Events of the Week[November 27th-December 3rd]

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All dates and times are subject to change. Make sure you constantly check the schedule for any updates or additions.

Today’s Events

**Prizes available for ALL events today!**

UK Training & Game Night

When: 3rd December

Server: Breeze


9 pm GMT

 4 pm EST

3 pm CST

2 pm MST

1 pm PST


US Training & Game Night

When: 3rd December

Server: Breeze


 9 pm EST

8 pm CST

7 pm MST

6 pm PST

2 am GMT


AUSIA Training & Game Night

When: 3rd December

Server: TBA


5:30 pm IST

8 pm Manila



12 pm GMT

7 am EST


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New Ausia Leader

Hello ACP, I am Ronnoc91, your new AUSIAleader. I know currently that our AUSIA division is terrible but I hope to make our AUSIA the best in CPA. That is going to take work and time and I plan on putting in maximum effort to do so. I am also going to need the help of all of you to make this work. Lets go ACP!

-Ronnoc91 ACP Ausia Leader


ACP’s Second Official Pokémon Tournament: Sign Ups and Information

Edit: You must currently be enlisted in ACP or have previously been in ACP to play in the tournament.

Greetings ACP! Yes it is that time again. Pokemon showdown tournament time!! This year is going to be better than the last. Click Continue Reading for the information!

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Events for the Week 18th April – 24th April

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events for the week

Today’s Events

UK Cleansing of Summit

Greetings, ACP.  Today, UK  cleansed Summit clean of cheese and salsa where we maxed 27 ; we had good tactics as well so good job. Carry on reading for pictures provided by I, Lionz, and Healthy.

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Reclaiming Fjord

Hey! This early morning day we reclaimed Nachos Server “Fjord” once more. Nice job we got round 15+ GG. We need to get back to our old set up and get active. Nachos are trash for what they “did” to NW < anything they do wont be taken seriously. Just Stating that now.

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(ausia)Cleansing Breeze

We cleansed Breeze Today with sizes of 20. Nice job guys and keep it up.. Lets try to have a couple more events to end this week off with.

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Push Beyond

Is this what major armies are coming to? Foolish lies and trickery.

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UK Invasion of Cozy (Victory)

Greetings, ACP. Today, the UK division invaded Cozy from the Nachos. We maxed 12-13 however Nachos didn’t show up allowing us to have some fun with the event.  Carry on reading for pictures.

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ACP: Now Hiring!

Hello ACP!

After reviewing the ACP ranks I’ve noticed some vacancies in high ranking moderator and member spots, as of now I’m announcing a competitive hiring event! If you want to join ACP, but couldn’t get the rank you wanted before, join now!

ACP is the only army that will give you the highest rank possible based on your experience and character. Don’t settle for a low rank in another top 10 army, join the best top 10 army, and get the best rank, the rank that you deserve!

If you’re not satisfied with your rank feel free to message me on ACP chat! Remember we’re here to have fun, and we want everyone to be happy and ready to defend freedom and preserve justice!