USA Training Session

Hello ACP!


Today we logged on CP and had a great event. We averaged 11-12 and maxed 13. Continue reading



Hello ACP!


Today, we logged on to Ice Age and battled the Dark Bandits. It ended up being a tie. We averaged 10-12 and maxed 13.We did pretty well, but the size should have been better. Continue reading

Events For The Week![1/19-25]

Important Posts:

Goals: If we reach the goal listed below the event, promotions will be given out!

Sunday, January 25th 2015.

[USA] Formation Practice + Tactics Session

Server: To be announced when event starts

Times: ~ 2 pm EST // 1 pm CST // 12 (noon) MST // 11 am PST // 7 pm GMT (UK) //

[USA] Tactics Session

Server: Breeze

Times: ~ 7pm EST // 6 pm CST // 5 pm MST // 4 pm PST //

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