ACP Awards 2015


Also, Happy Holidays for those who don’t celebrate Christmas. As the year dawns to an end the time for the ACP Awards is back; the ACP Awards are the awards for those who work hardest throughout the year and this is their moment to get the recognition they deserve. Best of all, pretty much all of it voted for by YOU.

Credit to Purpleslime

Credit to Purpleslime

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US Recruiting Session

Hello everyone,

Today we logged on for a recruiting session on the server White Out. At first it was a pretty small group, but after a little bit of saying lines on CP, more and more people started to come join our line. Some new people were on our chat as well. We maxed 22 and averaged around  19-20. This is a major improvement and I expect these to continue and progress in good time. Not bad today guys, we did well. But can we do even better? Heck yeah!

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November promotions 2015


Here they are everyone. The November 2015 promotions/demotions! With only 1 month left until the welcoming of a new year and also the end of another one. Let’s have a great December. Congratulations to all the people promoted! If you were demoted, then you can always get promoted back to your previous rank[s] with hard work and loyalty.

Never give up, because only then will you be a true “looser.”

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The Rebuilding of Our Great Nation | Operation Phoenix

It’s time to act.


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Soldier Of The Month November 2015!

Hi, ACP. Welcome, to my first Soldier Of The Month post (SOTM) in which I shall be rewarding the hardest working moderators and members in the army every month. This month’s winner is :

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UK Mining Expedition on White Out

Salutations my comrades,


Today we logged on to the server White Out and had a great and fun mining expedition where we practiced some tactics and recruited a little bit. Without realizing it people were logged on  over 40 minutes at this event and I heard no complaints. Some of the main lines said by us on CP today were “SUPPORT WORLD PEACE!” and “TURN GREEN FOR WORLD PEACE!”. This I believe started to attract many people to come and join us dancing or drilling. We started off for the first few minutes with around 14-16 online and then more people started joining in which then resulted in us maxing about 19.


I saw a great deal of effort today by our soldiers and other people on CP today, and it makes me proud to have led this event. Great work today everyone!


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ACP Recap #87 8-14 November AND #88 15-21 November!!!

Click HERE and HERE for these 2 year old ACP Recaps!

Click HERE for this 1 year old ACP Recap and compare how we did a year ago!

Groovy greetings, ACP! It’s Purp here, reporting for duty with ACP Recap 87… aaaaand ACP Recap 88! Quite glad to be writing this ON TIME, really! Well, kinda. I missed a week. Good enough for me though! Enjoy my post, yall! AH YES AND DON’T FORGET….

Poll results from last post

Today I learnt: ACP ain’t lil’ kiddies!

Oh and by the way, there’s not going to be any poll of the week here anymore! As you probably know, Mav is doing poll of the week! Now that puts a lil’ weight off my shoulders.

Enough with the babbling, you now you know what time it is! Time to sit down ‘n’ READ-MORE!!!!

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Getting To Know Troops #5

Hey There ACP!,

 It is finally time for the newest Getting to know troops and today i decided to interview Tamiyami!. Tamiyami has been in ACP for a while and recently got promoted to moderator due to the retirement of Tradercp! now let us start with the interview 😉

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[AUSIA] Defense of Ice Box

Greetings ACP!

Although I don’t have any pictures, we were able to defend from the unappealing LT, it was a pretty awesome battle, and we were able to get 15 on CP and defend Ice Box. 1 medal if you made it!

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