

  44. Spongie555 quote: What is Happening i cant remember?

  45. i have a quote “a good army is a good army but a bad army is a couple of basterds”

  46. i agree with commando
    use my quotes plz they are much better

  47. 😆 these are really funny!

  48. I’m so glad you included Jungles classic “Sorry I wasn’t at the battle, I was saving a baby owl from certain death”. Cracks me up everytime.

  49. ROFL! hehe i bet ill get a quote on this page…

  50. “Damn, a chicken with diabetes just spit on me! Nooo I can’t eat chocolate!”

    My quote

  51. macho nachos are = 2 dumb plums but a bad ACP soldier is better than both.
    Said by me, Gougarglider

  52. If I could flip you off Gougar, I seriously would 🙄

    Fox: Same here.

  53. do u want an ice pack with that burn I gave u?
    Said by me, Gougarglider

  54. lol doohicky

    P.S To Boomer
    do you insist on high ranking peoples quotes from chat, i bet they all talk how good your mom was last night too.
    you can quote that

  55. “There’s something you should never forget. It’s… Oh, I forgot…” I didn’t say that, but I’ll take credit for it!

  56. beer comes when u get it. im not getting it though

  57. a cat with raibes its swimming i just that in class

  58. woops i jst heard that

  59. kk here it is:
    Ennbay: “I have urgent news!”
    Ankita: “What is it?”
    Ennbay: “Idk, i just felt like getting everyone’s attention.”
    Ankita: “Thanks now I forgot some real info”
    Ennbay: “w00t, I suck! xD”

    (this was on chat a long time ago O_O)

  60. I have one…

    Missfrog(i think it was her): Boomer is my manwhore
    *Boomer logs on*
    Boomer: :O

    Fox: *marks noob comment as spam* oops…

  61. I have one “Growing old is manditory, Growing up is optional”-Nate950000
    There, a real quote not some stuff thats been said in chat!!!

  62. oops thats up there xD

  63. I LOVE THIS PAGE! *hugs comp* 😆

  64. You should put:

    Fox: I’m sooo mad at Fort I just wanna kill him *shoots Fort*
    Fox again: I sure hope Aber doesnt come on
    *Aber logs on*
    Tiger: Fox… Aber IS on…
    Fox: Uh… crap.
    Fox: GOTTA GO BYE!

    Yes, I ran like hell.

  65. Heres a qoute:

    a penguin: I hate gays!
    Han Solo12: Then why do you come on chat?

  66. Here’s another one: (Person and I were having a comment fight after the1st practice battle with divisions)

    Person1233: You know nothing about this.
    Han Solo12: That’s what she said!!

  67. If we fight for freedom what do we pay for?
    -Han Solo12

  68. Michael jackson is white on the outside but black on the inside, That is a insideout oreo if you ask me!!

  69. my quote:

    rock will live on forever

    -tuxedo man47

  70. where am i they ask, heres to know

    your on the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRbPWcLode0

    tuxedo man47

  71. 1st of all, THAT’S SO PERVERTED HAN! Lol, second, I was on chat once and here’s a quote.

    Saint1119: We’re just a big disorganized family.
    The Flapjack: Dysfunctional you mean?
    Saint1119: That too.

  72. there are only a couple of important things in life 3 are Sex and Money and beer!

  73. Ive got one “Whats the best way to get a unique name nobody has ever used before? Steal it.”

  74. Lol:

    Rap: I want Shiela!

    (I dont remember): I want your Mom

  75. Rofl… You should put the time where someone insulted Oagal’s Mom and he kicked him saying “My Mom is Dead…” just to make the guy saying that feel like an a$$hole XD

  76. That was me, Person. |roll|
    But still, go ahead! 😀

  77. Oh wait, remember this quote?
    “The day the Nachos betray UMA is the day Oagalthorp kills Chuck Norris.”

    -Person1233 on UMA site 🙂

  78. add some more of my pooload

  79. use my quotes

  80. use my quotes.

  81. use my quotes..

  82. use my quotes…

  83. use my quotes….

  84. use my quotes…..

  85. use my quotes……..

  86. use my quotes…………

  87. use my quotes………………………………….

  88. use my quotes………………..

  89. use my quotes…………………………………….

  90. My quote is extremly embarrassing 🙄

  91. I said to robotizer

    Robot: Do you watch zoey 101?
    Me: no it sucks like ur mom.
    Robot: I dont have one!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: o….o god thats..thats unexpected

  92. “If you are seriously angry,Person’s mom
    is always available!”

    thx 4 ur time

    can YOU figure out who I am?

  93. “oh ok….. WAIT WTF”
    -Sasuke Uchiha

    Fox: I think I remember that… (Past Naruto fangirl. It’s actually not that bad…)

  94. “I lay down on my bed, look at the stars, and wonder, “What the hell happened to my ceiling?”


    I said it on some chat a while ago

  95. “Billybob claps his hands, and turns his account into a beta.” -Sergie

  96. “You don’t wanna know where the word Vital Viper came from.” -Sergie

  97. ” *sips vodka* That’s right guys, you don’t wanna end up like THAT GUY some day *while pointing at guy at the end of the bar table* “

  98. “No, he wasn’t owned, he was TELE-PHONED W00T!!!!!!”

  99. Both of them by meh *smirk*

  100. Clint: Lol “She’s banned forever. There’s no such thing as long enough”
    Tosti: I bet that was about Fox xD
    Fox: HEY!
    Saint: It was about Fox actually
    Fox: F*** him (un)


  101. im mad now 👿 who can i take my anger out on? *Sees noob* how convenient… *smacks noob*

  102. The war might be tough and long but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. We can do this

  103. Dude. The war is over. Wars never last more than a day in ACP. Learn to live with it.

  104. Yeah wars really never last when the ACP get involed

  105. “She’s banned forever. There’s no such thing as long enough”



  106. Just took a quick break from movie making to check up here.

    “Mazachster: YOU”RE A SPED!”

    “Shab: Head, which is short for dickhead.”

    “Mazachster: Whose seen Keevan Man Bat Man?”

    “Mazachster: IT’S THE JUNGLE!”

    P.S. Check youtube within the next month or two for a series called Canada’s Most Wanted. It’s epic.

  107. “Mazachster: IT’S THE JUNGLE!”

  108. “Shab: Head, which is short for dickhead.”

  109. Ok delete the last one or two, i didnt think that the first one with all the quoters was it.

  110. overlordshadowhero: Luc + Fort=Dickhead

  111. pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  112. once these guys attacked me then they left and when i thought it was safe.i went to the plaza and they attacked me again!lol

  113. boomer please add this ” ii joined acp when the acp crisis kicked (ONO) but i did learn some new bad words!!! “

  114. “The mouse can fit Throught the giants door but the giant cant fit through the mouses door (ONO) sucks for you giant”

  115. Please add this

    “Give ’em hell boss!”

  116. (person pretends to be bad at hearing) ONe person says do u have hearing aids? responce: am i fearing AIDS? yeah well evryone is.
    said on seinfeld

  117. If U Dont Fight Marry Oagal

  118. From Vetsd

  119. “if you try to eat Noka the fat just gets stuck in your teeth.”

  120. “If i see you doing ANY violence, i will personally KICK YOUR ASS!………In a game of Wii Tennis!”

  121. “I pity da foo’ who doesn’t give me my cheese.”


    “Keep Chuck Norris happy, or the fist under his beard will come get you.”


    Shad: Hey Ctar… I did your mom
    Ctar: WTF
    Shad: …… A favor
    Ctar: Oh…
    Shad: By making you
    Ctar: DUDE
    Shad: A grilled cheese sandwich
    Ctar: Lol

  122. This is what happened on chat.

    Sergie (as CatWoman): Im cat woman
    Sergie (as CatWoman) Again: pwned
    Bigpeng92: Wanna do it CatWoman? (hello)
    Bigpeng92 Again: Damn it’s Sergie (D)

  123. …………….

  124. how come everything fukky is a typo…. *funny*

  125. hellopeeps

  126. 🙄 im sorry, but this annoys me: Abercrombe29: (sarcastic) “Wow, what an honor.”

    Lol. Maybe its cuz it seems like shes defending Fort 🙄 Maybe its cuz i dont understand about having a bf for six months 😆

  127. Chapa: Just 15 sexs (he meant secs :lol:)

    “Viva La ACP!”

    Er… I have no more quotes. Can you tell I’m desperate to get on this page? 😆

  128. Maybe that last comment was a mistake… I want to keep my head, dont I?

  129. Packer1 Nfl- axevolution! you were there, too!

    Axevolution- I remember you packet, you kept callin Fox sir (xd)

    Packer1 Nfl- yeah. how was i supposed to know she was a girl!

    Axevolution- The way she dressed?a pink boa, a purple hat, cmon what kinda guy would wear that?

    Packer1 Nfl- a gay-one.

  130. Packer1 Nfl- axevolution! you were there, too!

    Axevolution- I remember you packet, you kept callin Fox sir (xd)

    Packer1 Nfl- yeah. how was i supposed to know she was a girl!

