Welcome to the records page, where we list those incredibly amazing or stupid memories on history!

Most Soldiers Ever on a Battle: 175 Soldiers (Boomer 20’s Retirement Battle) // Army of Club Penguin, Boomer 20

Most Time Leading ACP: 18 Months // Oagalthorp (ACP Creator, ACP Leader)

2nd Most Time Leading ACP: ~15 Months // Flen (Ken/Flip)

3rd Most Time Leading ACP: 9 Months // Boomer20

Largest Active Count: 524 Soldiers (May 21, 2009) // Army of Club Penguin, Boomer 20

Most Edits On One Post: 15 Edits. Post is HERE

Longest Time at Rank of ACP Noob: Tostipotato

Most Retirements Ever: Ennbay (15 Times)

Most Viewed Page Ever: Chat

Most Votes For Unmod Week: Reddavis1998

Posting Record: 5 Posts in 16 Minutes // Matre10, Kenneth1000, Noka8, Klug1234

Most ACP Ownership Retirements In One Day: Retirements of Carter, Flipper, Kenneth1000, and Slider (July 1st 2012)


Most Hits in a Day: 8,393 Hits (10k Hits Day) 

Most Banned Forever Person: Seanehawk

Most Banned Person Of All Time: Mazchaster

Most Time as an Owner (on Chat): Oagalthorp

Longest Period Serving as Soldier: Noka (Feb 23rd 2008 – Present)

Shortest Time Serving as Leader: Dr Nono Jr

Most Begs for a Promo: Ohlie (2568 Times)

Most ever-lasting BFF Group: The 3 Amigos (Fort57, Kg 007, Toe)

Longest completed snakeban: Matre10, 100 hours

Number of ACP Legends: ~ 228

Medals of Honor:

  • Oagalthorp [2]
  • Koolaidman7
  • David Shawn
  • Gorond
  • Skivenski
  • Lt Giovanni
  • Nrop
  • Goozgooz
  • Us Soilder
  • Penquin Jim
  • Orcacam07
  • Mazachster
  • Boomer 20 [2]
  • Dryvit
  • Dr Nono Jr
  • Saint1119
  • Iasgae 56
  • Shaboomboom
  • Mchappy
  • Flipper
  • Noka
  • Flipmoo (Slimball2007)

The Original Four (SSACP):

  • Cooltiger413
  • Corvette460
  • Headofpolice
  • Mazachster

The Second Generation (SSACP):

  • Boomer 20
  • Bellehdewmah
  • Cooltiger413
  • Headofpolice
  • K Wadler
  • Mazachster
  • Rapidy
  • Shaboomboom

The Third Generation (SSACP):

  • Bluey92123
  • Boomer 20
  • Matre10
  • Shaboomboom
  • Stev712
Dedicated Trainers (ACPTR):
  • TyloV5 (Da Dobby)
  • Matre10
  • Snowballpink
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Twingy
  • Slider568
  • 12Declan12

Best Socks Robber: TyloV5 (Da Dobby)

Most ever 8ball Fails on Chat: Billy Mays (x9)

Most Naked Purple Penguins in a Circle:

  • 34 (Nachos and ACP combined)

Most Pink Bunnies naked in Klondike:

  • 25 (All CP Armies)

♣ Slider was here ♣

148 Responses

  1. 2nd!!!

  2. Second! Matre10 told me about this currently on Chat

  3. Rofl! Most naked purple penguins in a circle, lol.

  4. 4th! and awsome idea Matre.

  5. Nice Page Matre!

    -Lazer Blue

  6. Matre should have his own section for “person who’s asked the most times to see Stev’s gf’s pics on chat” and put next to it “more times than you’ve censored” lmao im just kidding 😆

  7. 9th! Matre, I have my very own record and it is this:

    Cadet with the highest rank: Goddard18 (Colonel)

  8. My rank changed faster because I was Warrant Officer for a week until I became Colonel.

  9. oops not 9th it was 10th

  10. I own this page XD

  11. Poor Meat :[ He has another record tho, pretty sure he was youngest leader gotta check with Oagal tho.

  12. Youngest leader is in between Fort, Kg, Meat, Dry, Oagal, Rapidy and maybe Nono. Because they all lead when they were in their 12-13. ACP has never had a leader younger than 11 O.o

  13. WOO! And Stev, Meat was 11.

  14. Goddard18 no you wernt I was xD 2nd leuitient

  15. Matre I think I have a new record
    Most votes for senate 29 and counting: Okarche Dude

  16. Umm Meat claimed to be 12 when we were co leaders. And that was before he became leader.. So idk.

  17. Name: Jet Nugget

    Record: One of the most known mods on chat.

