Club Penguin Responds About Account Bans @ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

As most of you know, many people in the CP Army Community has been banned from Club Penguin forever, for no reason. Including me. And when I contacted Club Penguin both through email and twitter. They responded back to me on twitter in DMs. Check it out.

So if you have been banned forever on Club Penguin, make sure to contact Club Penguin through email >>> <<< and tell them you have been banned forever, for no reason.

They said your account possible may been banned because they were fixing the bots issue, by removing accounts that may been bots. And they got some main, non-bots accounts mixed up. At least this proves they’re actually trying to fix the bot issue.

So make sure to contact them through email, and hopefully our Club Penguin accounts will be unban! And thank you so much Club Penguin for responding back!


Until Now,