    Axevolution- The way she dressed?a pink boa, a purple hat, cmon what kinda guy would wear that?

    Packer1 Nfl- a gay-one.

    That is a quote

  131. It is easy to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and say the oposite.
    -Lunar Lilo 6

  132. Pick battles important enough to fight, but small enough to win.

  133. “Don’t post personal crap on the ACP site. Thats what blogs are for.”


  134. That’s a quote I got from Oagal, BTW. I’m just forwarding it to you.


  135. That’s a quote by Oagal, BTW. I’m just forwarding it.


  136. Crap. Sorry. My comp got screwed up. Thought it didn’t post the first one.

  137. I am the crreator of APF which as already bacome a pretty big army, but not enough to beat the nacos or RPF. We would be extremely proud to become a branch of ACP and possibley help you guys defeat the nachos. we are a very attacking army and would love to lead the non-members out to wound the nachos and you guys (members) can finish them off. We are members so if you dont like my idea we could help in any other way. Our website is http://WWW.ARMEDPENGUINFORCE.WORDPRESS.COM

    HOPE WE CAN HELP AND IF NOT STILL LETS GO ACP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  138. Ha ha! 😆

  139. Tosti: So its final? On April 1st I go poof?
    Fox: NO!
    Meat: No tit. (tosti*)

    Fox: Oh yeah I KNEW Meat made that typo! He was SO MAD when I commented it 😆


  141. “Packer1 Nfl- axevolution! you were there, too!

    Axevolution- I remember you packet, you kept callin Fox sir (xd)

    Packer1 Nfl- yeah. how was i supposed to know she was a girl!

    Axevolution- The way she dressed?a pink boa, a purple hat, cmon what kinda guy would wear that?

    Packer1 Nfl- a gay-one.”


  142. Ok, random but true:
    Stev512: Shawty wanna thug? (Ennbay)
    Ennbay: O_O
    Stev512: See, even Jedi agrees with meh.
    Anonymous: A match made in heaven.

  143. Lol Madam Jedi 😆

  144. LOL! 😆

  145. thanks, fox.
    P.S.- no offense taken about the whole “sir” thing, right?

  146. “I saw Maccain drinking a bottle of…. well IDK. Then I woke up! I was in my room, suddenly a crazy monkey attacked me and hade a bannanna with a smiley face!!!!! Then I hade breakfast….in the “Im losing my mind section.” I really thought I was losing my mind! But then I woke up,it was only a dream.”

  147. Go to www. armedpenguinforce.wordpress.com


  149. hey! any1 ever want to be an author? U can on my site!
    all u need to do is comment and i might give u a spot as an author! just go to http://gougarglider.wordpress.com and comment about it on the about section!

  150. Me: Let’s swat some flies. (Meaning Let’s beat small RG)
    Me: Well, Thats Like saying
    The Flies are swatted are good with no diseses.
    (When People said Boomer is Anti CP.

    ~REDRAREHOUND (These are quotes!)

  151. 1.) I rule and you suck
    2.) Great job kiddies, next time you have to charge earlier!
    3.) Stop licking the fly, Person1233

  152. A happy Boomer licks a frog, an unlucky Boomer gets Boo’ed by RG but ACP kill them.

  153. none taken Packer. I think it’s hilarious 😆

    Oagal: Is Fox singing or is she just depressed?

    Not hilarious, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures 😛

  154. After we totally pwned the Renegade:

    “Emperer Josh: Okay, seriously, ACP NEVER out numbered us by more than 5 people.”

    Boomer:They’re “a talking” you? Are they talking to you, or are they attacking you? 🙄

  156. Frostbeetle: ABERS A SHE!
    Frostbeetle: PS are you dating
    Fox: frost you’d better make boomer delete those comments before fort or aber see them

  157. boomer. please stop spammin the RG site
    obi:use the nachos instead

  158. Boomer:please stop spa,ming the RG site
    Obi:Use the nachos instead

  159. ” Introducing our new server, Fjord! The dick of the Nacho Empire! “



  160. Packer1nfl: JEDI! HES A FAMOUS DUDE!
    Me: SHE!

  161. Me: Hi
    Person535: Yes I AM dancing with your flamingo so what?
    Me: ???
    My most random moment on chat!

  162. Houndy:Would you rather marry a mushroom or that skull on your avatar?
    Axe:Marry a mushroom or The Punishers Skull?
    Axe:Id marry a mushroom, so when we get divorced, I can eat it, so it cant take anything of mine :D.

  163. Nice one Axe!

  164. OBIWAN! That was meh who made fun of “a talking”. Stop denouncing meh and giving Boomer all the credit! 😡 😡 😡

  165. Stev: I am the only one running for Snow Globe!
    Stev: That means I win automatically
    Batintrenche: No we’d all click ‘none of the above’

  166. I’ve got a quote
    “don’t get high on your own supply, LMAO, nachos XD”

  167. “since the beginning of time the man with the bigger stick has dominated”

  168. come to the darkside we have cookies

  169. ankitas hot

  170. jedimaster17 is hot

  171. master chiefs armor Is cool and all but….. What happens when you get a boner?

  172. I feel the force flowing through me, and no i’m not high right now!

  173. Boomer20: hey rock
    Rocknroll63: hey, why do they make colored condoms?
    Boomer20: uhhhh I dunno
    Rocknroll63: so you and your dad can play star wars! LOL
    P.S. Just joking boomer
    P.S.S. No offense to star wars cause I love star wars

  174. i found this on an old post(boomer was a brigadier, fort was leader)
    The Jungle N, on May 5th, 2008 at 11:00 AM Said:
    Oh and I quit.

    Nakib, on May 5th, 2008 at 11:01 AM Said:
    I quit to.

    Lucario98765, on May 5th, 2008 at 11:02 AM Said:
    I also quit. Good bye

    Fort57, on May 5th, 2008 at 11:03 AM Said:
    Im glad your all leaving. I hated you anyway.

  175. @total nO0b actually u made the whole comment and someone(i assumed it was boomer) edited it

  176. Rock thats so not funny and so.. wrong O_O

  177. fjord….. the dick of the nacho empire hahahaaa

  178. I was just joking

  179. I heard it from a friend

  180. Foxtails: ur point? takes off shirt
    Packer1 Nfl: fox! there are kids on!
    Foxtails: so?

  181. vote for Rocknroll63 for snowforts premier

  182. so foxtails takes off her shirt when she see’s me? LOL!XD
    Just kidding with you fox

  183. vote obi for governer of snow forts

  184. Baloon: Math is the best 🙂
    Jediseth: Yeah math is the best

    To me, that’s like… like… like saying George Bush is… is… Santa Claus 😮

  185. Bfan212: I went to McDonalds and I ordered a Big Mac and I accidenaly said I would like a FAT PERSON1233 I mean a Big Mac and the cashier said for here or to go

  186. obi: george bush is santa claus

  187. *gets megaphone and shoves in boomers face
    *gets rape money for fox

  188. we can beat chuck norise and rip that bearded fist out

  189. Meat and my quote

    “I have banned myself for no reason.”

    – Meat aka Seanehawk & TotalN00B as “myself”

  190. Person: I’m person and I approve this message
    *links image of a smiley doing inappropiate things to a tree*
    Person: Heh O_O FU**…

  191. Super: *youtube link*

    Super: Oh come one

    Super: embed my ass youtube

    *gets rape money for fox”

    What the f*** O_O

    I’ll pass…

    Anywho, moi’s quote.
    Maxi: Fort is dangerously close to fart
    Fort: Max is dangerously close to being banned

  193. bob

  194. I’m the greatest Jedi who has ever lived!!!!

  195. this is on chat:

    Packer1 Nfl: i have banned “Jomama”.
    Reason for ban: yo face!

  196. This NEEDS to be updated!

  197. oh yeah! i got 200th comment on this post! and 202nd!

  198. Fjord the dick of the nacho empire

  199. Obi Wan: *throws gay cow at Stev*
    Stev: *humps gay cow*
    Matthewmsh: [kick] Reason: O_O
    Fort: Stev… don’t
    Dragon: Does that mean that Stev is gay?
    Fox: To the quotes page! 😀

  200. Snowy 559 – “FLIP YOU!!”

  201. Wohoo! I have a quote!

    I’m so happy I’m about to nah forget – rushes to toliet

  202. The Flapjack: BARNEY IS TAKING MY NOPPLE!
    Foxtails: Barney is taking your nipple?
    The Flapjack: Psh, don’t be so immature, Fox. I said my NOPPLE.

  203. ROFL FLAP! xD

    Fox: I need xats to BFF Sheila D:
    Shab: Isn’t Sheila married to Shab?
    Fox: …
    Fox: Uhh.. no..

  204. rofl me 😮

    “Aber poofed for a sex.”

    Five seconds earlier:



  205. Stev Here! 😀

    Stev: Being Leader is the worst Rank, why? Because you do all the hard work and never get promoted.

