Club penguin Cheat codes // Updates # 1

Hello there!

Welcome to a new series! Which includes Club penguin codes Updates, Polls and alot of funny pictures be sure to share them with your friends!

Are you new to Club penguin? Looking for some codes? Needing some coins to buy items?

You came to the right place!, lets start with the cheat codes!

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Have you ever wanted to teach actual ACP Troops and show them the way of ACP? Well now you can! We, ACPTR, are in need of new, active, and determined staff  for ACPTR. If you think you got what it takes to post classes and teach troops daily then why not apply?


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You’re a ☆

Hai dere, ACP!

I just wanted to go over a few things that have been happening.  Due to xat being glitchy, I haven’t been able to access it for the past two days.  This is why I haven’t been so much around on chat or for posting.  On top of that I lost my phone and my parents are worried.  They’ve been using the computers to track it down and such.  I can’t believe I lost it.  After all of the commotion with xat glitching I just want to remind everybody that we are still at XAT.COM/THEACP and we won’t change unless xat acts up again.  I feel like nobody really said that we’re still at that chat so I just wanted to make it clear.

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The New ACPTR Drill Team Leaders

Hey Everyone,Its Matre here

I’d like to announce the New Drill Team leaders that have been chosen to work for the Army of Club Penguin Training regiment,Also known as ACP Boot Camp.

This Decision was made by all the current staff with Anonymous votes from each of us,These 2 People have showed spirit and actieness enough to be allowed to Train our fellow cadets at the Boot Camp.

Without any further ado,here are the Winners:

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Acp Training Regiment November 2009 Graduates

Hey ACP!

Most of you may know me as the CP Cheats poster,I’m also the Leader of the Army Of Club Penguin Training Regiment (A.k.a Boot Camp) . There,2nd Lieutenants and Below Soldiers Register as Cadets,and during all the month they learn History,Tactics,Formations,Leading & much more. They are awarded grades from F to A+,at the end of the month those with high grades are awarded a Promotion in ACP.

Now,For the graduations…

Blue Team:

4996ddexter C ……………….. Gets rank of Warrant Officer!

Green Team:

Adamster97 B ……………….. Gets rank of 2nd Lieutenant!

Red Team:

 Bombby B ……………….. Gets Rank of 2nd Lieutenant!

Black Team:

Boie5 A+ ……………….. Gets Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

This was an awesome Month at the ACPTR,along with a lot of Soldiers as new Staff,we updated a lot of things. If you are Ranked 2nd Lieutenant and below,you can join the ACPTR on December to be like this month’s cadets too! 😀

Click Here to go To The ACPTR Join Page!!