CPBlog:Should Ninja Parties Return to @clubpenguin ??

The Club Penguin Ninja Parties were really popular back in the day of Club Penguin. It started sometime in the year 2011, when Club Penguin released their first ninja party. During the party, penguins will receive a special visit from the Club Penguin’s most well known penguin in the game. Sensei.

During the party, people will enjoy dressing up as ninjas, and playing Card-Jitsu Fire, water or snow. Or just regular Card-Jitsu, where in all four games, players can battle one and another in a friendly, but intense card battle. Depends on the amount of wins, the player gets, they can move up a level and receive a new ninja belt. Then once they earned the final belt, the black belt, they will battle Sensei, in order to become a full ninja of Club Penguin.

The last Ninja Party. Club Penguin has released onto the game was back in year 2013. And many people are asking CP, when are they going to bring it back. Rumors has it that they might release the party once again, during Project Super Secret (PSS) a project, Club Penguin has recently been working on, the better Club Penguin.

I hope you enjoy reading this post, and make sure to leave a comment weather you think Club Penguin should bring back the Ninja Parties. Thanks for reading!

Waddle on!