  206. Stev’s right, actually xD But I still wanna be leadeh (D)

    Fox: Ok, so one [Aber] thinks Boomeh plays favorites, and the other [Ank] thinks I just won’t get porno-ed.

    Beat THAT typo o.o

  207. porno-ed? i wont even ask… lol

  208. i meant to say promo-ed 😳

  209. at least i didnt say “pornoted” thats even weirder xD

  210. oh, ok. heres a quote:

    random ninja (not his name, lol): we will fight til the end!
    Packer1 Nfl: well then, i guess today is the end!

  211. Stev here, again, please update this page. Anyway I have another one.

    Pablo: Did you know that the number 1 cause of Divorce is marriage?

    Stev: People are stupid. Marriage is the ONLY cause of Divorce. You have to be married to get a divorce. Smack yourself for crying out loud #slap.

  212. lol just got this one on chat

    Aber: I always wanted some (cry)
    TotalN00B/me: You always wanted some… O_O
    Aber: xD

  213. lolz xD cool! idk any though… 😛 anyways cool quotes!

    [[[ u should do some of the ones on the comments 😀 ]]]

  214. Ugh, it’s because of you guys that i dont have a life!
    (PS: that’s not a quote i’m serious 👿 )

  215. Curse ACP for beiing funny

  216. Curse ACP for being funny

  217. lol shab you could just post it your self you dont need to comment

  218. ℓт.Ĝηℓ.тнεßεšт22™© ACP ℓεgεη∂
    i can’t even imagine, what fort and aber do in pc.

    me: to the quotes page! 🙂

  219. Stev, again and again and again and again…

    n00b on Mammoth: ” ACP LIKES TO LICK LOLLIPOPS”

    Stev: “Thats not what your mom said”

    P.S Shortly after, I was banned forever.

  220. ACP ROCKS!

  221. LOL!!!!!
    Saint: omg sooooo tired just had spanish then french test : (

    Saint: Me gusta eggos tres bies

    Zdoger: Your so dissconbobulateed your crossing french and spanish

    Saint: Pardon my Franschish XD

  222. um here is 1 from my school i guess it is not that funny but idk..

    nat: i had to go syco path on noah today
    ali: uh… y?
    nat: CUZ HE RAPPED ME!!! TWICE!!!!
    ali: v.v how long did he touch u 4?
    nat: how does that even matter?
    * ali walks out of the room and comes back 5 hours later*
    nat: um what did you do???
    ali: me and kendra went to go kill noah with rocket launchers… xD
    ali: wat?
    nat: Y DIDN’T I GET TO GO!?!?! D:<

  223. p.s. nat is meh best buddie :]

  224. ♥♥♥♥LUV ACP PEOPLES♥♥♥♥

  225. Ok these are just random emotes so LOOKY!
    😀 🙂 😛 👿 😳 😮 😐 😡 😯 🙄 😦 8) 😆

  226. heres the last two i messed up on SO LOOKY!

    🙄 😆

  227. ALL O’ THEM! LOOKY!

    😀 🙂 😛 😡 👿 🙄 😆 😳 😡 😮 8) 8o 😦 😐


    😀 🙂 😛 😡 👿 🙄 😯 8) 😮 😆 😳 😡 😦 😐


  230. UM A is evil! 👿

  231. Lots of Pie’s mama is so fat that when she goes to the movie theater she sits next to everyone.

  232. Some people say that ACP is Anti Club Penguin, but theyre wrong.

  233. Sorry, my M60 machine gn is out of ammo, so while I’m reloading, look at this emote. 🙄

  234. Sorry, my M60 machine gun is out of ammo, so while I am reloading and you wait, please stare at this emote. 🙄

  235. Fallingtail:”Person is a cybering rapist that lost his virginity when he was 3 to a chocolate bar.”

    Person:”Not true. I was 2 when I lost virginity 8)”

  236. * 8)

  237. jet nugget: technically, my foots up yours.
    packer1 nfl: your what?! (chat raised eyebrows smiley)

  238. Yesterday, I saw a ninja then I put up the sick emote :sick: . Then he said “WTF is wrong with you throwing up on me bastud?”

  239. Amit: Aber’s children will be invisible.
    Bfan: Wow, Fort, it must take talent to have invisible babies. How do you do it?
    Luc: Invisible sp- I’ll stop.

    Wow, I feel bad now… dangit. I swear, I felt bad about it at first so I didnt laugh… but then it got reeeeeeeal funny.

  240. Fallingtail: “my childs favorite animal will be a hore”

    Fallingtail: i ment hosre! *

    so funny lol ~Anikan53


  241. Thomas0270: Who here likes Titsi?
    Foxtails: LOL TITSI
    Thomas0270: TOSTI** xD.

  242. Fox: Hi Nachos, I’m here because ACP stopped tolerating my perv moment.
    *five minutes later*
    Fox: o.o what the hell am I ON?
    Person: Actually we had a bet that you wouldnt figure out you were on a drug for a few more mins

  243. Yeahhh idk if some of you havent noticed but I have occasional perv moments 😳

  244. Yo mama is so fat that yo daddy gos in but never comes out 😯

  245. Order (somebody) : Shut up on advertising about the Golds before I go Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Chick Norris on your @$$.


  246. Person1233: Make me a member or I’ll become sexually attracted to sheep

    Boomer: ….

  247. starlorb3: guns solve EVERYTHING
    packer1nfl: guns can solve world hunger. i swear! if you kill enough people off of this overpopulated planet, then we will ahve enough food for everyone.
    firebird115: yeah guns solve everything
    packer1nfl: except virginitty
    nate950000: oh yeah?
    packer1nfl: oh god! dude, dont go there.

  248. Yesterday, I was at the Ninja Hideout, fighting ninjas, and this dragon ninja came over and tried to burn me! Luckily, it missed me, and I took out my M60 machine gun and shot him! :mrgreen:

  249. Lots of Pie’s mother cries too much! 😛

  250. The Ninja Master has all these 😈 TWISTED 😈 ideas! We have to defeat him!

  251. LMAO fox! it hurts… 😐

  252. Me:Ya well boomers better than . . . . SEX

  253. NoseyCJR: Hey, do I get laid?
    Me: NOSEY!
    Nosey: Oh, sh*t, I meant paid!
    Some ppl: XD

  254. Firebird115: you woke me up! no one does that!
    Me (Noseycjr): hooray! do i get laid? (awkward silence)
    Totaln00b: NOSEY!
    Me: oh sh*t!!! I meant paid!!!
    Mac3p0: LOL!!!!!
    Totaln00b:XD to the quotes page!

  255. oh, i didnt realize total already… nvm 😀

  256. Noseycjr: there are gloves for your private?
    Packer1 Nfl: yeah. its a condem
    (i cant spell it right or else it wont go through)

  257. Clintos007: Boomer, Can I start an Anti-Rebel Rebelion against ACP rebels so we can rebel against them?
    Klug1234: clintos xD
    Klug1234: That’s kinda complicated
    Clintos: yeah but hey, its fun xD
    Shadow2446: lol
    Shadow2446: Anti ACP n00b Union
    Clintos007: xD

  258. Packer1 Nfl (on chat, and kinda drunk): its not rappe if they want it, too!

  259. On Chat (just happened)

    Shad: … you know, rape isnt that bad, especially if youre a guy and being raped by a girl. i mean, dude, they force your clothes off and tie you up but then the rest is pleasure

  260. Bfan: Say hi to Bfan’s Mommy
    Shad: HI BFANS MOM
    Shad: *hugs*
    JediSeth: Hey bfan’s mommy
    Fox: WE LOVE YOU
    Batintrenche: hi bfans mom
    Bfan: Shad she loves you most

  261. Bfan’s mom likes SHAD best 😡 i mean cmon im SOOO much better than him 😡 See what I told yaz, nooblet who called Boomer conceited? I’M the conceited one! Goshhh! Get it RIGHT!!

  262. XD im there!!!

  263. Potatoes4: this is gayy.
    Packer1 Nfl (always having perfect timing!XD): thats what she said! :p

  264. Packer1 Nfl: nachos have proof of hackers! nice job person!
    Person1233: thank you
    Packer1 Nfl: you finally did something without pervness. kinda odd
    Person1233 (later on in chat): much cow dung. yaay!

  265. Batin: My gf would date me after the……… incident
    Person525: :s
    Fox: LOL
    Fox: What INCIDENT?
    Jediseth: Batin tell us
    Batintrenche:…… I spilled on her dress……

  266. wouldnt*

  267. i dont get it

  268. You spilled WHAT?!?!? O.O

  269. i spilled chunky white stuff….

  270. Packer1 Nfl: aber can be as sweet as lemonade at times, but, when you get her ticked, she can be as fierce as the fires of hell!
    Person535: isnt lemonade sour?
    Packer1 Nfl: not when you add sugar. besides your missing the whole point. ( then an arguement about whether lemonade is sour or sweet began. thats how off topic we can get :P)

  271. the sufar that u gotta put in aber is fort!

