Returning to Form Special Event

Hello ACP, So by now I assume pretty much everyone who is going to read my Regarding Activeness/Restoring our Greatness has already read it and understands what is expected of you by being a member of this army, and in case you haven’t the link is right there. So everyone now the Christmaseason is apon us and this is an excellent time to build up some hype and get some new troops, last week we failed to do that, well we got some new troops but as for hype we were dead in the water. We can’t let this trend continue into the following week especially considering the Christmas Chaos is right around the corner. We have to demonstrate to the CPA community that we are still a force to be reckoned with and what better way to do this then an awesome military demonstration.

This is our return to form everyone, our chance to show what we are made of. This event will be at the time split for UK and US troops so everyone has the chance to attend (sorry AUSIA). I do understand that this is a Thursday so this might be a bit awkward for some troops to attend but the times should suit the majority of people. If you can make this please leave a comment below, and in the mean time make sure you attend some smaller training sessions and recruiting sessions. Mods and Owners make sure you hype and recruit for this event, there is no reason why we can’t max 15+!

When: 8th December

Server: Breeze


10 pm GMT

 5 pm EST

4 pm CST

3 pm MST

2 pm PST


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[UK] Mining Expo on White Out

Important Post to Read:

Regarding Activeness/Restoring our Greatness

AUSIA Recruiting Session/U-Lead+ Joint Event with Kings[Unsched]

UK Training Featuring New Troops!

The Breeze Battles [SIGN-UPS]

Poll of the Week #7


Hello ACP, Today the UK division logged on for a good old fashion mining expo and it went fabulously. Lots of people were interested and joined in and mined with us, we maxed 15 and averaged 11. The rouges were also pretty good at following tactics, unfortunately I only got two pictures because it is hard to lead and take pics at the same time. Big thanks to everyone who showed up and remember to leave a comment if you were there.


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AUSIA Recruiting Session/U-Lead+ Joint Event with Kings[Unsched]

Hey guys!

AAUUUUSSSSSIIAAAAA is on fire again (not really) it’s freakin’ cold out or is it? But anyways, we had an amazing event this time with the help of Kings. Surely this event was really off the hook when it happened and so many joined the line too, what can I say… This is too good to be true lol. We maxed about 15 and averaged 12. Continue reading

Events for the Week[November 20th-26th]

events for the week

Today’s Events

❗ UK Practice Battle vs. ??? ❗

When: 25th November

Server: Breeze



❗ US Joint Event with ??? ❗

When: November 25th

Server: Breeze




❗ UK Training & Game Night ❗

When: 26th November

Server: Breeze


9:00 pm GMT

5:00  pm EST

4:00 pm CST

3:00 pm MST

2:00 pm PST


❗ US Training & Game Night ❗

When: November 26th

Server: Breeze


9 pm EST

8 pm CST

7 pm MST

6 pm PST


Seal [Unofficial]

Veterans Day / Remembrance Day


On this November 11th, 2016, we remember and respect all the fallen soldiers who gave their lives and those who are currently placing their lives on the line to protect their country, its people, and what it stands for. We owe a great deal to these brave soldiers, because without them, we would not be here today. Continue reading

CP Army: Quick Recruiting Session -ACP Army (My 100th Post)


Today we decided to have a quick recruiting/Halloween gathering at the berg. We maxed 16 at this event. Once again we saw new recruits getting involved and taking matters into their own hands. Some even went to bring more people, and others got us all to form lines. We need to work on our efficiency when logging on and size overall, so let’s hope we improve on both these things later this week. Remember, HALLOWEEN is just around the corner…

Max of 16 here.

Pretty fine start to the week. Let’s try to double this size by the weekend. Step on the gas, soldiers.


***Note: This is my 100th post on the ACP site!***

CP Army/ACP Army- EVENT SCHEDULE{October 10th—15th}


So far this October, we’ve had some really fun recruiting sessions and Halloween themed parties. Hype has mounted and decorations, plans, and more fun events are being planned. Most notably this month, we have reached 3rd on the TOP TEN! This is something to be proud of, especially since we worked hard this week in order for this to happen. This is only the beginning of the ACP’s time in the top 3; the penguins are heatin’ it up!



Today’s Events!

[UK] Halloween Mining Operation

When: 10th October 2016

Server: To Be Announced


8:30 pm GMT

3:30 pm EST

2:30 pm CST

1:30 pm MST

12:30 pm PST


[US]Halloween Mining Operation

When: 11th October 2016

Server: To Be Announced


8:30 pm EST

7:30 pm CST

6:30 pm MST

5:30 pm PST

1:30 am GMT


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ACP Army: Fun Events to Look Forward to: Concluding 2016

Important Posts to Read:

Salutations everyone,

Hasn’t it always been fun to have special celebrations for certain occasions? Recall the past Halloween contests and Christmas parties/gatherings that took place in the past, reunions, such as the one that took place this past week, etc. I’ve decided to start an early draft of what you can all look forward to for the rest of the year. We all enjoy celebrating and having fun right?

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Cessation Page Clarification


Recently I have realized that a lot of people have not been made explicitly aware of the integration of the new ACP Cessation page and it’s purpose. Some people have recently been on leave and did not comment on the Cessation page regarding it, and thus there was no record of anything to establish a rank, if the person was actually on leave or not, what kind of leave and for how long.

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[US]Clover Defenders Public Recruiting Session–CP Army

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Today we logged on CP for what would be another very successful day of recruiting. Once again, at this event, we livened up the berg from a completely dead room to an extremely active celebration. For a few instances, the new recruits actually ended up leading tactics by themselves. They even wanted to form a circle around the berg towards the end of the event. We maxed an impressive 25 and had even better tactics than last time!

Read onward for the pictures!

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