  18. oka thats not a record yet

  19. But I am most active soldier *nod*

  20. cool matre cool site

  21. This Page is sweet! I’ll get ‘Most Time In ACP’ soon x]

  22. Meat always told me he was 12 and older then me when I was leader, which was before he was leader.

  23. I’ve been in ACP since October of ’07 i think , Does that make me something ? *goo*

    ~! Diaa Lotfi !~ ACP Master General !~ :mrgreen:

  24. Yeah exactly, Dry. Oh i have an idea for another record, put all the top spy awardees as a record 😀

  25. I was also in one of the first SSACP generations.

  26. Hmmmm,

    im on the records… WAYYyYY! 😀

    Hmmm longest member who ever comes on acp chat: MEH! ( Excluding Oagal )

  27. Colonel is a higher rank than 2nd Lieutenant

  28. Wow
    I can Imagen the Matre Boomer and Shamboom days

  29. How ’bout most ranked at a time? I don’t know when but Boomer said in one post ACP had over 3,000 ranked at one point

  30. Rofl FTW


  31. Most times couped: Shab.

    1. Oagal
    2. Nono
    3. Ias
    4. Dry (/Matre?)

    Most times couping.

  32. I Wondered Something About ACP. I Am Creating a new army, as an ally of ACP. The Name Is Club Penguin Knights. I Was wondering if We could be allies with ACP and be freinds. Infact ACP inspired me to create my own army! Thank You Very Much! 🙂

    Mr Cool 3866

    O And My Site For This Army I created is:

    Please Email me If It Is Ok For us To Become Allies With ACP at:

  33. im sec. gen. SSACP

  34. Maz, Maz, Maz, Maz! 😀

  35. Mitch aka Blue Speed 7 (December 6th 2006 – Present)

    This is false. I joined ACP in April 07, Mitch joined around in 08. I promise you that this record is wrong.

  36. When i go to to join it says “The Join Page is Now Closed.” Will it ever open?

  37. I have a record. (I think)
    Most stories in one series (Same storyline): 6 (the last 2 are in the works)

  38. i think i can beet drys record

  39. Well how long were they ? o.o I mean the average length of my stories are 6,000-7,000 words.

  40. Wait nvm, NVM wrong comment




  42. I need a promo my penguin name is blue2181

  43. I want the record for:

    More Experienced than Matre but still complains about that he is leader now but not me record xD

  44. I think I should get the rank for best unicorn

  45. add a record for “the battle started earliest” which is ACP vs GT started really early

  46. 51st lol

  47. lol funny
    igot one
    Youngest Colnel: Pink23art (10yrs.)

  48. since kg and toe retired i think me and yanks now have the record of longest BFF group

  49. dang Billy Mays failed 9* what a losser

  50. New record-
    First female grand senator- LittleGuy04 (me)
    Date- june 1, 2010


    I wanna be second female to get the MoH (D) I will get it, and then, I will LAUGH, at you, Oagal, I will LAUGH. Okay? OKAY?

  52. wow

  53. heres a record I HOPE YOU ACCEPT

    Been in most unexpected wars- Roy2165 [2…or 3 if you count the early ACP vs GT battle]

  54. Most naked purple penguins in circle! What the.

  55. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz join!!!!