  272. sugar*

  273. Packer’s sooo right o.o I haz felt the wrath of the firiest fires of hell o.o

  274. “The more pure something is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt.” – Weegee

  275. Thomas:”Jedi,”
    Thomas:”I am going to bff you on xat :]”
    Jediseth:”Really thx”
    Thomas:Wait nvm

    xD this actually happened

  276. Yep xD. I bffed Mitch lol.

  277. Totaln00b: Who here likes Titsi?
    Me: TITSI? O.O
    Totaln00b: TOSTI*

    Rofl, thats the second Tosti-Tit typo.

    Fox: Funny. I thought Meat said that.

  278. Totaln00b: I vant to suck your blood!
    Batintrenche: I vant to suck your di……. I mean blood!
    Jedi: XD
    Totaln00b: LOL
    Thomas: Batin!!
    Ktman: To the quotes page! (which he never did so I’m going to do it for him cuz this was hilarious!)

  279. me: OMG
    Foleyethan: What
    Me: Did u Know how big bushes d*** is
    Me: He DOsnt Have ONe

  280. @batintrenche: “i spilled chunky white stuff….”
    Packer1 Nfl: its not chucky! if it is, see a doctor… XD

  281. no no i was talking about spoilt milk packer! what were u thinkin about?

  282. Batin, it started with me.

    Me: I vant to suck your blood. NO NO! NOT THAT!! NOOOO!!!!!!

  283. oh god! so sorry dude! i thought you meant something else! XD 😛

  284. what else…

  285. Batin: My gf would date me after the……… incident
    Person525: :s
    Fox: LOL
    Fox: What INCIDENT?
    Jediseth: Batin tell us
    Batintrenche:…… I spilled on her dress……
    Fox: You spilled WHAT?!?!? O.O
    Batintrenche: i spilled chunky white stuff….
    Packer1 Nfl: its not chucky! if it is, see a doctor… XD
    Batintrenche: no no i was talking about spoilt milk packer! what were u thinkin about?
    Packer 1 NFL: oh god! so sorry dude! i thought you meant something else! XD
    Batintrenche: what else?

  286. wouldn’t*

  287. Monsterfully: Would you rather go to jail and be raped or suck your own di**?
    Batintrenche: Suck my own weewee
    Monsterfully: I’m putting that on the quotes page!!!!!!!
    Batintrenche: Nooooooooonoooooooooo

  288. Monsterfully: Would you rather go to jail and be raped or suck your own di**?
    Batintrenche: suck my own weewee
    Monsterfully: I’m putting that on the quotes page!!!!!
    Batintrenche: Noooooooonooooo

  289. Monsterfully: Would you rather go to jail and get raped or suck your own di**?
    Batintrenche: suck my own weewee

  290. man im all over this place now…

  291. Holy crap, this is funny.

    Edwadu (as some other name i didn’t know): Flap you should probably stop using caps.
    Me: Who the crap are you?
    Edwadu: I’m Edwadu.
    Me: ohhh…
    Fox: He’s Shabigboobs.
    Fox: “I CAN’T BUY SHIRTS!”
    Me: He can’t fit them in his shirt.
    Edwadu: I can’t find shirts my size.
    Edwadu: They won’t fit in the house.
    Me: LOL then you’re a woman?
    Edwadu: no
    Me: well i figured you not being able to find shirts your size meant you couldn’t fit your …’s in your shirts…

    Then Flappy..

    Me: I dunno if he really wants to bend down that far.

  292. For mature audiences only? I wouldn’t exactly call the people that made most of these quotes mature. 😯

  293. George Bush: The iraqs have weapons of mass destruction.
    Owl: O RLY?

  294. Here is my qoute
    Pengreen1234: Give me Liberty or Give Me Snowballs

  295. Fox: (hug) Boomer

    Jingle Jay: (hug) Fox

    Boomer: (kick) Reason: Fox is MY girl

    Jingle Jay: But I PAID for hat hug!

    Fox: Thats right, I’m a prostitute!

  296. I still don’t get what’s so bad about shpam. But milk and nuts have been a problem at lunch, lately 😀

    *Milk spills on table* “EWW WHAT IS THAT?!?!?”

    *Boys open my lunch box and find almonds* “Why are you eating nuts? O.O”

    This is the problem of eating lunch with teenage boys. Or at least the immature idiots I hang out with 😆

  297. Jingle what did you SAY? O.O

    And BTW– in the kick Boomeh said “Uhh… no.” or something like that.

    Batin… sperm… o.o

  298. sperm? ooh ya thats me middle name 😆

  299. how do you make those faces =)

  300. ull get this if u arent nooby

  301. srry thats not what i ment to do

  302. lol fox. what kids do you hang out with… and batin, be more specific about that kind of stuff on this site,a lot of us are immature (me!). P.S.- the white stuff.

  303. Boomer 20: ok, so who is the hacker?
    Fiasco: its Flappy!
    Packer1 Nfl: now, lets be reasonable…
    Jingle Jay: its sasha obama!
    Packer1 Nfl: sasha IS reasonable. hmmmmm…..

  304. geez i told i guys already the white stuff i spilled on my gf was just spoiled mil not sperm!!! o ya and billybob can suck it!!!

  305. u*

  306. >:o

  307. batin, you angry about sasha quote or my comment about chucky stuff….

  308. oo no i like chunky white stuff…

  309. this line looks like a d*ck

  310. My lunchbox is white on the inside. That’s why I bring bags now. Too many incidents where I go to the bathroom and I come back and Brandon’s saying “Fox, Zach did something to your lunchbox.”

  311. lol fox. stay away from them…. 😐 XD

  312. XD

  313. 😮 You like the chunky white stuff, Batin? O.o ROFLOLLLL FOX! Zach was trying to… <.< I’m not gonna finish that sentence.

  314. Maxthepen: I think we’re being hacked. The Join page comments are diappering

    Me: Sorry Max, but Diaperring XD

    Max: What? Oh, um… 😳

  315. Flap, they’re complete morons. Like, I’m not even kidding. It’s almost not funny.

  316. Pack, it’s them or the snobby girls 😯

  317. Kingjared how can you skip to conclusions that ACP did it YOU HAVE NO PROOG
    Oagalthorp: No, he doesn’t have any proog.

    Boomer: Proog

    There is a way to hack Xat “Ninja Chong” It’s called altering the flash thingymaboober At least that’s what the creepy hobo told me…

    Boomer: Lmao, great word choice 🙂

  318. Oh wait.
    1st one was Bfan, second one with the thingymaboober (XD) was Person.

  319. I met a 6 year oold who was American over here, he called guns bangers, he said “I am gonna bang you with my banger!” O_O

  320. Solrida:Ok men move out.

    “ten minutes later”

    Pie: Are you shitting me


  321. yesa i will steak yes i will

  322. yesa i will steak yes i will steak

  323. if first you dont Succeed call a snowball strike

    – Kenneth1000

  324. Stev: The rules say “Don’t PC the owners.” Does that mean that Foxtails has been breaking the rules with Boomer?

    Noseycjr: Yes Stev, and a few other rules (hello)

    Stev: (puke)

    Nosey: Sorry that was too easy xD

    Stev: Not as easy as your mom (hello)

    Nosey: Yeah thanks for making me…

    Nosey: a sandwhich

  325. Oh, Boomer, this isn’t a quote. But ugh, how would you react if I told you that the return of Renegade was inspired because of me? Hehe


    check the renegade site. 😆

    Fox: I had a similar incident while retired for a short time:
    Me: “Yeah, make on comment about Saint and he’ll declare war before you can make the comment again.”
    Nachos: “THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!!!”
    Me: “Oops…”

  326. Person1233: CP is now adding something where you can get laid for jobs.


    Person1233: I wanna get laid by Billybob.

  327. XD viagra falls!!! thats a pretty dirty place id imagine

  328. XD viagra falls!!! thats a pretty dirty place id imagine

  329. darn double comment

  330. HUZAH! The Quotes Page is being edited without all of the Inapp stuff 😛

    Fox: And yet, even after you retire, I can still spell better than you.

  331. I was walking on the street one day when Jessica Alba is seen, but then I realized it was Persons Mom.

  332. “i found some chunky chocolate in the bathroom. It was not chocalaty but it sure was chuky :D”

  333. person535: Obi how many gays have u got
    Obi: 😮
    person: *DAYS DAYS NOT GAYS!!!!
    something like that anyway that was funny

  334. Add this as a Quote… I said this on chat once “Let’s Teach You Some Arabic Swear Words xP “

  335. Add this as a Quote… I said this on chat once “Let’s Teach You Some Arabic Swear Words xP “

  336. “Cant we all chill, like, keep the peace, yo?”
    I said this during an arguement XD

  337. Foxtails: “and ill name this one shirley”
    Ktman: ” no name it kevin!!”
    Randomness: “no name it ben!!!!”
    this was when fox was naming her hair

    Fox: Lol remember

    Fox: This one’s Kelly

  338. Person: So many ACP rouges on
    Person: 4, 5 where are they coming form 😕
    Fox: They’re coming from Me.
    Houndy’s CD Player containing Micheal Jackson: OOH!

