US Practice Battle VS. DB[RESULTS]

Hello ACP!


Today, we logged on Mammoth and faced the Dark Bandits and ended victorious. We averaged 11-12 and maxed 14. Our size stayed about the same for pretty much all of the event. Our tactics were actually really good, despite size. We should have had around at least 20 on CP, but lots of people are on leave and have a lot of homework or chores to do before the new week started tomorrow. We need to do better though. Good job ACP. Remember, if we all do our part and recruit as hard as we can, it will pay off sooner or later. Don’t ever give up, soldiers. Stay strong.


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US Recruiting Session

Hello ACP!


Today, we logged on CP and we had a really great recruiting session. We maxed around 25 and averaged 17-22. Even though there was quite a bit of lag, that still is affecting me while I write this post, we fought through it. We focused on bringing in recruits with our lines rather than doing a bunch of tactics for this event. It seems as though we are starting to get back up after our fall into 8th place on the last top ten. Even though we did have a fall, we are reviving from it, and getting back up. Most importantly, we aren’t giving up. I am proud of you guys. As a result of this event, we are getting a bunch of recruits. Keep it up ACP, and remember, NEVER give up.

Do you realized how many times Thomas Edison screwed up before becoming one of the most famous and important people of all time and making possibly the most important invention ever? 1000 times. Yea that’s right. You read it. And did he give up? NO! He kept on trying, didn’t give up, kept going, didn’t stop. Then at one point, he did it… He made the first electrical light bulb! Many more people have done that in history, and it ends up being an inspiration and a lesson that I hope all of you embrace and learn from.

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USA Training Session

Hello ACP!


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March on Ice Breaker Results

Hello ACP,

Today we logged on to Ice Breaker and took over many rooms on the server. We averaged 15-16 and maxed 17. We also marched through the server all the way from the cove to the ski hill at the end of the event. The new troops as well as everyone together did a great job. Our tactics could have been better, as well as our size, but that is something that can easily be fixed with this super effective amazingly powerful medicine called RECRUITING! The start of the event was slightly rough, but as everyone logged on and warmed up, it went much better through the remainder of the event. I feel that the USA Division can enter a new golden age and flourish once more, but only we truly give it our all and recruit hard. Read on for the pictures!

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Events For The Week![1/19-25]

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Goals: If we reach the goal listed below the event, promotions will be given out!

Sunday, January 25th 2015.

[USA] Formation Practice + Tactics Session

Server: To be announced when event starts

Times: ~ 2 pm EST // 1 pm CST // 12 (noon) MST // 11 am PST // 7 pm GMT (UK) //

[USA] Tactics Session

Server: Breeze

Times: ~ 7pm EST // 6 pm CST // 5 pm MST // 4 pm PST //

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[USA Army Force] Training Session/Practice Battle 1/15

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Events of the week

Greetings ACP,

Tonight we were scheduled to have a recruiting session, but I decided to have a training session instead because we were unable to have one last night. We logged onto Breeze and only managed to do one or two tactics before CP muted all of us; rendering us incapable of doing any tactics. We only were able to log on for about 3 minutes so only about 2/3 of our forces were able to get on. Even so we maxed 15 during this time. After this I attempted to log people on Mammoth to continue the training session. Our connectivity problems got even worse and we were only able to get half our forces on to Mammoth where we had a short practice battle. Unfortunately due to my lightshot acting up, I only managed to get 2 not very good pictures not even showing our total size we managed to log on to CP. Had CP not been difficult we would have been able to max 20. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow’s PRACTICE BATTLE AGAINST WATER VIKINGS AT 7PM EST!

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