Riddles for Xats #4

Good day to you all,

Ever since my last post, ACP has gone out of its way to prosper. We’re 5th on CPAC, but you all know that we have what it takes to be first! Show your green pride when our banner is raised in victory! But that will have to wait for Sunday.

Let’s look back for a moment to last week’s installment of none other than

Riddles For Xats #4

~Hosted by Tamiyami~

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||                  REST IN PIECE DAVID BOWIE          ||



UK’s First event of the year

Hey, ACP! Today, UK had their first of the year where we maxed twenty on Breeze however our tactics need work as a majority of our tactics today were poor. Continue reading for pictures of the event provided by I and Bam. 

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Events for the week 23rd November to 29th November

events for the week

Today’s events


:!:[UK]Tournament Training Session:!:

When: 27th November 2015

Server: Breeze


8:00 PM GMT

3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST


:!:[US] Tournament Training Session:!:

When: 27th November 2015

Server: Breeze


8:00 PM EST

7:00PM CST

6:00PM MST

5:00PM PST

3:00AM GMT


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[UK] Training Session

Hello, ACP. Today, the UK force logged onto Glacier and had a training session, we maxed 22. Read on for more pictures provided by Myself and Elsa.

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[US] Training Session+U-Lead

Hello everyone!


Today we logged on to Breeze for a training session. After people wanted to do some tactics and practice leading, it evolved into a U-Lead and a good one at that. We maxed 20 and averaged 18-19. I opened the CP tab randomly after I glitched out for a little bit and saw a beautiful E+Z tactic. Great job today my comrades, and enjoy your xats Jt and Chey! More raffles will be done if we continue down this path of strong performances. This was my last event for two weeks since I will be on vacation, and It makes me very happy that I will be taking my leave on a good note. Once again, great work today guys. Lets keep it up!


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UK Champions Cup Training

Hello, ACP. 

Today,  the UK division logged onto Breeze for a short  training sessionin preparation for the Champions Cup. We maxed twelve and just about every tactic was perfect which was amazing to see, let’s carry on with that during and after the Champions Cup. Carry on reading for pictures provided by Max, Zoomey, Elsa and Ag.

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[UK] Practice Battle vs. Nachos – RESULTS

Hey ACP!

Today our newly reformed UK divison logged onto the server ‘Breeze’ for our Practice Battle against the Nacho Army, a long-time rival of ours! We maxed a size of 13 and averaged 12-13 throughout the event! This was a decent event and we beat the Nachos so well done to all ACP! Thanks Nachos for putting up a good fight too!

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Hello ACP! Today we had a Recruiting Session on the server Slushy! We maxed 25 and averaged about 20 the whole event! Great job ACP, thanks to everybody who attended the event and helped out! Clover Power

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UK Recruiting results

Greetings, ACP! 

Today, the UK force logged onto Ice Berg for a quick recruiting session followed with a bit of training where we maxed eighteen which is a decent size however let’s try to aim for bigger and better sizes throughout the week, UK! Our tactics were mostly decent with some needing improving.  Carry on reading for pictures provided by Zoomey.

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