  339. Eh. I guess my quote got taken off.

  340. Weespotty:Is wats the theme here
    Dryvit:Weespotty I told you 200 billon times this is not a fashion show dummy
    weespotty:I Herd that

  341. I was the ‘Some n00b on Mammoth’ 😐

  342. *kg gives 200 xats to batin*
    *batin bffs houndy*
    *batin sees SHIIINY “divorce” button*
    *batin clicks shiny divorce button*
    *batin F-A-I-L-S*
    *batin begs dry for 200 xats and gets it*
    *batin bffs houndy again… but still is having trouble not clicking that “divorce” button*

  343. Kingjared how can you skip to conclusions that ACP did it YOU HAVE NO PROOG
    Oagalthorp: No, he doesn’t have any proog.

    Boomer: Proog 😆

    There is a way to hack Xat “Ninja Chong” It’s called altering the flash thingymaboober At least that’s what the creepy hobo told me…

    Boomer: Lmao, great word choice 🙂

  344. Bluey(WAYYYYYYYYYYYY of topic): i once woke up with my pants in my mouth (ono)

    las: that must have been one crazy night (ono)


  346. stumpy narf: i stump the stumpas of random stumps , stumps pumps and cabumpes the good old dumps of ye old ptheladioxide , umps…

  347. In PC:

    “Best Buy Boy: Can I join your army, LittleGuy?
    LittleGuy04: What army?
    Best Buy Boy: Your army, you know?
    LittleGuy04: No, sadly, I don’t know.
    Best Buy Boy: The CPPA army?
    LittleGuy04: What are you talking about?
    Best Buy Boy: The Club Penguin Patriot Army that u created!
    LittleGuy04: Oh, THAT army.
    Best Buy Boy: Yeah, what army did you think I was talking about?
    LittleGuy04: ACP of course! We ARE on ACP chat, aren’t we?
    Best Buy Boy: Yes…. So?
    LittleGuy04: So what?
    Best Buy Boy: Can I join your army?
    LittleGuy04: What army?

    And the whole thing repeated, and that was on about the 10th or so of August, this year, as in about 8 days ago.

  348. And yeah, it is long, but it was so funny, i texted my friend after and told her about it.

  349. Meat: Never Gonna Give You Up is the only song I know the lyrics to
    Me: Meat
    Me: O_O
    Me: Whoa
    Fox: Thats… thats sad, meat.

  350. i think Somebody Farted on this page xD

  351. heres mine that wasnt me that was the guy who looked like me in ever way

  352. Denzzil: ” Whos ready for waaaaaaaaaaaar”
    Riotors: “Denzzil war is in an hour”
    Denzzil: ” Whos ready for war in an hour”

  353. acp wil do anything to win

  354. Blue Speed 7: “Can I have me medal of honour though?”
    Solraida:“I’ve been here for 3 years I should get the medal of no life xD.”
    Abercrombe29: “If you keep asking, you’ll get the medal of banned award.”


  355. Here is one:

    Flyingmonkey44: WHY DOESNT ANYONE LOVE MEH!!!
    (Ban): I have banned Flyingmonkey44 for 1 hour(s), Reason: Because You’re Gay (XD) btw caps!!!
    Renegade_The_Legend: Good job adding instult to injury…

  356. another one:

    Aber: What are you doing right at this very moment?
    Renegade_The_Legend: Looking through ur window at u and beeing a creeper (smirk2)
    Aber:*breaks window down and fires at tree with gun (XP)
    Renegade_The_Legend: OH **** THAT HURTS
    Aber (kick): I have kicked Renegade_The_Legend, Reason: Capitals my good man! (XD)
    Renegade_The_Legend: GET OFF MAH LAWN!!!

    Me:They’re “a talking” you? Are they talking to you, or are they attacking you? 🙄
    This was from the start of the Boomeric era, during RG’s terrorist surge. It’s pretty old, and the comment aove was edited to make it say that Boomer said it, but it was actually me…. *Glares at Fox*

  358. Divotoo: Chris Wat Are you Being for Christmas?
    Chris: a Vampire! Nomnomnomnomnom

  359. i gots one from skloop and ias:

    Skloop: Watch out when you go around corners, i might be there with 3 goats and the occasional giraffe
    ias: Skloop, your insane…
    Skloop:Thats what she said



  360. Skloop: I have a heart of Gold and Mice, so its all cool.

    This was meh talking about how i was angry at the school board XD

  361. Me: *Cussing out some n00b who spammed with cuss words*
    Meat: *Comes out of nowhere and bans me*
    That was – unexpected. And wasn’t Meat overthrown? Member…..

  362. School board? LOL! Why were you mad at it?!XD

  363. Your so funny! I like what you said.XD
    Schoolboard stinks! They touture you when you are close to blindness without glasses!XD
    It is true try that people.Heh. Mabybe if you are far a way from the board trust me.

  364. Delete my last two comments. My brother got his hands on the comp andthen, you know the rest….

  365. my mom asked me last night, What DJ goes to ur school dances, and I accidentally said DJ Layxie

  366. Acp has two strategies.
    One is to DESTROY like a mutated squirrel pirana thingimabob. The other is, well IdK.

  367. Courtneylove: i will ban you all
    Cruiseb:Not before this happens
    Boomer:I have banned CourtneyLove. Reason: Insulting Cruiseb.
    De Rosario:Cruiseb predicts the future?!?Plus you ally with ze nachos???!?
    Boomer:I have banned De Rosario: Reason: idk, we like nachos.
    De Rosario(before he gets banned) Actually u seriouslly need a drink with nachos, as they dehydryvit u. Not dryvit!!!

  368. Obi: I’m desperately trying to work out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets

  369. Matre10: Whoever talks under this line hates Yankees ________________________________________
    Yanksrule14: asadkajdkasjdaksdaskdsakkasj
    Matre10: (XD)
    Yanksrule14: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Yanks talked just when I sent my line)


  370. brads 6:no-one can defeat us

  371. Big14s: Protecting the good is is what we do not hurting them.
    zzztops: I bet the good is kicking your ***!

  372. Noseycjr: So let me see, Fox wanted ta cyber Eric?

  373. Alll candy must be turned into Dryvit for inspection and tasting ….no exceptions

  374. omg. put this on there.

    Dryv: I’M FOX’S DADDY!

  375. “Canada is sexy.”


  376. (following a long silence)
    Skloop- A gay baby was just born
    Skloop- We’ll call her “Aka Bob” (GOO)


  377. Life is like gambling and the devil is playing with our cards~Stev712

  378. lilrj21:Why Did You Beat Him Up???

    159flores (Chubby):He Took My Breakfast!

  379. My Dad Told Me One The Gayest Comments Ever Yesterday!! he said:sometimes you need to have a relationship with a man…and im a man! lilrj21: Ok Then? My Dad:Thts Not what i ment

  380. 403 yay!!!!

  381. I think people stole some of the G-rated quotes from me. Then again, you don’t have to time travel to the point I said it to know that Nachos are tasty…

  382. Coolroad Man: “Eats nacho.”

    …you aren’t going to add that are you?

  383. “Boomer: Thanks, and I apologize for this type of treatment that went on in this past, but things will change, starting now.

    Batin: xD Boomer you sound like Obama.

    Boomer: Yes we can Batin, yes we can”

    I copied and pasted off of a comment on the recruit appriciation page. This is comedy gold.

  384. Packer: No Sex
    Seth: LOL
    Packer; NO I MEAN SETH!
    Speeder: Bad typo XD

  385. Boomer: shab, you know that hot girl you like in class?
    shaboomboom: yeah… what about her
    Boomer: “shes” a guy

  386. Sorry if anyone found that offensive( especially shab :P)

  387. Tim Cloning Skloop: “Skloop, I am Naked!”
    Skloop: “Dont talk in 3rd person Skloop (D)”
    Uno: “Uno talks in 3rd person”



  388. Skloop- “On 3 we scream “SKLOOP FOR MOD!”. 1, 2, 3″
    Boomer- “I have banned (CD)(PENGUIN)ѕкℓσσρ(PENGUIN)(CD)รยภ_tг๏๏קєг_lєค๔єг_&_¢ρa_яєρσятєя for 1 hours for no reason


  389. Skloop- “I was born at ACP Chat, then Oagal found me and screwed me all up”


  390. Offering a wide variety of funny & offensive t-shirts Offensivefun.com is one of the best t-shirt store on the web. Here we believe that T-shirt slogans can change the world (or at least make it more interesting)…that laughter heals the spirit.

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  391. DAn91123: “Im gonna curse you out skloop, ready?”
    Skloop: “Ok 😦 *strips* Do your worst :O ”
    DAn91123: “Wait, are you a boy or a girl?”
    Everyone: “O.O”

    Not that funny, I just wanna be on the quotes LOL


  392. “We Win Together, We Fall Together”

    …That one? My quote i put on all my post at the end?


