Salutations everyone,


Today the Snow Ninjas tried to take one of our servers Belly Slide in what was a strong display of force, for ACP. We maxed 14 with great tactics and formations. As the battle continued, we gained some more size and ACP held a distinct advantage over the enemy. Great work today everyone, let’s keep this going!

After the battle, SN were sore losers and couldn’t accept their decimation. They look pretty damn sore though aye?

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Impressive USA Recruiting Operation



Today we logged on to CP for what would turn out to be an amazing start to this new week. Once we arrived on the server and we had the all clear, the operation was underway. Quickly, we gained size and attracted the attention of many people continuously. New recruits started coming on chat, and even after the event ended, there was still a lot of people partying and having a lot of fun. This was a great day in modern ACP history, as there was true influence demonstrated. Great effort today, I’m proud of us. Let’s continue these great sizes and have a consistent week.

Max: 33

Average: 30-32

**Don’t forget the invasion of Zipline tomorrow @3pm EST! [MANDATORY EVENT].**

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