  56. Lol most naked penguins thats soooo classic 🙂

  57. Im gonna get the record for most time in ACP because I will be in the ACP forever!!!! XD

  58. Please put my record which is:
    ACPTR Cadet With Highest Rank: Goddard18, Colonel

  59. The longest BFF group sounds fun!

  60. I think I have another record which is most unique soldier since it seems not a lot of people like what I like

  61. ive got a record for you
    Most annoying person in ACP: Lild3567 (i dont think the numbers are right) he keeps on asking do you want to join my army in PC hes such a noob

  62. I broked Smsm Recored I asked Matre 110 Times!


  63. it was an awesome fight

  64. Lol fox, sorreh…. U can be 2nd for MoH, I’ll have to be 3rd then! Rofl





  66. longest time confused about rank 3 months bat12356

  67. longest time confused about rank 3 months bat12356
    really i wa sconfused

  68. Add me on here (goo) Mah name is Jet Nugget and heres mah thing:

    Longest time in ACP and only a Master General, joined in ’07.

  69. Most ever-lasting BFF Group: The 3 Amigos (Kg 007,Toe)


  70. I beat the record for most begs for mod! (115!)

  71. Talyor455 served for 4 years which is ahead of Borja

  72. Lol nice page

  73. I actuallu beat Dry . I got a promo from Corporal to Brigadier General 😀 Fix it :6:

  74. LOL this is the best post EVER

  75. hey buckleybeans how did u get that kind of promo?

  76. I have a record

    Youngest person In acp:Trumpyjosh 8 years old (I think)

  77. I have a record for me the highest ranked member who retired well like I was Major when i retired and im probably the biggest member rank who retired can anyone beat that?

  78. goodness, I miss you weirdo’s….

  79. Shouldn’t i be on second or third generation SSACP?

    I’m not an expert when it comes to SSACP.

  80. 90th comment wahoo 🙂

  81. You should do youngest person in ACP or oldest person in ACP

  82. Who is Seanehawk?? What did he do to get banned??

  83. HAAAAA the pink bunny record has been broken Flipper had his b-day party and there was 27 of us in bunny costumes

  84. Fastest rank skipper 2 – Fastest person to achieve top mod.

    Who achieved it? I did, Flipper.

    In how many days? 25. :mrgreen:

  85. I got the Most Begs for a Promo record *d*

  86. Whoa nice records!

  87. i should be onn the most banned forever and the longest served soilder

  88. I WILL make it on that record list. I promise that I will. I will do something amazing(or stupid)that will knock your socks off. If your not wearing socks you got lucky……

  89. Ive served 3 Years and 9 Months (counting)

    Longer than Borja.

    Also, I was banned 3 times in less than a minute once, 7 times total in that 1 day, is that a record? xD

  90. Clint i don’t see your name on the ranks 😕
    What did you mean by counting? 😛

  91. Add me as advisor noob xD

    then put me up, its now 3 years and 10 months(counting)

  92. this page is wierd

  93. so many swat help plz mammoth

  94. I’m just sayin’, I’ve been banned forever way more times than Meat. I demand that you put “(and Foxtails)” next to his name. And I’m totally serious. Pretty please?


  95. cool! I LOVE ACP! the record are soo cool

  96. You forgot one!
    First Blind Guy ever to be in ACP!
    XD More like First blind guy to act like a total noob after 1 1/2 years XD

  97. BTW: I am gonna try to come back! Thats why I ment that.
    You will maybe have the first blind guy soon XD

  98. comment 122…

  99. comment 123!:O

  100. BAA?! how about longest sheep record? 😛

  101. Look at all these records! I wonder when we’ll break them.

  102. Longest time being a ACP Un-ranked Noob:
    Bingoradar (Early June 2011 – October 2011)
    I officially got the rank of “Corporal” October 2011 and today I am a Captain.

  103. Once again. Most Times banned in one day on Chat: 7 times.

  104. Wow, so many records, we should try to break some.

  105. cross out noka hes gone


  107. noka is gone…..

  108. i think i deserve a record for longest time at corpal about 2 years 3 months

    im a sargent now so YAY

  109. Most Vimto downed in an hour – 12 cans.

  110. Almost 1 year later.

  111. LOL!!

  112. Most time being mod: Sonic~ July 2013-present

  113. I got a record for most emotes in 2 mins on chat without getting kicked 😀 (102 emotes)… I almost got banned.

  114. Longest time being mod July 2013-Present and p.s Noka retired

  115. Noka left ACP now.

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