  393. Fiasco- “God is 2008 yrs old”
    Skloop- “Jesus is my dad”
    Chris- “Fisaco yur gawd!”
    Skloop- “FIA’S MY GRANDPA?! (SHOCK) ”
    Fia- “(HELLO)”

    Still nawt that phunnie xD

  394. Boomer put this one up

    Shelia Gally:Nachos- Well, I went to Taco Bell the other day and ate some Nachos and was naming them off in my head as I ate them ((Terrking, Person, Linkin, etc. XD)). In the REAL News, the Nachos stormed Fjord, claiming it as theirs. Look out for flying cattanks. Check it out at nachoarmy.com .

  395. LOL XD

  396. Kamalzoom:do you want some coins?
    Kamalzoom:coin you want?
    zombielord:OHHHH why didn’t you just say that?
    kamalzoom:i did
    zombielord:no you said”I SAW A MONSTER IN A BOX!!”
    kamalzoom:i dont get you
    Zombielord:i dont either
    kamalzoom:im gonna go read some milk cartons or something

  397. If you go into battle you may never come out,Not because of death because of Greed~kamalzoom

  398. OMG! You ACP can be soo funny!!! :)) I am cracking up just reading these quotes!

  399. lol

  400. “Keep on truckin'”
    me motto for life

  401. Shadow: I VOTE TO UNMOD ICEY!
    Me and Random People: ROFLOLLMFAOLOLOL
    Icey: I MEAN SHADOW!
    Pure gold…

  402. Did you really mean “Bush is really one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had” Nono?

  403. I think it was Tylov who made this quote.. it’s something like,

    “When you begin to question why you are here, it’s time to leave.”

    That’s for retiring.

    I have my own quote 🙂 :

    Dee to Cas:
    “It’s always better for the people to accept you in a positive way”.

  404. Check out my blog http://randomfunnytees.wordpress.com
    for shirts with funny quotes.

  405. Mr Guy I Di: “Have you remembered the password for our club?”

    Haydenmcc: “You mean the top secret spy one?”

    Mr Guy I Di: “Yeah, that one”

    Haydenmcc: “Oh yeah, I remember the password”

    Mr Guy I Di: “Alright what is it?


    Mr Guy I Di: “Wait a sec”

    Mr Guy I Di: “Were BOTH idiots!!!”

    Mr Guy I Di: “i said our club name and you said our password!!!”

    Haydenmcc: “BURNS TO THE CRISP”

    Mr Guy I Di: “…”

    Mr Guy I Di: “OW”

  406. Mr Guy I Di and Haydenmcc said that January 13th, 2010, at 3:05

  407. “You know, I think the people here should try LOSING WEIGHT. Everyone weighs at least 500 POUNDS. Theres this new thing out. ITS CALLED EXERSIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    ~ Pink O Pop

    January 1st, 2010, at 2:45

  408. ok i was on chat
    and guess wat happened

    captincook -i was watching the incredables the other day
    me- ya and
    captin-during the commercals i saw an ad for card jutsu then it hit me
    me – wat
    captin – i was like wow disney owns cp
    me – now im worried about you
    captin- why…ohhhhhh

  409. “Take pride, don’t sit aside”
    “Whistle while you work”
    “Fight up, fight up, and fight the fight.”
    “Into the valley of death rode the army of penguins.”

    THE GANSTERMAN:”Oagal, Aber, Fort, KG, Boomer, Dry, Saint, IDK. All I know is I join during Dryvit’s time.

    SAS Commando: “There was a leader called IDK?”

  410. All of them are by SAS Commando, ACP 2nd Lieutenant

  411. Noob: YOU FIAL!!11!!
    Everyone else: So does your spelling.

  412. A Lifetime Of Training For Just Ten Seconds.



    FIRE HIM!!

  414. Some noob on Snow Fort: its not St Patricks day yet

  415. “Nothing is Everything…errr…I mean Everything is Nothing…WAIT WHAT?”

  416. Mac1197
    “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a snowball”

    “’’Clear eyes full hearts Cant Lose”


    Mr awsome555 just thought of it XD

  418. I have a really good one by your own leader, Iasgae:
    Iasgae 56:”If you rape a prostitute, is it shoplifting?”

  419. 1.”If an invasion can trigger an assination,i’d be dead 19 times already!”
    2.The PPF invasion of Walrus
    Leader of The Penguin Patriot Force

  420. 1.”A lie can travel around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes…”
    2.The Penguin Patriot Force invasion of Walrus
    Leader of the PPF

  421. El pollo es muy importante translated means The chicken is very important

  422. we have our spears down wepons cold boides lay while we fight for freedom

    -warrent officer kkneat

  423. Im on the quotes page twice! =D ha I just noticed that

  424. ” CP warfae isn’ for dminating servers. Its for having fun.”

    ~ Blazeion ~

  425. Hey I got a funny Quote. Title is Starbucks. P73376481: “OK lets form up, anyone see a Starbucks oh there’s on over there and hey one over there and one around the corner and one across the street. Man there’s lots of them”

    -by P73376481

  426. Hey guys got lots of them so if you want to hear them Send me an E-mail to kuyamatt@sbcglobal.net. Here is another Quote. Titled Say Hello. P73376481: “Say hello to my little friend”. Note enemy voice saying ahhhhh.

  427. guys we’re having a battle aginst ninjas on mammoth RIGHT NOW help us!!! we took heavy fire

  428. “Live Free,Die eating Pizza”

    -Hurricane 👿

  429. “We lost,but at least we tried.”


  430. ACP, add this one:

    Gamer: “I deserve 1ic.”

    Whit:” XD “

    Saiya: “I deserve dictator.”

    Tom:” XD “

    Caelancox:” That’s going on the quotes page. “

  431. “During my time in ACP, I’ve made some great friends, been taught about war, but most of all, I’ve learned all the bad words.” –Yoda RULZ

  432. Skloop: “….. It’s quiet =/”
    Fox: “OMG i love the medieval party”
    Skloop: “Hooray for Fox, breaking silences, bones and ceramic animals since 1942 (Y)”

  433. Ias: “deadarmy.wordpress.com is the porn site”
    Skloop: “Gtg, just found this awesome website”

  434. ”Cas: im middle ass
    Lje: o_0
    Cas: *class”

  435. Saint- Bye dic
    Div- O.o
    Little- Ummmm
    Saint- *div
    Little- Link me to quotes page!

  436. random mod person- Can I be mod?
    Me- you are mod
    random mod person- no I’m not
    me- -un-mods- ok now ur not
    random mod person- so can I be mod
    me -mods- ok

  437. Goddard18:”Bigger is better, that’s why I’m in ACP!”

  438. Mommacat: Who is more of an jerk face meator justin bieber
    iasage56: i guess meat?

  439. Mommacat: fox i wannna be in your body reallly bad
    Fox: ok a wee to far

  440. heres a quote “Armies never gets old”

  441. Bobcatboy: “Today at school I found out a pedophile lived down my friend’s street”
    Skloop: “Today at school I found out Bob’s friend lives down my street”

  442. ahahahahahahahaha

  443. Here is a quote:
    Huninman: Join ACP today and save the world tomarrow!

    This was said around 2:15 PM EST
    server: breeze
    Date: June 1,2010
    Seen by: Caelancox

  444. lmao im so glad that i dont got any quotes and ima legend xD

  445. This was during the huge PB against Nachos, where we had 70+

    Skloop: “We’re almost as big as Meat’s ego”

  446. This was during june 2010 invasion of sub zero

    Person535:These are my machines!!!

    (a few minutes later)

    everyone:we fight to win!

    person535:we fight for my machines!!!

    1:40 something pm

  447. And it was EST

  448. AND it was the plaza and stadium.

  449. my ninja team has hacking skill were gonna rule cp ha ha ha ha BUT if we work to gether we can stop any one who comes in are way join me at 9:00am today at summit

  450. “Today, at 10:54am RPF slipped into Snow Fort, and accidentally conquered it.”
    LOL XD 0.o

  451. Ponchieoo- You don’t measure the army’s power by land or Soliders. You measure it by loyalty.

  452. pie-there is just one person in the acp lol this is gonna be easy
    boomer- no look behind you
    pie- oh poo

  453. XD RPF got in snowforts and accidently conquered it…

  454. fools (AKA nachos) rush in where angels fear to tread. We’re not fools or angels, we’re ACP.


  456. My signature tuant for the Nacho army.
    “You know what the Nacho army is?
    They’re Not Another Completely Heuristic Operating System, commonly called Nachos”

  457. acp quotes are mest BLEH

  458. I wish to clear the battlefield, for I have my own problems. I fear this shall be the great downfall of my motherland. For all things come to an end, or slowly fade. In the same sense of reality, you can live and die, but you cannot live and love forever. Death is a plague of wits end, the plague that is a slow and painful battle.


  459. my buddy made this quote ( isnt a quote but still
    me : your so idiotic penguin
    Penguin : i know im smart!
    me: ummm
    penguin: HEY!!!! IM NOT DOME!
    me : ??????

