ACP Musical Theme Contest

Good day to you all,

I have added another contest to my repertoire as of now. In addition to my Riddles for Xats contest (for the latest one click here), I have created a new, never before seen contest in which YOU decide what ACP’s musical tunes should sound like. Have you ever gone on YouTube in search of your favorite anime’s soundtrack? Have you ever seen a video or been in a conversation or situation in which you thought of a song that explains through music what you were feeling? If so, then this is the contest for YOU. Read on for the details.

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The Cleansing of ‘Alaska’

Well hey ACP, Great news is that we just had an event on Chinook because Alaska was full, and we did a fantastic job maxing 20 most of the time. We had overall great tactics and sizes, and at the end they admitted we won. Good job to all who came, and hopefully we continue having great sizes and tactics.

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