Becoming More Part of The @ClubPenguin Community[PLEASE READ]


Hey guys!

As a army who has been battling and server the island of Club Penguin for almost 10 years! We need to start becoming MORE apart of the Club Penguin community, so we need to do things like attending Club Penguin Mascot/Moderator Meet Ups, post club penguin updates/news on the ACP site (So turn the ACP site into a Club Penguin blog as well) and have ACP host and create their own Club Penguin parties, and get people attending them. So then we will be able to have A LOT more support from Club Penguin players, and since we are the ARMY of CLUB PENGUIN, we won’t be known as outsiders in the Club Penguin community, people won’t think of us as some evil group seeking to destroy Club Penguin.

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Events for the Week

Ausia Events for the Week

Summer Events


We logged on today for an [AUSIA] U-LEAD. We maxed 15 and averaged 14.

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UK U-Lead / Battle with RPF

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Greetings, ACP. Today , as an award for maxing 20 on Monday, we had a U-Lead which near the end turned into a battle with RPF who raided us. We had fantastic tactics today however we still need to focus on word tactics and how to hold them. We maxed 15 and averaged 14 throughout the event. Carry on reading for pictures.

Please don’t coup me 😦

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Join Army of Club Penguin Video 5/15/16

♣ Welcome to the OFFICIAL Army of Club Penguin ♣ Click on the word join to leave a comment, then be added to our ranks and start chatting with us; a basic guide to the army can be found here – FREE CLUB PENGUIN CODES ♣

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