  460. “who here likes to eat Nachos?” ~mcgrowlsgirl

  461. Foxtails: “I got out of WoW 10 minutes ago”
    Dryvit: “WoW?,Is that a Code name for Meat?”

    No, no… it was “I just got off WoW like 10 minutes ago.” which made it inapp w/o Dry realizing it.. haha..

  462. “The more we can fight the mroe we pwn”

  463. “Why were we just bombed with ice cream?!”


  465. never mind heres the new version xD

  466. Time: 5:01
    Server: Outback
    Penguin who said it: Greenguy4519
    Quote: “Why the freakin poo were we bombed with ice cream?!”

  467. “If you are ACP once, you are ACP forever…..If this isnt true, then join the stupid Ice Warriors and get on with your life”


  468. “If you are ACP once, you are ACP forever…..If this isnt true, then join the stupid Ice Warriors and get on with your life.”


  469. “When life gives you lemons SQUIRT THEM IN THE ICE WARRIORS EYES!” I remember some ACP general saying that before a battle before I joined.

  470. At Friday, September 19th 2010, I argued with bob for an hour about letting my dog join acp. Here was my quote afterward:
    “If I managed to piss Bob off enough that he demoted me, guested me, and edited and made main the Rules page, I MUST be special.”

  471. Garfield- A bird in the hand is better in the mouth.XD

  472. Abe Lincoln-If you are going to be somthing, be a good one.

  473. I accidentally ran over a frog with my bike. 😦

  474. ” Acp is my life. I Came to Cp with nothing but the Acp changed that. It Changed me forever…”
    Smart Alec4


  475. “What other Army’s cant do, Acp Does!”
    Smart Alec4

  476. Q. Whats Fat and stinks.
    A. Persons Mom

    Whenever I hear the Letters ACP I yell out ARMY OF CLUB PENGUIN. Thats why I got a detention in English Class when Our Teacher taught us that A.C.P stood for Acronyms, Conjunctions and Pronouns. I was on chat on my phone hidden under my desk all the way though detention. Shows how dedicated I am to ACP.


    Pweaz put them wup


  477. “SWAT A DED FLY!

    Smart Alec4

  478. Yer thats cool now to do 1 for iw?

  479. Blackey24782: Do the ACP bomb in 5 seconds
    Smart Alec4….Thinking: I would if I could and i can but i dont want to

    Yer that’s cool. Now to do 1 for IW?
    Smart Alec4: IW melts under pressure…?

  481. (This is a thing I said on chat.)
    Drath1: I have kikced Person’s testicals reason: He’s evil like all nachos.
    Mod: That’d hurt.
    Drath1: Yeah

  482. this was in PC with 9ooo

    me:Soo wanna see a smiley??
    9ooo: YES GIMMIE!!
    me: ok!
    Me:pretends to sneak around and licks 9ooos shiny red boots.
    9ooo: COOLTO!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: ok ok
    Me: *shows (kiss) smiley killing a tree by kissing it*
    9ooo: O_O
    9ooo EPIC FAIL
    me: coolto sees shiny blue DIVORCE button.Coolto presses shiny divorice button

  483. On chat.

    Charliem21:Who Ate You
    Charliem21: XD *are

  484. When nothing goes right, go left.

  485. Penny91:Are you sure we are supposed to be going this way?
    New ACP Soilder:Yes. I already told you I know where the Plaza is.
    Penny91:Dude, we’ve been walking in a circle at the iceburg for THREE HOURS.
    New ACP Soilder:Fine I’ll go this way.
    *Later at the plaza
    Penny91:Look we are here.
    New ACP Soilder:Yayyyy.Now lets go to the pizza parlor to celebrate.I’ll lead the way.
    *At the iceburg
    New ACP Soilder:Its not my fault. My GPS is broken.
    Penny91:You don’t even have a GPS!.All we have is a map which works kinda like a GPS except its paper and it doesn’t have a voice and it doesn’t tell you where are.
    New ACP Soilder: Then I’ll just go to a random place.
    *Later at the night club with a group of the NW
    NW Captian:Tie em” up.
    Penny91:You just HAD to take us to this specific place.
    New ACP soilder:*Tries to think of excuse* It’s your fault!!!
    NW Genral:Shut up you ACP soilder.
    Penny91:ENOUGH! *Calls in Chopper*
    Chopper Pilot:This is Black Widow. Prepare for extraction!
    New ACP Soilder and NW troops:What the heck?
    Black Widow:*Breaks roof and drops ladder*
    Penny91:*Climbs ladder* SO LONG SUKERS
    New ACP Soilder:Can I come.
    Penny91:NO *Calls in strike squad*
    Strike Squad Commander:This is Gold Eagle. My squad and I will come immedietly to terminate all targets excluding you.
    New ACP Soilder:Why do you want to terminate me???
    Penny91:Because I know your a spy for the NW.Your not seriously that stupid to lead us in a trap like that on accident.
    NW Spy:Dang. Your smart.
    Gold Eagle:*Squad breaks in, terminating all targets except Penny*The job is done sir!!!
    Black Widow:*Lifts Penny out of building*
    Penny91:Looks like I am safe now.
    B.W:Uhhh sir?
    Penny: Yes
    B.W:I ran out of gas to the chopper
    *The chopper falls from the sky.Two Penguins think it’s a shooting star.
    Penguin #1:Make a wish!!!
    Penguin#2:I wish we wouldn’t get hit by some flying aircraft carrying tow penguins whos name’s are Black Widow the Chopper Pilot and Penny 91 the ACP Soilder
    *The chopper crashes on those penguins.
    Penny91:Awww man now I’m lost.Theres only one thing I can do when I am lost. That thing is to… die alone .

    McHappy can i be a storywriter of this page please?

  486. “I think gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.”
    – Arnold Shwarzenegger

  487. Before i get to the quote.
    1) this morning there was a Battle on outback

    Kenneth1000: although now your a Field Janitor in ACP
    Smart Alec4: Goes to Outback and cleans all the blood covered muck off the Snow forts
    Kenneth: (hehe)

  488. If you want somthing, you can have it, but if you have too much, you will get shot in that battlefield.If you survive,the enemy will shoot you again.

  489. What penguins have called ACP so far:A.Anti Club Penguin.B.Awwww,Cute Puppies.C.Army of Club Penguin. My preference would be C.

  490. Penny 91’s Soilder Log:December 12,The UMA fought hard, we fought harder, and then I farted, scaring some penguins away.I really should not have eaten those beans. I felt so guilty that I did that, I asked if I could be spanked.I was spanked hard. My bum was throbbing. I also ate some oatmeal. It was flavorless, watery, and bad tasting. I don’t know why I had it for breakfast. 😦

  491. Doodygirl1: Dj, Why does your name say ACP 3ic?
    Dj: It Does? o.O

  492. I have a quote that Daffy Suck said: “Shoot him now! shoot him now!”
    And now one of my own qoutes: “Life sucks dude. Deal with it.” -Mud Dragon

  493. “you can teach a n00b to obey leaders, but he almost never will” – butchaman27

    also some of my name phrases.

    “if you think you lost me, your about to die”

    “I’m 5 from infinity”

    “your high on my awsome”
    tomb- “no I’m using crack right now….”

    “if you dont like your place in life but your to scared to change it, go rent a cubicle.”

  494. This was something someone said on chat. I don’t remember who it was but it was funny.

    “My life is pretty simple:get up, survive, go back to bed.

  495. My quotes put them on this page

    Oops burnt the nachos
    Lets fight
    Ok so let me get this straight we are fighting those noobs?
    Cant get any more easy then this
    Who wants some COME AND GET IT cause Im too lazy to bring it to ya
    Well I think thats enough now lets eat

    Wanna add those?

  496. Chris:I did it with person 🙂
    Foxtails:wait wut

  497. Live for today fight for tommorrow
    Why should I worry about homework I dont even know if Im going to survive yet!
    My life (hmm) eat sleep use the pot aka toilet and play video games simple 😀
    What happens in chat stays in chat

  498. Penny91’s soilder log: Today I fought hard against a bunch of n00bs, but it turns out those were just a bunch of penguins who didn’t even know about the ACP. Then this rabbid puffle bit me. Now I got rabies incase if you didn’t know. P.S. I hugged Noka and I forgot to tell him I didn’t shower for a week.Noka, I am sorry, but next time when I try to hug you. You should smell me before you do something that you will regret….XD

  499. Today on Mammoth:
    Mud Dragon- “SWAT will get Mammoth when Egypt freezes over. Or when Anartica bursts into flames. Point is it just won’t happen. I’m sorry, it just won’t. Actually, I am not sorry at all. None of us are.”

  500. If you want to be something great, show everyone what to do.If you die trying,your team will always be on your side.


  501. You don’t just GET respect. You have to earn it.


  502. The ACP is life changing.It will be something you will never forget.If someone quits the ACP, they still have an option to fix their mistake and come back.The ACP is different from all the other armies. When we die in battle,we are not really dead,we just are missing out on the action………


  503. this is my quote: me: OK WHO SHOT ICEY? MEW2RED: was not me. NW: IT WAS ME!!!!!!! me: -shoots NW- LOL.

