I challenge Golds WV and Nachos to the #SeperateChallenge [mainly Golds & WV as Nachos aren’t THAT desperate]

Basically this challenge means all armies performing separate events/invasions AT THE SAME TIME. That would mean you actually attending you’re OWN events. Because unless everyone in this community is blind or just hasn’t pointed it out, Basically every week these 2 to 3 armies come together and beg for each others help from other armies or perform one of the infamous “3 way events” you know where they all ASSIST EACH OTHER IN A EVENT TO MAX 25 LOL.

This type of activity truly shows how sick and destroyed this community is, These armies are depending on the help of others outside of their own army [begging or just plain getting an  ENTIRE army to attend your event] Lets also point out the fact that WV have senselessly ignored armies countless times [Example: NW just a month ago]

Who are they to think they have ANY say in how another army runs? Right they don’t because they completely depend on the assistance of others and by cheating their way to the “top”- same thing with golds who just beg for help and steal troops, only to max blood 8 then call claim sizes of 20+ (LOL).

All of these armies are complete trash and deserve to get pounded by the highest of powers (yes even higher than my own power)



That is all for now soldiers of ACP.

Be sure to check out the legends nominations and vote for who YOU think deserves it. (preferable allied leaders or myself :mrgreen: )

~ Bam117

ACP Leader



I’m gonna give you a little something you can’t take off.

A promotion.

Every week

For those looking for a quick way to earn a promotion, you’re in luck. I’m hereby establishing a little reward for the lot of you. To one lucky soldier every week, we’ll be giving a promotion, and perhaps a little something extra too. 

Why? Because I want the lot of you to recruit. Non stop. Thats right. Get out your scripts and hunker down on a popular server either on CPPS.me or club penguin. 

If you’re recruiting we’ll take notice. Attend battles for a better chance. Comment on the site everyday. 


The only good Nacho

Is a dead Nacho





Killing Nachos.


I’m Slider568, and I’m your new 3ic. I’ve got more experience than the Nachos have lost servers and we’re going to keep whipping the god damn sh- out of them until we’ve won this war for good. Once we’re done, there won’t be a Nachos army of club penguin.

Expect posts from myself everyday, expect giveaways, expect temp chat rank rewards. If theres one person I’d want to impress if I was a member, it’d be me. If you’re active, if you’re a good soldier, I will have you promoted or die trying.

We’re going to flip this site around and give it an active spin and interesting content, I want you to want to check the site everyday, not have to. and we’re going to make ACP the kind of place you’d take your girlfriend on a hot date before you seal the deal at xat.com/flirt, but a place you’d take your grandma too, because she’s god damn hip with the kids.

My first task is ACPTR, and I’d love to have all of you in it. As a Drill Team Leader, a volunteer, or even a cadet. We’re working on getting an older site right now. Mid April the hiring for all staff will begin, training will commence after, ACPTR will open May 1st for cadets.

Find me on ACP chat, I’m always around at night, and I’d love to talk, meet you, and talk about any concerns or ideas you might have for ACP.

Lets get swinging.


It Feels Good To Be Back

Yes it is true I am back on the ACP site. Everyone’s worst nightmare is back.

We are going to make ACP great again. Soldiers we don’t win anymore we are no longer 1st on CPAC every week, we lose every torment we enter. This will all change from this point on. ACP will be made great again. We are going to build a wall and make the Nachos pay for it. Like I said I am back and WE WILL MAKE ACP GREAT AGAIN.

US Invasion of Bobsled

Greetings, ACP.  Today, US logged onto Bobsled where after a bad start we managed to recover and put up a good battle for Bobsled. We maxed 14. Carry on reading for pictures provided by Lionz and I.

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Invasion of Yeti

Hey ACP! Today we logged on Yeti for an Invasion, we maxed 25. Good size and tactics. Tactics were almost all on point and great movement.

Clover Power



ACP leader

USA 4-Way Battle Raid

Important Posts:

Hello everyone!

Today we logged onto the server Sleet usually filled with the inhabitants of the rare era, but today, it was filled with a huge 4-way battle, of which we raided. Three other armies showed up, but the other one did not attend. I can’t say how happy I am about our performance. We had really great tactics and a solid maintained size over the hour we were online. Yes, I said “hour”. It was intense but also really fun, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that. We maxed 15 and averaged 13. I am very proud of you all. Great work!

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