New Ausia Leader

Hello ACP, I am Ronnoc91, your new AUSIAleader. I know currently that our AUSIA division is terrible but I hope to make our AUSIA the best in CPA. That is going to take work and time and I plan on putting in maximum effort to do so. I am also going to need the help of all of you to make this work. Lets go ACP!

-Ronnoc91 ACP Ausia Leader


No New puffles or CJ Shadow ??? [MUST SEE]

Thanks to Nico for providing the pictures. Megg has recently said there will be “No new puffles this year” and also said there will be “no Card-Jitsu Shadow” Check it out.

No New Puffles

No Card Jitsu Shadow

So what do you think about Club Penguin not bring any new puffles to the island AND not bring Card-Jitsu Shadow?? Please leave a comment below this post, on any questions or opinion you have! Thanks for reading!

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Megg Reportedly Pushing for a Music Jam in November @clubpenguin

Ever since people heard there was going to be another Frozen Party on Club Penguin, people kept asking to bring back the Music Jam in 2016. Megg has responded, saying she will try to push it into November. Check it out.

So what do you think? Will the Music Jam come back to the Club Penguin island? Leave a comment below, telling what you think about it, and make sure to keep checking in for more Club Penguin updates! Thank you to Bloxorz for providing the picture!

Thanks for reading!


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Happy #WorldEmojiDay @clubpenguin !!

Tweeted out today from Club Penguin, apparently today is #WorldEmojiDay !!!

Make sure to keep checking in for more Club Penguin updates and news!




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ACP’s 10th Anniversary PSA(Public Service Announcement)

CP Star Wars Rebels Cheats: Even more tasks

Important Posts:

Greetings ACP,

Firstly, I don’t know what’s up with the blue frame on the logo. Anyway, I am here to help you with Hera and Kanan’s tasks! Continue reading

Track dat Pin #1: Imperial Pin!

Important Posts:

Greetings ACP,

This post is all about tracking down the pin. For the next 2 weeks, it is at the clothes shop!

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CP Star Wars Rebel Cheats: More tasks

Important Posts:

Greetings ACP,

So, the next few tasks are now available! First, I’ll show you guys Zeb. Firstly, you have to go on the task thing at the top-right corner, then you click on Zeb’s card thing

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CP Star Wars Rebel Cheats

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Greetings ACP,

Today, the CP Star Wars Rebels Take-over came out. I will take you all on a mini-tour! OK so here we go..

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Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 Party August 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  Since the Frozen party is far away, the Club Penguin team has released a special mini-party while we wait.  It’s the Turbo Race 3000; something Gary has been working on for quite a while.

If you check your spy phone messages, you’ll see that Gary announces his new invention at the Forts (but really, go to the Stadium).


This is what the Stadium now looks like:


The music at the Stadium has now changed to some intense racing music.  You can grab the items on the right at any time, but you might as well race your friends a bit first.  To completely finish a race correctly, you must go around in three laps.


A Go-Karter Helmet and a Go-Karter Jacket are the free items given out at this party.  Only the Go-Karter Helmet is literally free, while you need a membership to complete the outfit…

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