Edwin Appreciation Day (EAD) – October 8th, 2016 –

Important Posts:

Hey there ACP, a vast majority of you may not know of me, and that’s quite alright. However, those who do recognize my name already know that I am the creator of AR and a long-time friend of ACP.

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New CP – New Accounts: CONFIRMED!! @ClubPenguin @KingBoo8884

Hey guys!

As most of you know by now, by yesterday’s confusion. Where people didn’t know weather Club Penguin’s current CEO, Spike Hike, meant people would keep their items when the original CP shuts down, and the new Club Penguin opens up. Or if everyone who plays Club Penguin would have to restart all over.

It is now CONFIRMED everyone will have to start all over, in getting items, coins, stamps, etc. Here is a picture provided by @KingBoo8884

Again it is now CONFIRMED players will have to start all over once the original Club Penguin shuts down, and the new Club Penguin opens up.

Make sure to keep checking in for more Club Penguin updates, news and more. Thanks for reading!

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@ClubPenguin – Polo Field + Live Interview[VIDEO]

Polo Field also known as Chris Gliddon was a former Club Penguin Moderator who was in charge of the Community and Social Media areas of Club Penguin, answering fan comments, and working on blog posts and videos. He was hired as a community support rep in 2006 by Gizmo, and was later then hired as a member of the development team by Rsnail in July 2007.

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