Riddles for Xats #3

The day is fine as the morning light,

And ends on the river of the endless night,

Who am I to wander ahead,

beyond the speed which I’m to tread?

I seek the end before the beginning,

to know what will come, to see what’s there

And will I see my dreams or my fears?

I can’t make up my mind, it’s all to sudden,

the change in the wind, a storm is ahead,

but right there, above me, as still as one dead

lies the arc of the rainbow.


Good day everyone!

I felt like writing a poem today so, well, I did. Also, that poem is a riddle as well, try to find out what it describes! Today is the third installment of Riddles For Xats! I apologize for the lateness of my entry. I have been preoccupied with (mainly) school work and projects. However, now that I finally found the time and made a new riddle, I present to you

Riddles For Xats #3

~ Hosted by Tamiyami ~

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