  504. and heres a new one. Weirdo: *bleep* icey. Me when mod: I have kicked weirdo reason: NO BLEEPING!!!! >:O weird: *BLEEP* YOU ALL. me: I have BANISHED weirdo reason: I GAVE YOU A WARNING AND NOW YOUR BANNED 😀

  505. Good one-
    “Battles are hard to predict, especially ahead of time”
    Great 56

  506. Fort’s “I hate you luc” and Luc’s “I love you too” will never get old. It’s just so amazing. ;P

  507. Sorry Im early… again.

    ~ Change

  508. Decided to revisit the site for the heck of it, noticed my quote. I actually wasn’t lying when I said that, my dog found an injured owl on the ground and we had to call this animal doctor person. Yeah.

  509. When you create an army like I did, if someone screws up and your watching it happen, you have to take the blame. If you don’t take the blame, you get your butt kicked….

  510. Life is but a Dream… Existence is but an Illusion.

    ~ james5891

    Change: And I am Shutthe freaking hellup.

    Classical randomness.

  512. I got one … Me: do you like Acp?
    Noka: HELL YEA
    Me: do you like pie?
    Noka: yes I do!
    Me: Do you like crap?
    Noka: hell no

  513. A win in a battle is kinda like a stair. Whenever we win, we go one step up. When we go all the way upstairs, the war is over. But when we lose a battle, we fall down the stairs and start again.

  514. Grabbin’ Pills(for Noka)

  515. I have a quote:

    ACP furious is like a very deadly weed,and your the flower,so don’t make ACP furious Coolto5~

  516. A quote

    “Now, what you gotta do is, get me a joint, light it, smoke it, and bring it here, then maybe we can talk about you keepin your kneecaps

    Butchaman27: I just think your stupid, you win a prize
    galaxie3:YAY, GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  517. I will join!!!!! My user is cherrypie216

  518. ACP forever.

    …What happened to the “leading an army naked” quote? That was pretty funny. Did I skim over it as I was reading?

  519. Any of my leading stratedgies are fine, just as long as no one ends up naked at the end……(Excluding Pern)

  520. LOL I love the ceiling one!

  521. Jerry-GT-leader: I have sold my life to hitler.
    ‘Unknown’: Let’s run from this nazi, who agrees with me?

  522. Jackson_65: HARD!!!!!! HARD!!!!!!!!! HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cheezepleeze: thats what she said,
    Caption: Jackson like to have ‘fun’
    (from Failures of GT/GT chat like my post before this)

  523. Holly8857: Which army is the deadest
    Star: St
    Holly8857:No nachos because we eat them
    Star: What about tacos
    Holly8857:What tacos ?
    Star: The dead army
    Holly8857 : Ok yeh tacos are tasty
    Star : We r not talking about food
    Holly8857 : U wanted a clover
    Star:No u just Walked up to me and said what is the deadest army
    Holly8857: No i didnt
    Star:Yes u did
    Star mum : Star i been listing and u know as well as i nachos are the deadest army
    Holly8857:See !
    Star:Oh crap

  524. An American walks in the room, all the nachos walk out.

  525. My quote: Armies can never die, as long as they never give up.

  526. “CAIT IS A LES COUGAR.” Joker, you forgot to mention that you find it amusing I have soft hands. (xd)

  527. Batintrenche: Eh.

  528. “CP Wars are like a slinky falling down stairs. It’s fun until you hit the bottom.”

    ~Bird Pingu

  529. The only time an army dies is when you decide to let it die. ~CPMaster10123

  530. Hedwig828’s quote: Respect the clover! Respect it!

    Sorry it probably stinks wait it does stink. Sorry about the horrible quote!

  531. Respect a green duck from somewhere…. for GOOD luck. ~Pachi Pachi1

  532. The ACP is like a duck. We’re quacking mad, but we like to fly high ~Splashy

  533. yeasureokay

  534. Pengy38088: “OMG SCHOOL SUCKS BADLY”
    Slider: “Why, Pengy?”
    Pengy38088: “Well, let’s just say that… ioioluk is my math teacher, and Roberto is my science teacher.”
    Slider: “Wait, you mean the LT leaders?!!!!!!”
    Pengy38088: “Yea. I think I’m about to go completely psycho.”
    Slider: “I don’t think I would like to see that…”
    *Mchappy walks into the room*
    Mchappy: “Hey guys. What are you talking about?”
    Slider: “Pengy says that he has ioioluk for his math teacher, and Roberto for his science teacher, and he’s about to go completely psycho.”
    Mchappy: “Ok then?”
    *Pengy38088 whispers in Mchappy’s ear*
    Pengy38088 in a whisper to Mchappy: “Mchappy, do you want to help me kill Roberto and ioio?”
    Mchappy (whispering to Pengy38088): “Sure. What time?”
    Pengy38088 (still whispering): “Hang on a minute. Let’s go to the ACP HQ and grab some rifles.”
    Mchappy: “Ok.”
    *Pengy38088 and Mchappy walk out of the room*
    Two hours later….
    Pengy38088: “Ok, we are ready.”
    Three hours later, at the Light Troops HQ….
    *Pengy38088 and Mchappy are dressed like Light Troops*
    Pengy38088; “Are you ready? We are going to ambush Roberto and ioio. They are just outside of this building.”
    Mchappy: “Let’s kick the Light Troops where it hurts the most.”
    *Pengy38088 and Mchappy walk quickly and quietly and hide behind a dumpster*
    Mchappy: “Are you sure about this, Pengy?”
    Pengy38088: “Of course I am.”
    *Roberto and ioioluk walk towards the dumpster*
    Roberto: “Are you sure that this is safe, ioio?”
    ioioluk: “Yea, what would you expect right outside of our Headquarters? ACP soldiers ambushing us?
    Pengy38088 in a mysterious voice: “That’s exactly what is happening, ioio. (now yelling) HOW DARE YOU GUYS BE A TEACHER!!!!!!!!”
    *Pengy38088 and Mchappy kill Roberto and ioio, after that, they (Pengy38088 and Mchappy) high five*
    Mchappy: “YEA!! WE DID IT, PENGY!!!!!! WOOOT WOOT!!!!!!”
    Pengy38088 in a worried voice: “Right, we did it, but now, how are we going to get back without getting…”
    Mchappy: O_O
    *Pengy38088 sees ACP helicopter, grabs Mchappy, and grabs rope helicopter crew throws out*
    Pengy38088: “WE HAVE HELP.”
    *Pengy38088 and Mchappy climb up the rope*
    Pengy38088: “Good, now we are safe.”
    Mchappy: “Yea. I’m hungry.
    Pengy38088: “Me too.”
    6 hours later, at ACP Headquarters…
    Slider: “Where were you?”
    Pengy38088: “We were just outside of LT Headquarters, killing ioio and Roberto with our rifles…”
    Pengy38088: “You like school…. and you’re in the Light Troops.”
    *Pengy38088, Mchappy, and Slider stare at Slider’s Light Troop badge*
    Slider: “Oh. I stole that from ioio.”
    Pengy38088: “So, you DID come with us, but… how did you…”
    Slider: “I turned invisible, then I got into the car you left behind. Oh, and, in case you were wondering, I snuck into the car as you were leaving.”
    Pengy38088: “Oh. That explains it.”
    P.S. I want to be the ACP storyteller.

  535. pengy why so long it took me 6 minutes to read it

  536. HA HA HA HA HAh suck on that LT!!!!!!! pengy good stuff! i vote pengy for acp storyteller!

  537. wait oh thats why you said you would join LT cause of the story

  538. “You mess with one of us, you mess with our British troops”

  539. I got my speech. Either ”I can stick a brick of my butt!” or ”I like toenail clippings”. Or maybe ”Fizzy cheese, anyone?”

  540. Only the finest warriors make it through hell.

  541. ACP RULES!!!

  542. When an ACP Leader gets couped, the homeless gets another recruit

  543. “Try your best so you can achieve the best.” -CPMaster10123

  544. Toughguy52: guys I cant log on. Im busy in mexico doing a drug deal

  545. My quote: Never use carrots as darts. EVER.

  546. “jizz is pee right?” -Purpleslime4, 2011

  547. “Boomer is the soilder ACP deserves, but not the one it needs right now. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. An ACP soilder.” Crazy tow 11/22/14
    [I forgot to say boomer for the last post. can u delete that?]

  548. LOL so funny……… and disturbing………… >;)

  549. “We need to build a wall” ~ Noka
    “He’s not hiding in the oven” ~Super Edwin (referring to me during hide and seek xD)

  550. “Lets build a wall between ACP and Nachos and make Nachos pay for it” I have no idea who wrote the scroller, it wasn’t me.

  551. “Washington D.C. is located where?”
    “White house.”
    ~Words of a faithful IRS Scammer

  552. “Tami is a guy?!” ~Everyone

  553. “Flip hug meh” ~Jai

    sorry Edwin

  554. When life knock’s you down you get back up and fight it because you never know when there will be no tomorrow

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