Happy New Year 2017!

Well folks, it’s been one heck of a year hasn’t it? Much has happened in this still glorious community in 2016, but we continue to fight onward into the future together. As an army, and as a community—we stand strong. 
With that, we should discard the past year’s failures and strive to make them into achievements. Say goodbye to 2016, and lets bring in the new year with a BANG!


From the Army of Club Penguin to the world,

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Let’s make this one for the books!

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Successful Defence of Deep Freeze


Today we successfully defended the server Deep Freeze from the laughable RPF. During this we maxed about 13. Since there was a huge bot raid that lasted the whole time which made it very hard at times to even switch tabs-let alone get pictures-the server was NOT lost. These bot attacks also prevented us from having a fair battle due to there being many lockouts as soon as the bots arrived.

Now, RPF has made claims that the bots that raided the battle belonged to ACP, which was purely an effort to deem our defence as invalid. There is proof that these absurd and fruitless claims are false, supporting the fact that Deep Freeze was never successfully invaded, which can be found below.


And now a statement from Chip:


Actually you don’t.


Victorious Ausia Invasions of Cozy, Tea, and Beanbag


Today we logged on to three servers one after the other and blasted RPF’s tiny Ausia out of the servers. We maxed 12 and averaged 11-12 throughout the event. RPF on the other hand maxed 9, and averaged 5-7. Our tactics significantly improved today, and some other soldiers even got a chance to lead some great tactics. Cozy, Tea, and Beanbag are ours.

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Huge Kick-off to Christmas Reunion Event



Who: Anyone and everyone is invited!

When: Saturday, December 17th

Where: Breeze (Be @xat.com/theacp)


9pm EST

8pm CST

7pm MST

6pm PST

2am GMT

Army of CP Christmas FAMILY REUNION!

>> Click HERE for details on the AUSIA REUNION! <<

Salutations everyone!

It’s that time of year again folks. The Christmas spirit all riled up, the time for family and peace, and the time for fun! But I bet a lot of you didn’t know something else. It’s also time for another ACP FAMILY REUNION!
Since the 10th Anniversary part was a such a big success, it would be very nice to host another one at a favorite time for CP armies. This time the reunion will be in addition to the Christmas and New Year celebrations, making it even more fun and exciting! With that said, let’s conclude another year and enter the 11th year of Club Penguin Armies as a whole; together!

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Priority Announcement


Awesome Christmas Rally & Event


Today after much effort to organize this party, we made good on it. We actually exceeded the hour range which the party was planned for! As the chat filled, hype grew too. Eventually before we logged on and until we logged off, the chat size reached over 25! It was a really nice time for everyone to hang out and chat. We also had a stunning event on CP.

With perfect and quick tactics and the best size of the week, it added to the excitement and fun that took place today. We maxed a solid 10. Our tactics unparalleled our size impressively today. Apparently due to all the intense excitement of which the chat was engulfed in for about an hour and a half, many forgot to take pics. If anyone happened to take any, let me know on chat or post them in a comment!


Honestly one of the best pictures I’ve seen in a while.

Happy Holidays!


Christmas Chaos VI: Quarter Final Times

Saturday, December 10Hello ACP, This is going to be a big battle everyone, lets show the world how much fight we got. Prizes like temp owner/mod or xats will be available if we win. Leave a comment if you will be there

Saturday Dec 10th

Army of CP vs Rebel Penguin Federation

3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

8:00pm UK

[UK] Smooth Tactics/Training Event On Breeze

Ello ACP! and hey it’s my first post! Today we had a pretty nice UK tactic/training event on Breeze. We maxed a suitable 11 people and had acceptable tactics, but of course could of done better but overall we did a nice job so well done. Please comment if you came! would be much appreciated. screenshot_39screenshot_40screenshot_41screenshot_43 oh and sorry for the delay I wanted someone to confirm my post.

November 2016 Promotions!


As we enter the final month of 2016, we say goodbye to the final promotions post of 2016! Let’s look back on things we can improve on and end this year on a high note. For many, a large term of breaks starts soon, and during that time there will be fun events and such. More information comes out soon, so keep an eye out!

But lets get a drum roll in here–make up your own drum beat here–and reveal the November 2016 promotions!

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