ACP Army: Halloween Celebratory Schedule


I’m sure some of you remember the post a few weeks ago regarding special events that are expected to take place in celebration of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. As of now we are less than a week away from Halloween night, and I think it’s time to crank up the fun this month. Click “Continue Reading” to view the schedule for Halloween!

halloween party33Halloween-Party1

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[US]Clover Defenders Halloween Kick-off Recruiting Operation


Today we logged on to Iceberg for a semi-quick recruiting operation. Here we ended up making a lot of friends and had a big Halloween party at the berg. It was so fun for people, we ended up getting some really great tactics. I haven’t seen brand new recruits in a big group do tactics with this much precision, so this was pretty nice to see. We maxed about 19 and averaged a solid 17-18. This was a very good ending to the month of September 2016 and the week of our 10th anniversary. Collectively, we should all look back on this month in history as a very well accomplished one.

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Spoopy Halloween!

Hey, ACP.

On behalf of the owners, I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween.  Use all of that candy you got to get sugar rushes and go crazy.  If recruiting ever gets boring now, you should definitely have a week’s supply of candy to produce a sugar high to give you more energy. 😆

Hopefully everyone remembers the events for tomorrow that are crucial.  There is a practice battle against our long time allies, the Doritos, for all AUSIA soldiers; while the Americans’ and Europeans’ will be able to prove how well of a leader they are in the U-Leads.

This time last year, we were in a war with the Nachos!  We’re still going strong to this day.

Hopefully everyone had an amazing Halloween!  What’s the best candy you got when going trick-or-treating?


ACP Panel of Guardians

New Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

Hey ACP! I’m Matre10,Brigadier General and your Cp news author.

Now that I introduced myself,let’s get into Today’s Cheats.

As you know,October has started,and that means a New Clothing Catalog is out! This month is for Halloween 😀

Here are the hidden items:

How to get the Black Cape:

1. Open the second page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click the smallest mushroom on the right

Black cape cheat

How to get the Ghost Costume:

1. Open the second page of the catalog
2. Click on the small lantern in the top right

Ghost Costume cheat

How to get the Black Superhero Mask:

1. Open the third page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click on the Orange Blizzard Penguin’s Flipper

Black superhero mask cheat

How to get the Black Bowtie:

1. Open the fourth page of the catalog
2. Click on the Aqua penguin’s mouse

Black bowtie cheats

How to get the Red Viking Helmet:

1. Open the 9th page of the Catalog
2. Click on the piano (Inside)

Red viking helmet cheat

How to get the Blue Viking Helmet:

1. Open the 9th page of the Catalog
2. Click on the piano (Inside)
3.Open and close it 4 times

Blue viking helmet cheat

Now If you are a neither a member non-member you can get the new Backgrounds! 😀

New non members backgrounds

That’s all for today’s cheats