WV lose @Chip

Apparently chip just made a post claiming “WV won the war against ACP” After Nachos just got completely overran and surrendered almost 90 percent of their nation to NW? After Water Vikings literally had 2 invasions and 1 raid? LOL

Water Vikings haven’t done anything to even make a dent in our nation, whats even worse is the hypocritical verses that chip keeps spewing- he keeps trying to say ACP is hella multi-logging but yet WV is the one with 6 on chat then randomly MAXING 40 ON CHAT? LOL Water vikings were dead less than a week ago then change came around with his multi-nulls.

Just because you beg people to come to you’re chat during an event doesn’t mean you should be getting 25+. Don’t make me match you’re nulls with your Main ID’s lol or perhaps i should mention all the mysterious penguins that have seemingly reappeared at Water Vikings events?.

Water vikings couldn’t even handle a full war so they had 2 invasions and called it quits LOL. Bite me chip, Water Vikings are trash and you’ll see it once change retires again. Wonder why they only had a few events ? It’s because their beloved leader Change and loyal hypocritical multilogger Chip couldn’t attend !!!

~ Bam117


Hello ACP!

As we push further into Nacho territory it becomes necessary to further the effort by our Ausia division! May you have great success! Remember, the only good Nacho is a dead Nacho!

Monday, 11th of April
12:30pm UK
7:30am EST
6;30am CST
5:30am MST
4:30am PST
5:00pm IST
9:30pm JST
8:30pm WST

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GOAL: 20+



AUSIA Tactic Session

Hai ACP, Purp here! Today, we did an unscheduled AUSIA tactic session with about 2 hours notice and it was successful!  Our tactics were performed fairly well, just need to work on word tactics. Make sure you keep typing in the phrase for the word tactic until all of us are doing it, and there’s a perfect word tactic!

Anyway, we maxed and averaged around 15 for most of the event, we spent a bit of time in the town however it was too laggy for us. Good job to all the troops who came, the first leaves of the growing AUSIA tree and I hope to see more successful events. Read more for our pics…

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We Need To Build A Wall

After the recent attacks on the ACP homeland by the nachos leaving 11 dead in the bombing of breeze the other day, it has been decided we need to build a wall to defend our people. The other day on Christmas the nachos won and delayed our plans to win the war. Now me being someone who has killed over 300 nacho soldiers in battle over my career and having a wall of shame of those who I killed out in the battlefield in my Igloo in which I take the most pride in. However we have plans to make ACP great again the first step is to build a wall. It is going to cost the ACP economy 800 million to build but it will be worth it. No one will ever want to mess with us again. Construction of the wall we begin today. Good luck ACP it is expected to be finished 1 month from today. Down below is the future of ACP and our nation folks.

Invasion of Bobsled

Today we invaded Bobsled with RPF, RPF and ACP beat Nachos and forced them to log off early. Victory. Maxed 24 averaged 20.

Clover Power


Invasion of Fiesta

Today we had an invasion of Fiesta, after reaching sizes 3x of what Nachos had we decided to log off. Great tactics, and good size. Your snowballs are no match for us. Maxed 20 averaged 18.


Cry me a Nile River

Nachos were weak enough to call upon the help of WV, even after dan101 begged all other armies not to interfere. Nachos begged for a 1v1 war then apparently begs armies like Golds and WV [Golds were sane enough to drop out]. I guess Nachos have lost all sense of honor since they had to break the one agreement they begged for.

Anyways ACP will be doing just as the incompetent Water Vikings did to Night Warriors more than a month and half ago, Water Vikings [army of helpers/multilogs (just ask bloodline)] will officially be ignored and all “invasions” or possible “defenses” will be seen as invalid and repetitive. Just little over a month ago Night Warriors began invasions of WV’s empire and they immediately responded claiming all their invasions were invalid

[shortly after they fell off the top ten] 

Taking virtual servers isn’t going to make ACP change its leadership, in fact you are doing the opposite, do you honestly think ACP would make swap leaderships in the middle of a war? 

Zing king and Chip are both skints with awkward facial hair who need to take a dip in the world of real life for a minute, and don’t even get me started on Kevin lol.

Rest in Peace Water Vikings, Its sad you guys had to pay Blood Line to multilog for you just to get 1st place lol


ACP Commander-n-Chief

Invasion of Sabertooth [USA]

Hello ACP, today, 4/3/2016 we invaded the Nacho server, Sabertooth. We were able to reach maximum sizes of 18 and averaged 15. Tactics were decent, size was decent.

Clover Power




ACP Leader

Invasion of Flurry

Hey ACP! Today we invaded Flurry from the Nachos! We reached sizes of 30 and averaged 28. The tactics were spot on besides a few people. Overall great job, good formations, great tactics.

Clover Power



ACP Leader