Club Penguin Penguin Cup Party June 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone? In celebration of the current World Cup going on in the real world, the Club Penguin team has decided to jump on the hype-train.  Therefore, there is a Penguin Cup party!  You’re able to choose between four teams, so, which one will you choose and lead to victory?



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Club Penguin Prom Party June 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  Once again Club Penguin has decided to hold a mini-party like that similar to May’s Funny Hat Week.  This time, seeing as it’s the end of the school year, it’s time for Club Penguin Prom!  Throwback to old Club Penguin when people use to actually have proms.

Head on over to the Mine Shack and you’ll see the decorations:


Inside there are two free items that anyone can pick up.  One is a graduation hat on the left side of the room, where the classroom is:


You can also get your picture taken (or with your date) to remember this moment forever.  You will get a free background by doing this.


Look at me Mom, I finally got to go to prom!  I hereby declare myself the Prom King!

Icey Cold27

LBX Club Penguin Cheats

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Club Penguin Future Party May 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  After a not-so-exciting month of May, the Club Penguin team has finally released the Future Party.  The party centers around an oncoming battle with an old villain, Protobot.  There is word that Gary will be roaming around in the futuristic world to help fight off all the evil bots!



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Club Penguin Funny Hat Week May 2014 Party Cheats


What’s new, everyone?  Club Penguin decided to go back to their roots and have a one party room that lasts only for one week!  This is really different for new players, but for old players, it’s a little taste of hope; in hope that the team gets it together and starts making good parties.

Maybe the week is to celebrate May Day, or maybe it’s to celebrate being silly, either way, there are a ton of new free items.  To obtain all of these items, head over to the Dock.

There are five hats that are free to everyone:


A party usually means a free background, so be sure to get your picture taken:


The background and the sleeping cap are my favorite two of the bunch of six.  Remember that this party only lasts for a week.  I practically feel like a member now with the amount of items I have. 😆

P.S. There was a problem when reblogging so I just had to repost it entirely.

~Retired leader, Mchappy

Club Penguin Lion Statue Location

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  It’s becoming a pretty common thing for me not to post as regularly as I’d like to.  Hopefully that will all change seeing as in a week or two I will be on the computer a lot more.

Go to the Mine Shack to get to the new pin.  Apparently the Muppets are taking over soon, but the pin doesn’t really correlate with that.



Remember to click on “Yes” to pick it up and add it to your player card.

Do you like this pin?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Editor, Icey Cold27

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Club Penguin Prehistoric 2014 Party Cheats

What’s new, everyone?  As said earlier on chat or wherever you hear Club Penguin news, the Prehistoric Party has arrived!  Get ready to be bombarded with roaring dinosaurs throwing snowballs with their “wittle” hands, or teeth (but those aren’t so little).



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Club Penguin Cheats 10/9/2009

Hey ACP! Your CP News Poster Matre10 Here

If you want to read ACP News Click on the More Button,Because there’s a lot of news for This Friday, October 10th.

Today’s News Include:

New Football Pin
New Play at the Stage
Dark Dojo


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